Humble Beginnings


La Pomme Rouge: Cabaret Lounge - Cermak Road: Crimson District
Guests of La Pomme Rouge are welcomed to indulge in the soothing comforts of the lush oversized beds surrounding the dance floor or dance the night away to the softer, more sultry side of progressive music mixes- grooves that one can just as easily and contentedly relax to as dance to. The black stone floor of the vestibule stops and dark hardwood takes over the dance floor. Black stone steps lead up to the beds. Champagne-coloured and crimson-coloured sheer, silk curtains are layered to create the illusion of privacy between each downy, red bed. Small tables rest at the foot of each bed with a golden bowl of edible red apples. Overhead, three floors high, the ceiling is ornately carved and painted in rich gold, white, and red. Modern lights make the room glow, the few lights over the dance floor shift in various honey-hued patterns.

The bar is against the wall to the right of the entrance and backed by a golf-framed, six-foot-tall mirror. The mirror's length is equal to the bar. The bar is made of the same dark wood as the floor with a red granite top. Dim lamps are dispersed along the length of the bar-top. Stools are draped in burgandy velvet slipcovers and tied on by silk ropes and tassels.



La Pomme Rouge has been cleared of it's regular patrons for this evening and there is an edge of anticipation in the air. Those that can be seen lingering near the bars and the various tables put on a good show of being regular patrons but there is a certain way that they move and a uniform paleness to their skin to suggest that they aren't normal customers. Apart from the 'patrons' there are five others standing in an outward facing semi-circle facing the entrance to the club with Maximillian in the middle. Behind the semi-circle there are another five indiviuals all dressed in smart suits with quite visible ear pieces, they all look quite professional if not rather ill, they all have a pale sheen to their skin.

Lvste stands to Max's left and a step behind. The small woman settled into a relaxed, but not lax parade rest. Her hands are folded loosely before her, her back straight and firm. Her gaze is fixed on the door. Expectant and watchful. Her expression serene, save for the rather intense focus of her eyes. Otherwise, she is as still as a statue.

Josephine seems exceptionally relaxed where she's reclining within the semi-circle, Dominic slightly behind her and her hand raised to hold the wrist of his hand on her shoulder. Her bright green eyes watch with a cool sense of neutrality for what will eventually come through those doors and otherwise she is still in that way of vampires.

Dominic's left hand rests on Josephine's shoulder, his fingers having slipped beneath the collar of her shirt to make that skin-on-skin contact. There is a relaxed, slightly bored look to him as he waits. There's no conversation between the servant and his Master, any communication going between them quite silent. His shirt is pulled out of his pants, unbuttoned all the way, leaving his chest bared - not altogether untoward a look in a place like the Pomme, where states of dress often vary toward 'not'.

Javier walks in with Isabel and five other lions as well as Zack and his people and Brigid. He looks to every one present. He gives a bow to Max and then says to him "Back when Lillith was in charge. If there was a problem between the KISS and the Pride by members of the KISS she had always taken care of it. And we always took care of our end. The Queen of the Pride worked out an agreement with Amun when he took over in which our two sides left each other alone. When Isabel met with Amalesh he asked for proof, back then the word of the Master of the City was more then enough? there was no need for paper work. In both cases respect was shown and given." He goes to Isabel and says "This, this is not respect." Javier then easily rips the silver collar off of her neck.

Isabel smiles as she looks around as she enters with javier and the fairly big group they have with them. She stays near javier's side and remains silent for moment, though she looks over to the vampires and give them a polite nod. She looks to javier, when he suddenly rips the collar off her neck, causing her to take a few steps back in surprise.

Brigid enters along with the cats, the Fae woman dressed formally in a tuxedo. While she is a part of the group, she lets Javier do the speaking, at least for the time being.

Maximillian lets his gaze fall upon each as they enter, looking from face to face to see if there is anyone he recognises. Brigid's appearance causes one of his eyebrows to quirk but he doesn't make any comment, choosing to wait until they are all assembled. His attention turns to Javier as he speaks and Max finds himself shaking his head as he listens. "Javier, Rex of the Lions, I am Maximillian, Master of Chicago. I would assume that fair Isabel has already told you this but there was no treaty between you and Kiss, under the previous Master of the City, Stasia. Amalesh met with your 'diplomat' and no agreement was reached so there is no precedent." Maximillian pauses for a moment now, gathering his thoughts before he continues. "There is no accord between us nor was there for the previous Master of the City. Perhaps we should start anew, you may call me 'Master' and I tell you now that I will not tolerate disrespect."

As bodies start to filter into the Pomme, Lvste's eyes activate. The dark blue orbs flit from person to person. Assessing, categorizing. A subtle tension settles into her, but other than that discreet shift, her stance and position remain the same. Not even her expression changes from it's smooth serenity.

Josephine watches as the lions and their entourage arrive but, other than the flicker of her eyes over Javier and Isabel and their lions in particular, there's very little reaction to them except a heated surge of her energy lashing out at the werelions and her hand tightening around Dominic's wrist. Neutrality wins out in her expression still but there's a sharpness in her energy that says she's not happy.

"Javier, Rex of the Pride. The shamefulness of your actions in bringing this force before her in obvious defiance, the actions of your mate, your enlistment of outside force to attempt to intimidate the Master of the city and Josephine, Mistress of the Pride, has dictated that my Mistress shall not so much as address you. Bow before your Mistress. Pay homage. Save your followers with your prostration, bask in her glory and her love. If you may be tamed, you may be of use. If you are untrainable, another shall be found. This is the will of your Mistress. Know it, and know joy in obedience." The voice rings out from the tall, open-shirted black man behind Josephine, his voice filled with the near-worshipful awe of a prophet giving forth gospel.

Javier has his very will taken from him and helpless to resist the combined might of Josephine and Dominic. He bends before Josphine and says "Mistress… please forgive me!" He looks to Max and says "Yes Master… I understand."

Isabel just stands back and watches for a moment. She slowly glances around the room, as she listens to each person speaking. She remains silent for the time being, though she takes another step back in surprise by what javier does.

Brigid's upper lip twitches into a small smile, the petite Fae apparently finding this whole thing terribly amusing for some reason. She glances around the room, amusement fading into boredom. Javier's reaction piques her attention, however, and her slender brows raise. "Interesting."

Maximillian accepts Javier's words with a graceful nod of his head, a small smile crossing his face as he does so. "Now that is better." He says, slowly eyeing the other members of Javier's entourage, his gaze stops when it reaches Brigid. "Brigid of the fae, what are you doing here? I'm curious as to how your position as the fae/human relations representative has anything to do with your being here?" Pausing for a moment he speaks over his shoulder to Lvste, using a obscure tribal dialect.

Lvste's eyes flick towards Josephine as her power surges, but she does not appear surprised by it. Her eyes flick back towards the lions, though after a moment they shift past to the non-lion with them. Her eyes narrow as she studies this one carefully. A slight cant to her head betraying a faint air of the inquisitive. As Max speaks to her, the tilt increments a bit towards him. Understanding comes to her otherwise smooth expression and her head nods slightly, her gaze not leaving Brigid.

That sharpness in Josephine's oddly heated power lightens into something so much more gentle, very nearly affectionate as it curls around and through the Rex of the lions. It's very clear that she's much more pleased but it doesn't keep her from glancing very briefly toward Dominic with a small nod of her head, an unspoken comment offered to her Servant.

"Your submission appeases your Mistress, Javier, Rex Who Remains, Son of Aker. But we cannot allow this resistance to end so easily. Nor can we ignore the possible threat to -our- Master." From beside Dominic, the five stiff-looking men in suits walk inexorably forward with the patience of the dead. "You will submit to the search, Vassal King. If you wish to preserve your dignity, you may send your lions home. Otherwise, I assume that among your Pride, your flesh bared shall not harm your position." The pale, cold-fingered men are going to begin stripping Javier nude, given that he allows it.

He is but a slave and lapdog to Josephine and Dominic. He bask in the heated power that Josephine provides him and says to Dominic "As you said yourself I believe… this is the Mistress's Pride while with in her presence she is theirs to command. I have no trouble stripping in front of others." Javier is extremly muscular and as for the size of his manhood lets us smply say he is not lacking in length and thickness and is clearly able to keep his lionesses happy. When men touch him just a slight bit of what was once Javier briefly fights back but again his great willpower is no match for Dominic and Josephine combined strength. Javier while being searched looks to Dominic and says "Sir and what do I call you. After all there is a saying a man can only faithfully serve one Master." Javier has no weapons on him.

Isabel just remains silent and waits with the other lions, as there is not much to be said at the moment. She glances around the room, before looking over to brigid when Maximillian addresses her.
Brigid regards Maximillian casually, although she does not meet either his eyes or those of any other person in the room. "I came here at Javier's request, Master of the City, for I consider he and those of his Pride to be friends of mine. Now that I'm here, however, I am very curious. I've never seen this done before." Glancing back towards the doors, she adds. "But I was not aware that this was a private party. Perhaps you should speak with those in your security detail."

Maximillian glances over as the the security detail approaches Javier but he quickly returns his attention back to Brigid while he awaits her response. When she does speak he gives her a curious glance before continuing "The Lady Josephine asked that Isabel bring the Rex of the pride here to see me. You are not of the pride and yet you still come, even through you must have known this would be private business. Do not plead innocence with me now, when Javier has entered my territory armored and with a guard and on an obvious war footing." Maximillian lets his voice raise now, his displeasure quite plain to see. "Are the fae now at war with the Kiss? Is that what you wish?" Maximillian takes several deep breaths before turning his head slightly to address Josephine. "He is your pet now, do as you will"
A faint curve to Lvste's lips betrays a faint, cool amusement as she continues to watch Brigid carefully. She speaks quietly, her voice a smooth murmur of the same obscure tribal tongue that Max used to her. Again, the small woman otherwise remains a quite and subtly tensed statue at the Master's left hand.

Now. /Now/ Josephine smiles with a small hint of delight and shifts out of her seat with a flawless grace to stand, a hand reaching out proprietarily toward Javier without breaking contact with Dominic. She beckons that he approach her rather than approaching him. "My Servant will be given the same respect that you give me, my pet. Anything he says is as though it came from my own lips. Now come and let me taste you, hmm?" She makes it sound like a suggestion but it's really not.

The armor and clothing, and Javier's backpack, are brought forward by the zombies. With his hand stroking Josephine's shoulder beneath her shirt, Dominic's minions lay out the contents of Javier's bag on the floor in front of him. "Regina, Vassal Queen, come forth, and prepare yourself to be next to receive your Mistress's kiss. Let wounds be healed, let tempers be soothed, let our minds be calm, at peace, and as one. The Master is peace. The Master is stability. All shall serve peace."

After Max makes a comment about Javier war gear. Javier looks to Max and says "Master I never go any where with out my armor and gear. I had two alpha lions that were skilled snipers wanting to take over my Pride. They of course had no chance against me a traditional challege so I always prepared myself for an ambush from them. I left my bullet proof biker helment in the car cause that seemed a tad much to walk in with." When Josephine strongly suggest that Javier allow her to drink from him, again what was once Javier for a split second tries to say no but he can't "Yes Mistress… your servant will be given the same respect given to you." He now turns his head aside waiting to be bit into.

Isabel looks around for a moment before she looks over and focuses on javier as all his stuff is checked. She nods her head slightly as she knows javier does in fact always carry that staff. She doesn't respond to josephine for a moment, but then she looks back over to her as she tilts her head slightly, "I assume you mean me? I am not actually the Regina of the pride."

Brigid laughs softly at Maximillian's accusation, shaking her head. "Innocence? I plead no such thing, Master of the City. Curiosity, perhaps, but not innocence." She looks over to the naked Javier, then, her eye appreciative for that moment. "I am not privy to the politics of skin-changers and blood-drinkers, so I'm afraid you must excuse my -ignorance- in these matters. But I come on my own, not representing anyone or any group. And I come not dressed for war, but formally. This attire is suitable for the Unseelie Court; it is suitable for yours." She adjusts the collar on her tux shirt, for emphasis. "As for war… the Fae in this City are a collection of individuals and we are at war with no one. If it is -your- wish to place the Kiss at war with the Fae, I fail to understand either the need or the point. We must decline the invitation."

Maximillian turns to Javier first, from his expression he is pleased with his compliance. "Never let it be said that I am overly cruel, but I am also aware the young Dominic likes his trophies. The body armour you may keep but your jacket will remain here with Dominic as a reminder of today." He now turns his attention back to Brigid. "You come on your own? Really? Please excuse me for a moment." Maximillian turns around, his back to the assembled group. When he turns back round again he has a hand over his eyes. Peeking through his slowly opening fingers he tries to feign shock. "No…I can still see lions. It can't just be me." Maximillian shakes his head slowly. "Your very presence here makes a statement, something that I am sure you are aware of. You also claim not to represent anyone or any group but you are still in a position to deny the invitation?"

Lvste remains quietly amused as her eyes linger intently on Brigid. Though the humor retains a cool edge to it. Her fingers flex softly, but then a re relaxed again, left open and uncurled. Her head turns slightly towards Max, though her eyes linger towards the Fae as she speaks once more to Max in the obscure tribal language. No more than a sentence or two, as before. There is a deference to the tone, as there has been in her position and posture.

With Dominic at her back, his hand still on her comparatively pale skin, Josephine reaches to thread her fingers into Javier's hair, holding his head and stroking along the opposite side of his neck with an ever so gentle touch of her thumb. She's calm and peaceful in contact with her lion and there's care taken as she tilts her head to drink from the man, her power somewhat more excited, but she only takes just as much as she needs to before she withdraws. Licking her lips, she turns her attention toward Isabel.

"You may dress, King of Lions. Queen of the Pride, step forward, and accept the Kiss of your Mistress." Dominic's voice is quietly reverent, respectful of the procedure and of all involved, as if officially overseeing a religious ceremony. His other hand reaches forward, his thumb strokes along Josephine's lower lip, wiping away the smallest hint of Javier's blood - and brings it up, tasting it himself with a thoughtful look, his other hand still on Josephine's shoulder. "And when the Queen rises, we shall discuss the future of Pride and Kiss. Never again shall this confusion reign."

Javier feels extreme pain when being bitten, he has never allowed anyone to be bite before this. Like a good little slave he makes as little noise as possible to not disturb his Mistress feeding. After she is done feeding he feels were the wound is a little surprised it has not healed. He says to Max "Yes Master." he then says to Dominic "As you command." Javier obeys the order and gets dressed in the clothing he is allowed to wear.

Isabel smiles as she nods her head gently as she slowly starts to walk over towards them. When she gets closer however she pauses for a moment, not really sure about some thing. She seems slightly nervous and unsure. "I am not exactly sure that is a good idea…I am not sure what will happen if you drink my blood. It might not do any thing, or you might get posioned, or burst into flames because of my faith. I know faith can harm vampires, but what happens when you drink blessed blood is kind of a grey area…"

Brigid's upper lip curls with something not unlike a smile. "The point is, I believe, that I am here. We can debate the circumstances and conditions until…" She smiles more genuinely, then continues. "… dawn. But that water is already downstream. I have seen what I have come to see. The rest shall remain between the Kiss and the Pride." A glance to Josephine follows, during the interlude after feeding from Javier, and she offers. "Congratulations on your new pets, Lady." Back to Max, then, she continues. "With the kind permission of my host, I will take my leave." And with that she lowers her gaze to the floor and dips into a deep, rather proper curtsey. At least one that would have been 'proper' many centuries ago.

Maximillian shakes his head softly. "There will be no debate, there is nothing to discuss. It is plain to see why you are here, this is not mere happenstance as you well know." Letting out a long sigh he continues. "By all means go but take note of this. I do not want to see you here again, I would hate for there to be another instance where you just 'happen' to walk in on business that does not concern you so I must remove the temptation."

A faint smirk comes to Lvste and she turns her head slightly towards Max, asking in perfect English, "Shall I see her to the door, Master. It would be a pity if her wayward steps were to see her into trouble again." But as before, her eyes don't leave Brigid. And a subtle shift to her stance speaks of a preparation to do as she asks, given a single word or gesture from the Master.

"Fear not, my pet," Josephine says with a gentle, patient smile to Isabel. "I appreciate your concerns but I think they would best be saved for another time." She doesn't move from where Dominic maintains that easy contact with her and her warm power is as comfortable and relaxed as ever. She beckons Isabel closer and offers a comforting brush along her arm even as she pulls her closer to feed from the lioness just as she had from the Rex.

"The King and his Lady are worthy of praise and respect. And respect shall be paid and received. The two of you shall return here at dusk each evening, to pay tribute to your Mistress in blood. Other than this restriction, a mere moment's inconvenience, the Pride shall stay intact, it shall keep its rituals and its customs, and it shall live as it always has. It shall respect the Kiss and those under its protection, but shall not otherwise be bound in its daily obligations. Your lives shall remain largely untouched, but that relations with the Kiss shall be -peaceful- and -respectful-. Safety shall reign under the Master. Chicago will know peace." One of Dominic's minions retrieves Javier's jacket, brings it back, and drapes it over Dominic's shoulders from behind. "Go in peace."

Javier nods to Dominic "I shall see you at dusk." He looks to Max and says "Master." he gives him a low bow then does the same to Josephine and Dominick. He waits for Isabel and then departs with his lions.

Isabel doesn't seem to sure but she trusts josepines judgement. Perhaps she has tried this before, so maybe it was safe. She tilts her head slightly and accepts the bite, cringing slightly at the pain. Though she doesn't cry out. She then takes a few step back to join javier.

With Maximillian's words, Brigid rises smoothly. No further acknowledgement is given to anyone in the Club, escort or not, and she departs without a word.

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