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2011 IC

  • January 06, 2011 - Fire on North Avenue West

RL Date: Tue Dec 29 09
The cold winter night of January 6th, 2011 was made suddenly much warmer when a fire suddenly and violently errupted at Celestial Markings, a tattoo shop located on North Avenue West. The brick building, which has been owned by Ms. Celeste Moonfeather since 2000. The CFD was quick to arrive on the scene, but could not save the structure from major damage which led to collapse. The whereabouts of Ms. Moonfeather are currently unknown, but it has come to the attention of authorities that the woman was what is often called a 'firebug', a pyrokinetic prone to self-immolation.

  • January 15, 2011 - CPD Officer Shot

RL Date: Mon Jan 04 10
"In today's news, a breaking story. CPD Officals have released information regarding a recent shooting in the Crimson District. Offical state that a CPD officer operating undercover was shot and nearly killed yesterday night be one Gaberiel Henders. Mr. Henders had recently been marked for investigaion by CPD for his connection to a prostatuiton and human trafficking cartel. Mr. Henders was arrested and is facing Atempted Manslaughter, Assaulting an Officer, and several other charges. CPD Officals have not yet released the name and information of the officer that was injured only stating, /The officer is currently recovering from her injuries at Chicago Memorial Hospital. We will bring you further news on the hour as the story develops. This is Ann Patrick saying have a good day, and now on with other news but first, the weather."

  • January 15, 2011 - Civilian Injured in Police Involvement

RL Date: Mon Jan 04 10
"In addtional news today, this reporter has discovered that in addition to the CPD officer who was shot, Mr Handers also is responsible for injuries to an unnamed bystander. It is horrific that such violence from teh drug culture is endemic in our city. Due to privacy concerns, the injured bystander's name is not being released to the media. In addition, sources report the gun has several other murders tied to it, and this crime may lead to closed cases on several other murdrs. Staye tuned ot this columnist's further reports!

  • January 22, 2011 - Body Found in Lincoln Park

RL Date: Sat Jan 09 10
A body was found in Lincoln Park just before dawn this morning. The area was blocked off from traffic and people on their way to work by the police as they began their investigation. The police are not revealing any details of the murder expect that the persons name was Jacob Kramer. However, a source confirmed that Mr Kramer was a Shifter and the cause of death was the amount of holes his body had filled with high concentrated silver nitrate. If you have an details of Mr Kramer and his death please contact the Chicago Police.

  • January 28, 2011 - Another Shifter Dies

RL Date: Wed Jan 13 10
For those that are near Hyde park, they would see the boy's and girl's in blue reporting to a another shifter dieing. There are no details at this time and we will keep you up to date. —This is seen in the early morning news

2010 IC

  • January 02, 2010 - Open Mike Night

RL Date: Mon Apr 27 09
In the music circuit, the House of Blues is holding open mike night tonight. The date: April 27th at 9pm EST.

  • January 08, 2010 - Starbucks Closed

RL Date: Fri May 01 09
In light of the recent ghoul activity, the Sears Tower Starbucks will be closed for a couple of days for clean up and repairs.

  • January 12, 2010 - Famed Author Murdered

RL Date: Mon May 04 09
(On the Chicago, Channel 8 eleven o'clock news and 6am news)

A woman sits at a new desk as she speaks to the camera. "Chicago born and raised author Tristan Kline was murdered in his London home. Tristan Kline is well known for his "Magic and Steel" series. His empire expanded into the movies when the 7 book series was made into 7 different movies that won a total of 6 Golden Globe Awards. Tristan was married to Marcelle Kline, an English woman from Bridlington, England. Tristan lost his wife to a freak metor shower nearly three years ago. He moved back to Chicago with his only son, Marius.

(A picture of Marius's high school picture comes up on the screen behind the news caster)

Marius is said to inherit his father's fortunes, yet when the station tried to contact him Marius was no where to be found. We extend our wishes to him and his family in this trying time. A talented author has been taken from us before his time. The London Police did comment a full investigation is underway of Tristan's murder. More to come on this story. We will return after this short break….

  • January 18, 2010 - RE: Cops

RL Date: Fri May 08 09
Apparently some cities always issue officer bullet-proof jackets (that they keep in the car) for every call.

If you're from a city that does that, replace 'bullet proof vest' in the above post with something that still makes the example stand true. How about those little battering ram things?

  • January 29, 2010 - BodyGuard Wanted

RL Date: Fri May 15 09
Bodyguard Wanted, Male or Female.. Salary open to negotiation.

Contact Margot Smith by phone or @mail if interested.

2009 IC

  • January 19, 2009 - Artist Wanted

RL Date: Sun Sep 07 08
In the local papers there is an ad noting, "Artist wanted for figure painting portait. Oils. Please reply to moc.neves|neves#moc.neves|neves with resume, examples of recent work, and rates."

Please @mail Malcolm if you would be replying to such an ad. Many thanks!

2008 IC

  • January 28, 2008 - Divine Torture Hiring

RL Date: Wed Jan 23 08
Divine Torture is seeking a manager/event planner for the club. Competive pay, benefits, and perks. 2 weeks paid vacation each year and sick leave. Please contact Antigone for more details.

2007 IC

  • January 28, 2007 - Vandalism or Terrorism: Crimes against

RL Date: Tue May 15 07
Calls reporting vandalism and theft began coming into the local precinct late this afternoon. Much of the damage consists of broken windows, smashed signs and graffiti. Vampire owned and operated businesses appear to be the main focus of the destruction although one small pawn shop near the crimson district was also hit and several items were taken.

The hardest hit was the Church of Eternal Life. Several hate slogans and a few random citing from the Book of Revelations were spray painted on its walls. Most of the windows were damaged by rocks and the front doors of the church were blocked by a large wooden cross.

A note was left at the scene *quoted* "Your kind has stolen its last soul from God. Enough "bright lights" have been put out by the demonic vile you spew under the guise of a church's teachings. Go back to the hell you crawled from or you will be purged from the earth by God's holy fire." At this time no person or group has claimed ownership for this mornings havoc, but the rash of attacks to private and public property may stem from the appearance of an editorial that circulated yesterday in several newspapers.

2006 IC

  • January 03, 2006 - Need A Shrink?

RL Date: Mon Aug 28 06
Dr. Jazana Giordano is now accepting new clients
if there is anyone in need of a highly trained
psychiatrist, please contact her.

You can send inquiries to her assistant, Ms. Janet
Shaw or by Email at moc.liamg|dm.anazaj#moc.liamg|dm.anazaj

All are welcome and rates are low. Please don't
hesitate to get help today. Specializing in child
and adolescent psychiatry, but will do sessions in
recovery, addiction, depression, and all of those
in between.

2005 IC

  • February 13 , 2005 - Small Article

RL Date: Tue Jan 24 06
A near fatal wreck on the I-94 Highways stymied inbound Chicago traffic for more than seven hours last night after a car flew off the roadway and crashed into an embankment.
Police are investigating the crash as a racing incident, and asked the driver of a second vehicle to come forward.
Severely injured was Terance Lee Daniel (NPC), 35, of Chicago, police said.
Chicago police received a 911 call just before 2 a.m. yesterday from a caller complaining of two cars racing. According to the witness, Daniel's car, a 2004 Nissan 250Z, raced a red-colored vehicle.
Daniel's car hit the right embankment, skidding for several yards, then went over the edge, Chicago police Capt. Frank Yards said.
Police also said evidence suggests alcohol was a factor.
According to the witnesses, the other driver stopped at the scene after the crash, then drove away.

  • February 19 , 2005 - Models Wanted

RL Date: Sat Jan 28 06
Silver Rose Intimate Apparel

Looking to earn some extra money? Silver Rose is currently seeking new faces to model for catalouges and runway shows for the upcoming spring line! Please send resumes and head shots to:


Or bring them to the local store located on Navy Pier

2004 IC

  • January 07, 2004 - Secretary and/or Paralegal Needed

RL Date: Sat Apr 30 05

Small, newly forming law firm seeks well organized man or woman to fill the position of Secretary and/or Paralegal.

The Secretary would be responsible for the day-to-day administration of office activities in our office. As well as many other duties which will be discussed further during the application process.

The Paralegal would be responsible for conducting client interviews and maintaining general contact with the client, so long as the client is aware of the status and function of the legal assistant, and the legal assistant works under the supervision of the attorney. As well as many other duties which will be discussed further during the application process.

These two positions could be, presumably, filled by a single person. However, we would prefer that, due to the excess of the duties involved in each position, they be filled by two different applicants rather than just one. Please contact Kayla Westbrook at XXX-XXXX between the hours of 7am to 5pm.

  • January 26, 2004 - Race for Mayor

RL Date: Fri May 13 05
With the primaries growing closer (and it being a bit clunky to have only one day that folks can vote), +mayor code is in place. Be it for Mr.Talan Norliss, or Mr.Jason Karoda, or for a write-in candidate..

+mayor <your vote>

..with a cut-off date being roughly IC February 20th (technically, the Primaries are in the last week of February and the General in the first week of April, so we might just make it one big election with a cut-off date sometime between Feb 20th and April 7th).

2003 IC

  • March 19, 2003 - Birth Announcement

RL Date: Sat Oct 16 2003
Born to Dyson Weiss and Jaedynn Shadowdancer, a beautiful baby girl, Lily Weiss; 9 lbs, 6 oz; 20 inches long; born on March 15th at Chicago Memorial Hospital

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