Inappropriate In Public

Friday, April 1, 2011


Navy Pier - Grand and Lake Shore

Located on Lake Michigan, just East of Chicago's Downtown, Navy Pier has been a Chicago landmark since it first opened in 1916. Originally designed as both a shipping and recreational facility, the Pier also served as a military training site during two world wars, a venue for concerts and exhibitions, and the temporary home for a once-fledgling University of Illinois Chicago campus.
As the Pier fell into disuse during much of the 1970s and 1980s, the State of Illinois and Chicago embarked on a joint plan whereby, in 1989, ownership of the Pier was transferred to the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, the same body which oversees Chicago's McCormick Place. The Authority moved swiftly to redesign Navy Pier into one of the countries most unique recreation and exposition facilities.




Cray turns his eyes levelly upon Lenore as she speaks to him. "I'm not new. I'm from a time when this Pard had some integrity and manages to govern itself without outside interference." It's said evenly and neutrally, no inherent insult in teh words to anyone. He pulls ina slow breath, his eye sturning up Keith. "You fucked up kid. You should have ordered him out of the polychrome and to a location to settle the dispute. Youu're a negotiator, but if you want to keep your position then you have to back your fucking words up. Playing politics doesn't work with shifters kid, it's all about power, physical, mental, whatever have you, but power." He turns his eyes on Tripp and offers a snort in his direction, he's said his peace about the man's actions and leaves it at that. Instead he walks over to his motorcycle and leans back against it, settled onto the seat.

Keith looks over at Lenore seeming to lightly push her energy away, though respectfully it seems. "Lenore, please. I need to get off this pier before I'm sent from it permenantly from the Bask…" He then looks intensely at Tripp, puffing out his chest. It's bluntly clear Keith is not backing down in the least. "As for you, I'd shut my mouth if I were you. I might be a manners teacher, though to be as such, I am willing to force manners if I have to do so! Oh, and to ensure we're clear. I was charged by /Forest/ to do this job!" He then looks at Cray, "Next time, I will give the order. Though undercutting me is not in the least bit helpful right now /Cray/!"

Cale looks up as people pile out. He turns and leans against his car, watching the goings on silently for a short while. The others here have just recently exited the Poly and there is far too much tension in the air for a place so public.

Lenore hates being in this possition and her power flares, almost daring anyone to keep being so childish. "Then take it to the right place and get it over with. I'll drive you to the canyon so I can over see if I have to but all of you put your dicks away or I will show you what I can do… That includes you Cray, I may not be pard but I am an alpha so keep it shut ok?"

Two figures come walking down the pier towards the Poly Chrome, Forest's hand on Zack's shoulder as they walk. It only takes moments for him to pick up on the energy near by, his eyes picking up the crowd of Pard. Instead of heading into the cafe, he steers Zack over towards the group, eyes scanning over each of them, his beast felt as a heavy weight by all Pard present. He's silent as he looks at everyone, then finally he turns his eyes to Lenore, giving her a nod, alpha to alpha, yet he doesn't appear well pleased by the scene.

Cray looks at Keith with an arched eyebrow for his statement. "You're undercutting yourself kid. I'm trying to salvage the situation that you and cowboy over there royally fucked up. If you have a problem with what I've done you're more than welcome to take it up with me on a more official circumstance, or more personal if you feel that's right. But both of you are acting like morons." He rolls his eyes, his head giving a slow shake. He pulls his keys out of his pocket and sticks the ignition key ito the ignition on his bike, but doesn't turn it, leaving nit there for the moment. He turns his eyes on Lenore, those eyes narrowing. "You can shut your fucking mouth cougar. You're not Pard, and you have no authority over any of us. I don't give a fuck what kind of power you hold. And you won't be over seeing any official Pard challenges either." His voice level, and very serious. When Forest comes, with Zack in tow again he offers the Raj a nod of his head, but nothing more for the moment, no words, just the nod. He watches as Tripp walks away, a saddened look on his features.

Cale watches Tripp walk and shakes his head slightly before he shifts his attention to the others. THough the arrival of Zack and Forest prompt his attention to move towards them. His frown grows for a moment before he pushes it away and dips his head towards them both, eyes lowered. But, for the moment, he remains leaned against his car, listening quietly.

Zack seems a little calmer than he did when he left. Despite this, he doesn't look all too pleased to see the gathering outside of the PolyChrome. He walks beside the Raj, growing more and more tense with each step.

Keith suddenly stops all he's doing when he senses Forest. His fists relax as he twirls around to acknowledge Forest's appearance. He listens to Cray, but it's clear in his expression that he wants Forest to ask for his postion before furthering down that road. He's clearly irritated and bites his lip to salvage what he already has.

Lenore looks up at Forest and offers him a soft smile and Nod. "Hello Forest, seems theres a cluster fuck huh…" She looks at Cray and smiles. "You are terribly rude, but wasnt going to over see any challenges, but I would rather if it came to blows that someone was there that could pull them apart." She's calm and her energy is very different than Forest would remember, that can be discussed later though. When Keith Stops she walks behind him and lays both her hands on his back, trying to calm the boy if she can, the adoration there as she looks over his shoulder to the Raj and his Mate.

Forest raises his brows as he listens to Lenore, then looks to those of the Pard. "I don't know what's going on here, but it feels like something that shouldn't be done in public where anyone can walk by and either just hear whatever it is, or even worse, get hurt by it. Especially not in front of the crocs establishment. We wouldn't want to incur Dyson's anger, now would we." His words are all calm, but the weight of his beast is easily felt by the others. He then returns his attention to Lenore, "Thank you for keeping them in line, " it's quite obvious his words aren't sincere, "but none of us will be going to the canyons with you."

Cray offers a loud snort to Lenore's comment. "Something I've heard before and will hear again. Doesn't change the fact that you are not Pard and have no authority over any of us. So tossing orders and commands about is not within your power to do. And you used foul language first." he cocks an eyebrow at her, the man never lost his temper, though her ordering people what to do set him off briefly. He turns his eyes on Forest as the man approaches closer and speaks. "The kids don't know how to play nice in public. That simple. Tripp was running his mouth,w as told to be quiet, refused to do so, Keith didn't back up his words and was trying to handle it diplomatically rather than taking it elsewhere and putting the argument down properly. Tripp fucked up first, Keith fucked up second." he motions towards where Tripp walked off into the distance. "And the cougar thinks she can boss people around. I got a little heated, but…" His shoulders shrug slowly, not making an excuses for his own behavior.

"A bit of friction that went too far, without cooler heads prevailing," Cale offers to Forest. "Between Tripp and Keith. It certainly shouldn't have gone as far as it did, neither acted smartly." His opinion offered with a dip of his head, but little more as he remains leaning against the side of his car. Though he does nod to Cray as he gives it with a bit more colorful detail.

Keith looks at Forest nodding, "Yes Forest, I was attempting to keep myself in check. Though /Tripp/ seems to think challenging a teachers dominance is a good idea in public." He tilts his head in a 'what do you think about that Raj' expression. He clearly is attempting to keep it as discret as he knows, though having the members know -exactly- what he's talking about. He then looks over at Cray with a growl, "Shut your mouth or you will be the one moving off this territory with me. I would think you were attempting to twist this situation against me if you don't!" Keith just looks over at Cale, seeming irritated. It seems clear Keith thinks everyone is butting into his dominance show without warrent.

The little Nimir-Ra looks at the crowd before turning his gaze at Lenore. He doesn't speak letting Forest handle it. He does not have the cool control over his beast that the Raj has as his energy is more a blaze than a burning ember.

Lenore sighs and nods, as Forest says his piece. "I didnt want them throwing down in public and I didnt think it would be good to be alone. Thats all…" She sounds upset but not in the mad sense in the disappointed sense. Cray is wearing on her nerves, mostly because he's right about her not being pard and that hurts more than anything. "Seems a few more things going on huh? But for now the problem has walked away and I need to talk to you Forest. Now would be wonderful."

Forest listens to everyone speak, but doesn't seem impressed by any of it. He turns to look at Lenore, seeming hardly touched by her disappointment, but he does give her a nod, "I will give you a few minutes of my time." He says it as though his time is a precious commodity. Turning back to the leopard's he speaks, "I want you all out at the compound, we will speak about this in more detail." He says the last most specifically to Keith, his beast pushing out against the man in a displeased manner.

Cale glances towards Keith with his brows lifted slightly as he addresses Cray. And when he gets an irritated look, Cale doesn't look away. At least, not for a few pointed moments before he finally does. "I can drive a few over in my car, whoever wants a lift." With that he settles in and unlocks the doors, getting the hatchback ready to drive.

Cray turns his eyes on Keith, a soft snort escaping him. "Attempting to twist the situation against you Keith? Could you sound more paranoid? You fucked up. Tripp fucked up first. The entire situation was poorly handled. I'm not going to nice it up just because I consider you a friend. I'd think you'd know that about me. We hunted together, you know I don't sugarcoat shit." His broad shoulders do a slow lift and then drop back down. He pulls his eyes back around to Forest, settling them on him while he speaks. His head dips forards to the order, and he turns,s lipping his leg ove rhis biek and turns the key in the ignition. "I'll be there."

Keith looks between Lenore and Cray before he narrows his eyes at Cray. "That certainly is not what I asked, nor should you expect to be asked. Though you /are/ of lower domiance at our current standing. So either shut your mouth, or we'll have a row!" Keith's energy begins to circle around still burning, though this time it's clearly no longer about Tripp. Keith then feels Forest's push and bows toward the rightful Raj. "I will meet you there then, gentle Forest." It's clear he knows he's in trouble, though that passion still burns within. He might submit to the Raj, though no one else is given the formality.

Zack looks between Keith and Cray. "That is enough from both of you. This can be handled back at the compound. Right now, I don't care if you beat yourselves black and blue. Forest said enough already. This is a matter to be handled in house, not in front of others." Oh yeah, his nerves are shot. He looks to Forest, "You want me to go with the kids or you?" Though despite his mood… his tone on the word kids holds a little bit of humor and at least wasn't meant to be insulting.

Lenore nods to Forest and waits for him to finish with His cats before she goes off to Speak with him, her energy going out to play along Keith before its pulled in tight and her face takes on a neutral state. "Thank you." Her tone respectful and peaceful as she considers the other Alpha's time to be precious as well. The rest of the group is ignored as she waits.

Cray turns his eyes on Zack with an arched eyebrow. Keith's further outbursts seem to be ignored. He just gives Zack that eyebrow as he starts his bike up. He reaches behind him, grabbing up his helmet. Shifter brains smear as easily as human brains at 80 mph after all. Not that… he's… gonig to do 80 in the city… He winks at Zack, cracking a smile towards him and Forest before pulling his helmet on and throttling the hog he's riding up, then off itnot he city for him, heading for the compound.

Keith walks up clearly toward Zack, lifting his inner arm of his right to the Nimir-Ra. "I apologize, I am only exercising my right to dominance. As of now, Forest and yourself are the only ones I am willing to submit to. That being said, I am under your orders." He sighs clearly done with encountering Cray. He looks over toward Cale leaving before looking at Zack, "Shall I go with Cale or would you like to assort me yourself, your honor?" It comes out as a very respectful comment as he avoids eyeing Zack directly.

Forest gives Keith a very disgusted look before just turning his back on him. Turning to Zack he gives the blond a smile, "You're with me." Then he slides his arm around Zack's shoulders before turning to move down towards the lower pier where it's a little more private

Navy Pier:Lower Pier - Grand and Lake Shore
Below the hustle and bustle of Navy Pier, numerous smaller piers and docks service the small watercraft of Lake Michigan. Tall support-beams stand along the beach, serving as a makeshift porch during low-tide and as something to cling to at high-tide. Buoyed out from the solid structure are the floating docks, raising and lowering with the water-level.

Forest leads the way down to the lower pier, until he finds an area that is unpopulated by others for the time. Then he turns to face Lenore, just waiting for her to speak.

Lenore looks at Forest as he walks, a little concerned but stays silent until they make it to a private place. "I would like to talk to you privately Forest, not asking Zack to go away but maybe we could go down a little further? Still within sight?" She is being respectful as she speaks and her cat is held tight.

Zack raises a brow as Lenore attempts to dismiss him. He doesn't say anything, but looks to Forest. His expression shows that he couldn't care about whether or not Lenore wants him there. Forest is the only opinion that he cares about right now.

Forest actually laughs when Lenore speaks. "Zack is my Ra, anything you have to say to me can be said in front of him. As much as you wish for respect, you will show it to Zack as well. Say what you have to say Lenore, I have business to attend to." His words aren't cruel or upset, they are just statements, plain and simple, his beast having been drawn back to just him and Zack in a calm manner.

Lenore smiles and nods as her request is denied. "Fair enough. I want to come home… I need the pard and with so many coming in you may need some help. I'm not asking to be anything but a member, I'm not the best with words but I am asking you with all due respect. What do I have to do in order to come home?" She takes a deep breath and there are tears in her eyes as she drops to a knee and offers her throat. "If you wont let me come home can you at least find it in your heart to give me this moon with my family?" She is shaking now and is either of you check her scent or the way she feels you will find 2 heartbeats, one almost too faint to pick up.

Zack doesn't gloat about not being sent away like Lenore wants. He snorts, "We don't need your help with anything, Lenore. We've seen what your help gets." The words are spoken before he thinks and sighs, letting Forest deal with this.

Forest watches Lenore as she speaks and moves to her knee, his expression showing very little in the way of emotions. Zack's words are noted but he doesn't comment on them, instead he waits a few minutes in silence, letting his beast move out to press against Lenore's in a dominating manner. "What you need to do is earn my trust, Lenore. At this moment, you don't have it." He does note the extra heartbeat but he doesn't show anything about how he feels on that. "As for the moon, you won't be coming to the compound anytime soon to be spending it there. If you can convince me to trust you by then, I -may- allow two members to join you and Jacobi, however I will know where the location is and I will have final say in who can join you."

Lenore listens and when the power hits her she relaxes, submiting to the other. "Alright, I will work on earning your trust…" She doesnt look up, she has very little to say and she could care less how Zack reacted. She is just calm and collected as she stands up slowly.

Zack leans against Forest as he listens to the two. He remains silent as he watches and listens.

Forest moves his arm around Zack', rubbing the blonde's shoulder as he considers Lenore. He listens to her speak, then turns to leave, the 'meeting' at an end in his mind.

Lenore just stays where she is a moment before slipping off her sandals and taking a walk on the shore. Yeah, its over and there was no fighting at all.

Zack turns and heads off with Forest.

Survivalist Compound: Front Entrance - Wauconda, Illinois(#1740RJL)
The road curves inward from the gate in the tall stone wall and through the trees, allowing privacy before opening into this quaint clearing. Here, a small, stone cottage rests on the far side of a large, graveled circle, only six feet of grass stretching from the gravel to the cottage's front wall. The little building faces north with a wide, diamond-paned window a few feet to the left of the sturdy, iron-banded front door. Another, smaller window lies beyond the first along the long, front wall. The shutters are more than decorative - painted green, they are also functional and can be closed as evidenced by the metal latches upon them. A climbing rosebush grows rather wildly up a white lattice arch in front of the door. Ivy climbs the eastern end of the building and has almost completely obscured the dark roofing from view all along the rooftop. Another curving road moves off to the west from the gravel circle, leading back into the trees. A few little sheds are lined up to one side of the road, doors closed and padlocked.

Auranna looks at him, "Till someone yields, and my beast might be weaker, but it is not the only measure of strength. Strength of Character, of Heart, of skill." she says and shakes her head, "And I wasn't the social climbing type till someone made me realize there were things I wanted to fight for."

Jin is standing on the porch with John and Cray, arms crossed looking calm now as he watches Dylan out in the yard with Aura fighting again.

A big, blue Dodge Ram pulls up in front of the compound, but oddly it's not Forest behind the wheel this time, it's Zack's blonde head that peeks over the steering wheel. Forest laughs and ruffles Zack's hair as they manage to pull into the compound in one piece. He climbs out of the truck and waits for Zack, before heading towards the cottage. Seeing Aura and Dylan, he just gives a little nod before moving up onto the porch out of the way of the two, not wanting to get caught up in the challenge.

The scent of blood comes from Cray's clenches fists, his fingernails having dug into his flesh. Anger boils off of him in waves, and his beast rides hot beneath the surface. HIs gaze flickers between Auranna and Dylan slowly, watching them as they square off. He remains near Jin and Johonothan, leaning back against the house, his body extremely tense.

Zack slides out of the truck. He pockets the keys as he walks up. He frowns as he sees the two fighting. He looks at Forest, "I'm going to make sure that this doesn't get too out of hand." His expression is concerned as he knows Auranna's anger for Dylan.
Jeremy has wandered in fromm the woods and is frowning as he watches the fighting. A sigh escapes him and he shakes his head. "Lots of stuff goin on anymore.' Spying Cray, he moves forward and tries to butt in next to his friend.

Auranna doesn't hold back and closes with Dylan, losing a serious of fast strikes, driving her fists to try and hit him and hit him hard to start with. She is all business as she goes about this fight.

Dylan is before, surprised by the raw speed of the other shifter. He considers himself pretty fast, but she seems to be faster still. And a good technical fighter as well. His attempts to parry and block succeed in mostly deflecting the force of the blows, not negating them and a few solid hits still thump home even as he goes to work himself with a series of punches, elbow and knee strikes designed to punish the body and slow her down.

Forest nods to Zack, reaching over to rub his cheek against the blonde's head before he turns to Cray, noting the anger that seems to roll off the man. Forest nods his head towards the door to the cottage as he looks at Cray, obviously wanting the man to go inside.

Jin looks over and nods respectfully to Forest then his eyes are back on the fast moving fight.

Auranna continues to lay into Dylan or at least try to, she is a bit suprised as he seems almost miraculously more skilled than just a week earlier when they fought last. She is trading blows, throwing her fists and kicks and blocking as well as she tries to get the other to submit before she does.

Dylan's beast is surging and screaming defiance, enough that he has to concentrate on holding himself in check as much as fighting Auranna. Still, as they settle into a another inhumanly fast series of attacks and counters, he can't help but grin tightly. There is a certain feeling of rightness in this. Two leopards of near equivalent strength, both healthy and proud and each fighting well and hard. This is the sort of thing that makes his blood sing. And to some extent, his leopard agrees. It's deadly serious but on another level … joyous. Like a fierce, deadly dance.

Jeremy moves to touch Cray again, trying to calm him down and also trying to get him to do as Forest wants.

Cray turns hsi head slowly, his eyes settling upon Jeremy, and he gives him a little nod. Forests motion towards the house is met with another nod and he turns, pushing the door open, or pulling it, and slips into the cottage.

Johnothan watches the pair circling one another, each delivering a flurry of well placed attacks, only to have the other block or dodge aside. The man's attention focusing more on the events happening in the yard, his attention broken when forest's presence is felt on the porch. He turns and nods towards Forest and zack, the mans eyes lowering respectfuly to each before returning to the battle.

Zack's beast is on edge as he watches the fight. The small blond keeps on the edge of the fight, moving to keep a good vantage on the fight.

Survivalist Compound - Ivy Cottage: Front Room - Wauconda, Illinois

Ahikam nods to Lucas, purring softly, "i heard Dylan got badly ripped up by Forest for that, and made to sleep out in the rain, maybe its good i'm here… i don't mind the need for challanges… i know that for a long time i'll always be low kitten, but i have higher up friends who i know will give me protection, atleast i hope so…" he smiles up to Keith and nods, "sure, atleast you don't threaten to feed me to the pard, or throw me around like a rag doll for showing submission," he purrs, nuzzling Keith's knee, "mmmmph, but not tonight, already done enough fighting today, i think i'm gonna go curl up on my full belly and take a nap, and heal up my bruises," kissing Keith's knee, and then leaning over to kiss his mate's lips, before rising, stretching, grabbing his towel and heading to the bathroom to hang it up, and then heading for his kittybed in the corner, settling down there and pulling his blankets up over himself.

Crystal sighs "I did it because I was greeting you Keith, you are stronger and been around longer…I think? And Stuffy asked me too. I'd welcome what teaching you could provide Big Brother. I don't understand this dominance stuff but I do agree pard needs to be strong and structured. And yeah Playboy, bleeding out into the public's eyes doesn't sound productive to me but I also think we need a sense of unity and family" then looks down from her place on the floor by keith's feet her head on his knee and ahi on the other side of Keith's feet, Lucas was sitting somewhere else in the room(I forget exactly where) and she finished the last of her burger and split the last two fries with Ahi "But maybe that's just me"

Cray slips into the cottage once more, the sound of fighting can be heard from outside. The scent of blood can be smelt still from Cray's palms where his nails have cut his skin from clenching his fists. He swallows hard, and finds a spot of wall to lean up against, hsi eyes closign as he breathes in and out. He's /far/ more pissed off coming back in than he was when he left, and everyone in the room would know his anger is directed at Dylan after his comments to Ahi, well, everyone but Forest and Jeremy rather.

Keith looks upon Lucas and nods. "Yes, well I agree we shouldn't be challenging each other in public. I admit I did challenge myself with Tripp today. That was my own doing, though I was pushed." He then smiles down at Ahi nodding. "I'll protect you when needed." He then chuckles waving to Ahi's leave. He then looks at Crys shrugging. "I'm not sure I have been here longer maybe…" He then nods agreeing with Crys. Keith then looks up smelling and seeing Cray enter. He seem to have cooled down looking over with an expression of 'I'm sorry I yelled', but nothing else.

Forest comes in the cottage, following behind Cray, his expression mostly blank, if not showing some little irritation. His eyes moving over those inside briefly before the land on Keith. To Cray and Keith he speaks, "Let's go in the other room to talk." He then moves over towards the arched door, fully expecting to be followed.

Jeremy follows Forest and Cray. He looks back to Forest and frowns a little. "May I come in with yas?"

Crystal looks up at Cray as she senses the anger come in with him and looks at the man with curious concern then bows her head to Forest not saying a word as it seems he has business to attend to

Lucas gives Forest a deferential nod when he enters, not approaching for a more typical Pard greeting purely on the basis of not putting himself in the way of a pissed off Alpha. As Forest heads off with the others, he looks over to Crystal and beckons her over to him. He looks like he has something on his mind other than the conversation that's been going on.

Keith stands promptly, moving Crystal out of the way before following after Forest. He seems slightly timid, though it's clear he's not going to back down without explaining and agreeing to conditions. Keith gazes at Forest and then Jer with a shrug. He's got nothing against it, if the Raj doesn't.

Cray glances towards Forest as he asks to speak in the other room. Cray's head tilts, slowly, and his eyes focus in on Keith. The apology is seen and he nods his head to that too, but no words from him right this moment. He looks over at Jeremy, his shoulders shrugging lightly. "I don't know." his words are tense. "Forest?" He glances to Forest, then turns his eyes on Crystal. "Dylan." Is his explenation. "When I first chagned I was kept in a cage for well over a year. After that I was forced to do the Pard's bidding. They were criminals, and used the weaker of us as shock troopers in thier gang wars. We were beaten near to death for no reason, stuff like that. So to hear him threaten Ahi like that…" he pulls in a deep breath, then lets it out before he begins to move toward sthe other room.

Forest turns slowly to Jeremy, his gaze heavy with his beast. He doesn't say anything, just seems to stand there awaiting a good reason for Jeremy to come.

Crystal moves over to stand by Lucas and gives the man a hug before nodding in full understanding of the explanation from Cray. It was one word, but it said it all to her "That's just the tip of it"

Keith doesn't wait for the answer he just strides into the arched door and braces himself. This is going to be a rough night…

Jeremy sighs and shakes his head. "Nevermind…." He turns and leaves the cottage.

Lucas speaks softly to Crystal, though keeping an eye and ear out for the rest of what's going on at the moment. He rises to his feet, moving slowly. Though he speaks in a whisper, with the collective hearing in this room, the words are not hidden, "Why don't you put something on, and we go for a run? Avoid any fireworks. Besides, I need to talk something over with you."

Forest frowns as Jeremy leaves the cottage without any explanation, something flitting across his face, perhaps disappointment, perhaps not. Then he turns to move into the back room.

Survivalist Compound - Ivy Cottage: Back Room - Wauconda, Illinois

Walking over to the center of the room, Keith turns watching Forest and Cray come into the room. Clearly he knows he's going to get a talking to here. This is the room he's seen Forest and others go into before Forest hands out punishments. Keith folds his hands in front of himself, passively await for Forest to begin.

Cray has no doubts he's in trouble, but he doesn't seem as concerned about that as he does the fight that's going on outside. he finds a spot of wall to lean against, his eyes closing slowly. A few deep breathes are takeni n, then let out before his eyes open again and hsi anger begins to bleed away, clearing his mind for the discussion to come.

Forest enters the room behind Keith, moving to sit on the only chair in the room, stretching his long legs out. He looks between the two of you, not saying anything, the weight of his beast in his eyes. Finally he looks to Keith and seems to wait for an explanation.

Keith looks at Forest, seeing he's awaiting an explaination. "Alright, where shall I begin?" He taps his leggings thinking before saying, "Alright, so I was in the Polychome chatting it up with Lenore and the others. Not really have a problem, when Tripp came in with injuries. I went over to see him and ensure he was alright. Being nice as always when I went to sit back with Lenore to talk. Then Tripp insists on telling me I am a bad teacher and claiming I am a bad leopard. I take it as a dominance issue and ask him in my own way to stop his claims unless he wants to challenge me further. Being provoked we started arguing though as in agreement with The Bask, I didn't start a physical fight. I was getting ready to challenge him outside when Cray chimed in with his two cents completely undercutting me in front of Tripp. I lost my temper and went outside. This is where me and Cray argued and you walked in…" He breaths deeply thinking that covers it all. He then looks between the other two awaiting their reply.

Cray has grown stronger since he was last hanging about the Pride, not alot stronger, but a little, suggesting he's been upu to something. He rolls his shoulders slowly and forces himself to relax further. Finally his eyes turn and they settle on Forest and he offers the Raj a respectful nod of his head. He doesn't speak, waiting to be told to speak. He may not like Dylan's brutal ways, but he also knows the way this is supposed to work, and thus, he's silent for the time being. He does arch a rather sharp brow at what Keith claims happened, that eyebrow even accompanied with a few blinks at his recount. He presses his lips together, and simply waits to be told to speak.

Forest simply listens to Keith speak, showing no reaction to the man's words. Then he turns his attention to Cray, seeming to expect the same thing from him.

Keith looks over at Cray, looking at bit worried. His expression reads 'that was my side of the story, I am interested to see yours'. And awaits further talk.

Cray waits until he gets that look, when he does he pulls in a slow breath and begins to speak. "I showed up just as Zack and Lenore were getting into a stand off and Keith was nuzzling up on the cougar in almost direct defiance of his superiors desire for her to leave himself alone, himself being Zack. Showed division, which shows weakness to the other shifters int he city, not a good thing to show. But, that asisde, Tripp walked in, made a scene about his getting beat up good with his fight with Dylan. Keith goes over to make sure he's okay as he said, and there was words exchanged about phyusical challenges being barbaric and such by Tripp, Keith basically said oh well that's how it is. Then.. Tripp begins to go on a small tirade about how he used to be in a Pard that allowed mental challenges. Keith then gave him /the look/ and pressed his power out against him, in what I'm going to assume was an attempt to dominate him. Tripp told him he didn't feel like playing mind games and he sucked as a teacher, not as a leopard. Keith got pissed and got all serious with him and told him to make the statement official or shut up. Tripp put up and told him off some more, then Keith tried to do the diplomacy thing. Lenore was nagging at them the entire time. Keith didn't order him out of the restaraunt to settle it in better places. Tripp turned to leave and I tried to salvage the situation, and Keith's pride a bit. Tripp fucked up first, questioned a superior in public. Keith fucked up second, especially by using his power in a neutral spot." He glances towards Keith some. "You're a good kid, but you've got alot to learn yet my friend." He shrugs and glances back to Forest. "I'm no diploment, so I tried to pull the dominance card, told them both to quit acting like children and told them to take it outside. We all migrated outside to argue wheny ou guys showed up."

Forest listens to Cray speak in the same manner he did to Keith. He then looks to Keith, disappointment easily read on his expression, his voice calm yet filled with his dominance over the lesser cat. "As a teacher I expect many things from you Keith. I find myself highly disappointed in your actions today. A bad example has been set. A rememdy will be necessary. Perhaps I chose poorly when I gave you your position." His gaze grows heavier on Keith as he speaks, "We will speak again about the proper way to train others and the manners that are considered appropriate, especially in public. For now you will be spending your time cleaning this cottage from top to bottom, inside and out. You will do this with no assistance from others." He lets his words sink in

Keith looks at Forest seeming to not agree completely with Cray but keeping quiet. He then looks panic stricken by Forest. "No, No! Teaching is what I wanted, it's what I DO!" He begs slowly lowering to his knees in submission. "Alright, we can talk, I love to talk…" He then nods agreeing to his punishment and crawling over to attempt to nuzzle Forest's leg.

Cray listens to Forest dole out Keith's punishment for his actions this day, but Cray doesn't smile. A cat being punished is a bad and a sad thing, and it only brings that emotion toh is features. But he also seems to be waiting, for that other shoe to drop, to hear what's going to be done to him, and also to Tripp for his behavior. He simply watches the other two cats. He spoke as commanded to, and there's nothing more to it than that, now he just waits to see what's to be done to the parties involve. He pulls in a slight breath, then lets it out, it's no sigh of relief though, simply one of anticipation. He watches as Keith gets on hands and knees and crawls to Forest, a slight look of surprise upon his features at the action.

Zack steps into the back room, now that the dominance fight out front is over. He stops just inside, not wanting to interrupt Forest's talk with Cray and Keith.

Forest is sitting on the only chair in the room, his expression calm. He listens to Keith, seeming unmoved by the man's pleas, having already said his peace, and when Keith moves over to him on his knees, Forest regards him briefly before turning his attention to Cray. He considers the man for a few moments before speaking, his eyes moving to Cray's hands. "Something seems to be bothering you Cray. I'm wondering if it's something that needs to be discussed or not." He seems to leave it up to Cray. Zack walks in and Forest turns his attention to the blonde, nodding to him briefly. He speaks, more in general than to anyone in particular, "I won't tolerate displays like this in public. If a member of the Pard starts to act improperly in public, they should be immediately taken out of public's eye. This does not mean to start throwing around threats or challenges."

Keith sits at Forest's feet, seeming almost greatful for now. For all he knows he still does have his position. Though he's near crying for thinking he was only moments from losing it. Being a teacher is Keith's calling and he takes it seriously. So challenges of dominance might be taken more extreme. "I'm so sorry Forest, I never meant to disappoint you!" He then quickly shuts his mouth as Forest addressed Cray.

Cray looks to Forest, and he gives a slight nod of his head. "Dylan. Dylan was being… crass towards Auranna when she told him he could be more friendly, crass being a nice word for it. He was… very harsh, and very judgemental in his response, and threatened her. Dylan seemed to have a problem with people not being friendly with him, or at least, that's what I inferred from Auranna's statement that if he wanted friendship he should have tried being nicer. He then proceeded to say that this Pard is filled with nothing but dysfunctional leopards, thereby insulting everyone in the room, this was after being quite disrespectful towards Keith, not by words, but by tone. Ahi then told Dylan that there's way to make friends, adn there's ways to piss everyone off, and told him he's done nothing but piss people off. Dylan than threatened to beat him to a pulp if he ever talked back to him like that again, mocked his past, and mocked the entire Pard again in the same statement." He shakes hsi head a little bit, nostrils flaring. "Jin and John both slipped outside with the intent of having words with him, no idea if they did or not, but Jin mentioned possibly having to break Dylan's neck, which I assume means he really has pissed alot of people off. You heard what I said outside this room about my past and being kept in a cage? Beaten for the simplest things within an inch of my life? Dylan reminds me, very very strongly of the bastards back in Detroit." With all that out, he breathes in deeply, and lets out a long sigh.

Zack walks over and stands beside Forest. He puts his hand on the Raj's shoulder as he listens. He listens to the two men talking to Forest.

Forest still hasn't touched Keith, nor has he kicked him away. His hand moves up to rest on Zack's hand as he mulls over Cray's words. "We all come from different backgrounds, and it seems most of them have been very traumatic. We need to overcome these pasts and move forward, build a stronger, better Pard where we are all family. Fights for dominance are often necessary among the shifters, I've had my fair share in my years and expect there will be more. There are those among the Pard who don't seem to understand how things work, need to be guided and shown the way. Sometimes a show of force is necessary to do this. Dylan has been given charge of Ahikam's training. Maybe he doesn't want to be friends with everyone, maybe he's feeling his way in a new Pard, trying to find where he fits. I will speak to him." He falls silent, his hand finally moving down to rest on Keith's head, fingers running through his hair.

Keith nods at Cray's comments about Dylan and Anna. Clearly attempting to agree with Dylan being a bit over the line. He then points at Cray nodding when he says Dylan's claims of the Pard being disfunctional. He then mutters, "Quite true…" He then looks at Cray, "Cray, myself and Dylan had a fight a while ago. It ended with him slipping and hitting his head on a rock…" It seems informative, though his voice shakes seeming nervous. Keith then looks over and up at Zack, giving the Ra and apologetic face. He then shifts to look at Forest agreeing with being a strong family. His energy flaring just slightly at the mention of Dylan being a teacher for Ahi. We all know how much Keith 'loves' the power Dylan tries to pull over Ahi.

Cray glances towards Forest and he smiles a little bit. "It took me awhile to learn that I Could have a family again. Dylan said he has no interest in having a family, that he had one, doesn't want another one. Keith was there and heard that as well. As did everyone else. He is not interested in a family Forest, or unity. He is interested in his own power, and that is all. He said as much. Dominance fights happen, and they must happen for us to know our place. It is a part of who we are. And trust me, should I feel the need to make a bid for a position higher than the one I've claimed since I started coming around again. I've met a few of the new cats, and seen a few. Been meaning to get in touch with you." He tucks his hands into the pockets of his jacket, his gaze settling on the Nimir. "I did some thinking while I stepped away from things. I can tell you that I left because of the cougar's presence. I did not feel they should be part of the Pard. But, rather than stay and fix what I felt was a mistake, I left, and I won't be doing that again. If I feel something is a mistake I'll be attempting to fix it from now on. Which probably means you'll have to toss me around some, but if that's what has to happen, then so be it." Cray glances ot Keith at his story about Dylan, a curious brow arched, and a nod from him.

Zack looks at the two, then glances at Forest. His brow is furrowed, as there seems to be a lot going through the mind of the young blond. It is not really his place to interject his own thoughts so it remains quiet, even if his energy can be felt flaring just slightly at the conversation. He reaches up and brushes the hair from his eyes, tucking it behind his ear, as he listens. When Keith looks up at him apologetically, he reaches down and runs his fingers through Keith's hair. It is an acceptance of the contrition, a mark of his dominance, and a touch of affection for his brother.

Forest listens to all that is said, a nod given to Cray, then he turns his attention to Zack, seeming to sense that he has something to say. He gives Zack a nod and smile, indicating his words are welcome.

Keith purrs at Zack's touch. Clearly knowing and accepting Zack's unspoken terms. He then looks at Cray slowly standing to go back to a respectable pose, having grovelled at Forest feet. "Yes, Dylan did say all that and hint exactly that." He then looks at Cray seeming quite surprised and in agreement. "I am along with him… He speaks exactly my opinion on that one." He then watches for Zack's words, he clearly wanted to talk this whole time.

Cray looks to Forest at his silence, a curious look on the man's features. For the moment though he doesn't speak or ask any questions. He listens to Keith agree with him, then leans back against the wall once more and waits to hear what Zack has to say.

The ashen-haired Ra pauses for a second, "I have spoken with Dylan.. he's been part of two pards before us… both of which were very brutal. I think that how this Pard interacts needs to be made clear to him. If all he has ever known is a never-ending fight within the Pard, then that is probably what he expects, until he is made aware. " He sighs softly, "I really hoped that he might be able to help Ahikam, and agreed with your decision for Ahikam to be trained again. I'm not sure if Dylan is the right one to do it. Physical force will not help somone like Ahikam… it will only make him submit to the pain, not necessarily to the lesson." There is something in his voice that suggest that the observation is a lot more personal than theoretic.

Forest listens to Zack speak, seeming to take the words seriously coming from the Ra. He nods and stands up, "I will speak with many of the Pard soon. Please do so as well Zack." He looks at the other two men in the room, seeming to say the meeting is over. He turns to head to the door, arm sliding around Zack's shoulders, his demeanor changing and he smiles, "So, what shall we do for the rest of the night."

Keith nods at Zack's answer seeming almost compelled to his answer. "Yes, Zack your Nimir-Ra. I do agree, I attempted to do that myself. Though as I said, he didn't want to listen and we fought about how he was treating Ahi. Hence him hitting himself on that rock…" He then looks between Forest and Zack getting the hint. "So… yeah…" He creeps toward the door attempting to slide out.

Cray turns hsi head, his eyes settling on Zack as the man speaks. "Pain doesn't train. Pain conditions. Something I know as if not better than most. Some have had it worse than I did, many have not. Pain creates obediance, but it destroys will and sense of self. You won't have a stronger Ahikam, you want steel, you'll be left with iron. He'll stand solid until he snaps, but he'll never bend." His shoulders give a little shrugging motion, his eyes moving about the room slowly. He nods hsi head slihghtly when Forest seems ready to leave. The man pushes off from the wall, and slips towards the door out into the main room.

Zack moves towards the door. He sighs, "I'm still trying to calm down… Right now I think I could clear cut half the forest with my bare hands." He looks at Keith, "We can have that conversation tomorrow. I think my mood is probably not well suited right now, unless it's time sensitive."

Forest nods to Zack, "How about we go for a walk then?" He leans over to rub his cheek against the top of Zack's head as he moves into the other room.

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