Inez's Vitals
Name: Inez Alandra Garcia
Race: Brazilian
Shortdesc: Petite, ebony-haired Brazilian woman.
Position: Dance Instructor at the Aragon Ballroom.
Fame: N/A
Temperament: Friendly, good natured, outgoing.
Themesong: N/A
Adriana Lima as Inez Alandra Garcia


Inez works at the Aragon Ballroom as a dance instructor. Only recently hired she's trying to fit in, her dancing skills and personality seeming to help out. She is passionate about her dancing, ballet and ballroom her preferred styles though she can do many others as well.

Inez is originally from Brazil but her Creole accent marks her as having spent much time in Louisiana.


Inez is a bright, cheerful person with southern manners. Polite almost to a fault, yet she has a fiery temper.


Petite, tiny, diminutive, all are words that would describe this young woman, for height is something that challenges her form. Standing to a mere 5’2” when standing barefoot, at first glance one might dismiss her, but her smile and outgoing personality seem to shine through, drawing one’s attention to her. Ebony-colored hair flows over a set of slim shoulders in a thick fall of silken shine, ending at a narrow waist, a few loose tendrils frame her oval face. High cheekbones and a slender nose seem to frame a pair of deep , soulful brown eyes, large and surrounded by thick ebony lashes. Her lips are soft and smooth, full with a natural pout and rose-color. Her skin is soft and smooth, naturally dark, the color of milk chocolate. She often wears tight fitting clothes, leather pants or jeans, and halter tops or snugly fitting sweaters, depending on the weather.


Inez was born and raised on the northeast coast of Brazil until the age of five years. Her father had never been a part of her life, her mother being a prostitute she didn't know who the father was. For the first five years of her life, poverty and hunger were a common daily problem. The men that visited her mother mostly ignored her, though a few tried to pay her mother for time alone with the girl. Whether this ever happened or not is not really known by any but Inez.

At the age of five, things changed for Inez. Her mother disappeared, leaving Inez in the care of her grandparents, who could no more care for the young girl than they could themselves. In the hopes of giving the child a better life, they arranged for her to be adopted and sent to the United States.

Inez being a beautiful child, it didn't take long for her to be placed with a family in Louisiana. They were an older couple that had never been able to have children and Inez filled that empty place in their lives. Being such a young age when she moved to the states, it was easy for the girl to learn English, though she kept a little of her native portuguese throughout her life. She never did forget her mother though, heartbroken by being abandoned by her, she spent her youth wondering why and where she had gone.

Her childhood years were happy ones, her every need and want provided for, though in truth her parents were of modest means. Inez excelled in school, and in high school was a member of the dance team, finding great enjoyment in the act of moving her body to music. She took lessons in ballet and jazz, tap and ballroom dancing. Every type of dancing she could learn she did.
The Adamson's, her adoptive parents, were a strict catholic people, and every Sunday Inez would attend church with them. Her beliefs were strong and she always wore a crucifix around her neck, day and night it hung there, reminding her of her faith. If they had lived in a bigger city, she would have attended a catholic school, but as it were the town she grew up in had but one school, and only two churches, the Catholic church which she attended, and a Baptist church.

During her years as a child, Inez always wondered what had happened to her mother, where she had gone, was she still alive. She vowed that once she turned 18 she would search for her mother, find her and demand to know why she had been left behind, what she had done that could have angered her mother so much that she would leave her. It was on her 18th birthday that she received an unmarked birthday card, signed simply as “Your Mother.” It was the only clue she had to go on in her search, but it was a place to start.
She started her search by returning to Brazil, spending two years there, some in the town she was born in, the rest searching parts of the country she'd never been to before. It was when she turned twenty that she got the news that her adoptive parents had died in a car accident. She returned to Louisiana to mourn their loss, realizing that they had spent their lives living beyond their means, leaving nothing behind for Inez to live on.

For the next few years Inez spent her time trying to find a means to support her continued search for her mother. She learned how to live off the streets, find food and shelter wherever it may be. It was another lead that sent her to Chicago, nearly penniless, and in search of a job to support herself while there.


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RP Hooks

Inez is a dance instructor at the Aragon Ballroom and would be thrilled to help you learn the basics of beginning dance or work you through the more difficult steps as she glides across the ballroom floor with you.
Inez used to be a stripper at various clubs across the country, going by the name Silkie Tartt, think you recognize her? Ask and find out!

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