InTellect's Information
Type: Computer Company
Rating: 4 Stars
Location: 1923 Michigan Street
Fame: NA
Atmosphere: Professional
Owner(s): Corporate
Manager(s): Board of Directors
Employee(s): Asher, Software Engineers, Support Staff

General Information

InTellect is a leading programming and technology company and is known to hire some of the best and brightest talent in the country, if not the world. For this reason they have stayed on the cutting edge of technology and it is rumored they are working on several devices for the Federal Government.


Cold, secure, deterring: there is no bypassing the strict security precautions taken on the initial floor of InTellect's corporate headquarters. Steel meets with visible - and undoubtedly invisible - technology; cameras, alarms, metal detectors, body-liners, sniffers, and enough security officers to take down a small government squelch many unhealthy ideas of infiltration by force or subterfuge.
Visitors and business people alike are forced to go through four separate stations of intense screening, before being allowed to continue along and select from a series of elevators beyond. Those, too, are protected in their own rights, as only two are available without a security identification card, ocular pattern recognition, and 24-digit access code. For those with more fire power than brains, bullet-proof vests, glass, and several layers of steel negate any possible ill effects.


Asher Luchesi - CEO, InTellect Chicago
Serafina - Assistant

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