Introducing Elias

April 14, 2011


The Basement: Bar/Pub - Grand Street: East
A place of casual hanging out, the room has an 'L'-shaped layout. Dark wood is the predominate theme, with hardwood floors, wall paneling, bar, and matching tables and chairs. The long and straight bar takes up the majority of the right wall, lighted by hidden bulbs and neon signs advertising various alcoholic beverages, these reflected in its smooth polished surface. Two to three bartenders serve ID-bearing customers seated on stools, from walls lined with about any drink imaginable, and a waitress will appear from the kitchen now and again to cover small 'pub food' orders. Taking up the back wall are four pool tables and dart boards, set off from a few booths and small round tables.
One section of the interior wall almost opens to the dancefloor below. A fine polarized black mesh set about a high railing cuts out much of the flashing lights and rhythmic beats from drifting upwards, and also prevents folks from falling downwards. The opposite wall bears short but wide windows high up by the ceiling, looking out to 'foot level' of the outside street.




It's late morning, the sky outside looks rather gloomy, the promise of rain to come. Inside the bar of the Basement it's rather a slow morning, only a few customers. Sitting at a rather large booth by himself is a tall man, his long hair pulled back to a tight braid at the base of his neck. A cup of coffee sets in front of him, and a plate of breakfast foods, mostly undercooked meat. He's got a newspaper spread out in front of him which he seems to be reading while he eats.

Elias wanders into the pub. He's been here a few times, looking for the man Tripp told him about, Forest. He glances around, stepping up to the bar and sitting. He sighs, rubs his tired eyes, and then notices the other man. He looks that way, licks his lips in anticipation, holding his gaze long enough to try to gauge if that's Forest.

At the feel of another leopard in the room, Forest raises his eyes to the man at the bar. His beast is held within him in a calm manner. A brief nod is given before he returns his attention to the paper, picking up a piece of bacon and eating as he reads, but it's quite obvious his attention is on the new leopard at the bar. He gestures to the booth, an invitation given.

Elias nods, and rises, walking over to the booth. "What up, yo?" he asks, with a light, playful tone. "Are you the ever elusive Forest?" he follows it up, with a large grin.

Forest looks up when you speak, raising his eyebrows, not really seeming impressed with the way you talk. A nod is given, "And you are?"

Elias grins, and extends his hand, "I'm Elias Callahan. Totally cool to finely meet up with you, dude," he says, dropping his eyes from Forest's and turning his head just slightly away. His verbiage is young, but he's at least showing submission.

Forest shakes the hand that's offered, nodding at the manner of head turning given. He then gestures to the seat opposite him, "It's Forest." It's apparent he doesn't care to be called dude. "Have you ate? They make great food here if you're hungry."

Elias grins like a kid, and sits across from Forest. "No thanks, man. I totally had McGriddles this morning before my run." He shrugs, still smiling with a friendly, goofy grin, "You're hard to like, get a hold of an' shit, dude."

Forest tilts his head when the kid once again calls him 'dude', a frown forming on his lips. He keeps his eyes on the young man, the weight of his beast rising there as he looks at Elias as he speaks in a low, authoritative tone, "What are your plans in the city, Elias."

Wes walks in from the foyer, does his customary, quick look around the Basement, and then walks towards the bar. He's going to pick a spot somewhere near Forest, and Elias, although far enough away that it must be coincidental.

Elias shrugs, looking down at the table, licking his lips a little nervously, "Um… Yeah, I'm, like… I just opened a music store. You know, like for instruments. I do some lessons, too…" He glances at Forest, almost as if for approval, and then back at the table.

Forest is sitting at a rather large booth in the bar, food and a newspaper in front of him, Elias on the other side of the booth. For those that can feel it, his beast is weighing down a bit on the kid across from him. "So you intend to live here then." He looks the kid over a bit, as if considering something, then picks up his coffee and sips at it, "Where are you coming from Elias?"

Wes is sitting at the bar, on whatever side is closest to the booth that Elias and Forest are at. If he's seen them, though, he hasn't given any acknowledgement to knowing the two. Wes has a rum and coke at the table, whatever time of the day or night it happened to be

Wintercoat makes his way in and glances around. He smiles and nods a hello to some folks and makes his way to the bar. "One bloody mary, please."

Kesslan makes his way over towards the bar, apparently right around the same time Winter does, though the only one here he recognizes off the bat would be Elias. Given that the other man is apparently buisy in a serious conversation howeve,r he stays out of it and simply waits his turn to place an order for a sandwich and a drink.

Zack walks into the Basement. He is obviously looking for someone specific, as he scans the patrons. However, that person seems to be sitting with someone. The ashen-haired teen moves over to the booth with Forest and Elias. He stops at Forest's side of the booth, "Mornin'.. " He looks over at Elias, then back at Forest, "Who do we have here?"

Elias nods, "Yeah, I do intend to live here." He then smiles, and nods, "My father never understands where I'm coming from either." He sighs, "I was…" He trails off when Zack approaches, and he glances between the two men, uncertain if he should continue.

Forest smiles when Zack arrives, a hand reaching out to the blonde's hand, giving a brief squeeze, "Zack, this is Elias, he's just moved to the city and opened a music store, I'm sure the two of you will have much to talk about." He looks around at how quickly the bar has become populated, "Let's go up to your apartment for awhile Zack." He looks to Elias and nods as he stands up, gesturing for the young man to follow.

Wes notices Wintercoat, and the waves to him, and then nods to Kesslan, having met the latter on another day. "'ello Rex," he says, and stands up to walk over to the fae. "Was wondering when I'd run into you. I wanted to ask you about something," he says.
Elias nods to Zack, "Hey, man," he greets. As Forest begins to move out, he lets Zack follow first, and then takes up the rear, going with them.

Wintercoat puts some money on the bar and takes a sip. He glances around to some of the other people, eyes lingering on the shirt for a few moments. He quickly leans forward as his mirth springs forth, along with some of his drink. He manages to contain most of it back into his glass and only a little out his nose. "Oh my… That, that is a most interesting comment on your clothing." He chuckles and looks over to Wes. "Oh, hello there, have you seen this man's shirt? If not, you should." He grins to Kesslan and offers a hand "Rex Wintercoat. I do apologies if I am seeming slightly rude, but I am assuming that you wish to be noticed and spoken to, to have something so amusing printed on you like this."

Kesslan is a typical human male with blond hair, blue eyes and stands about six feet, four inches tall. More often than not, he can be seen to be sporting a day's worth of stubble, though he does shave on a semi regular basis to keep it from turning into a beard.

Kesslan pauses a moment at that tinge of familarity strikes as Wes nods to him, though he's having trouble placing where he'd run into him previously. None the less he's quick to return it as he waits for his order. Indeed he's just giving Winter a paculiar look at the man's apperance when the comment on his shirt is mentioned. Ah, well at least some one gets the joke and he actually offers a friendly grin and gives the offered hand a shake. "Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Kesslan." He says in a friendly tone he doesn't entirely feel, if only because of well.. he just cant place it. Just something about the other man puzzled him if nothing else. He's also momentarily distracted by the apparent near departure of Elias and simply offers the other man a friendly wave in passing before turning his attention back to Winter. "Relatively new to town."

Zack nods, "Alright, Forest." He looks over at Elias, "Nice to meet you, Elias… " He gives Rex a grin and a nod before he turns to head out once again. He pauses, "You know… One of these days, I am going to get to have breakfast without something coming up."

Apt. 206 - The Basement - Grand Street: East(#3292RAh)
Hardwood flooring spans this studio apartment except for the small bathroom in the far right corner. The bathroom floor consists of white 'tile' linoleum. The rest of the bathroom is white as well, from the walls to the newish facilities.
The rest of the front right corner of the main room has been made into a kitchen and dining area. The counters line the wall in an L shape and a kitchen table with four chairs take up the middle part of the kitchen area. A storage room, nearly as large as the bathroom, is built between the bathroom and kitchenette and is the only storage or closet in the apartment.
The other half of the main room is divided between the living and sleeping areas. The far left corner of the main room is the sleeping area and consists of a queen sized bed with Metal head and foot boards, a large wardrobe, and a matching dresser. In the very corner a crimson and black screen provides a small changing area with a little stool in it.
The living room faces away from the sleeping area and houses a black leather couch with matching chair and a large black entertainment unit. The coffee table is glass-topped. A new addition has been added right next to the large picture window overlooking the city. A Samick Baby Grand piano, with a velvet covered memory foam cushioned bench for the artist to sit on while playing.
Color has been added to the apartment in bright splashes of crimson, accented with black. This seems to be the main colour scheme.

Zack heads upstairs to 206. He unlocks the door and opens it up, holding it open for the two to enter before he does.

Elias enters, taking off his black leather jacket once inside. He's wearing a pair of tattered blue jeans and a tight white Tshirt, the deep cut Vneck showing the cleft between his pecs. He looks around, giving a little sniff, and then he smiles, moving straight towards the piano. "Hey! Do you play?" he asks as he steps over.

Zack walks in, looking at Elias. He nods, "Since I was about four." The thin teen's demeanor becomes a little more serious, "So, Forest said you own a music store? I take it you're planning on staying here then."

Elias sits on the bench in front of the piano, gently running his fingers over the ivories, but not pressing hard enough to make any sound. "Yeah. Riff's Guitar Depot, on Clarke Street. Yeah, I grew up here. Went off to college, got bit…" He shrugs, "Now I'm back." He gestures at the piano, "May I?"

Zack walks over to the piano, closing a folder of sheet music - a work in progress from the looks of it. "Sure, just be gentle. My Girl's used to a gentle touch… " He pauses, "So, did Forest get to introduce himself to you, Elias?"

Elias plays about forty seconds of Billy Joel's Piano Man, and he laughs, dropping his hands back into his lap and looking at Zack. "She sounds good, dude," he offers, approvingly. He shrugs, "More or less, yeah. Tripp set me up with who he was, tonight was just my first face to face." He gestures at the closed music book, "You write? Is it classical, or what?"

Zack looks over at the folder, "Mostly classical… that is a requiem for a late friend… though mostly tend to favor early twentieth century, in the vein of Bartok… I spent some time under the patronage of someone who was fond of more classical music." He nods, "Tripp, huh? He hasn't mentioned it." he says that idly, "How long have you known Tripp?"

Elias shakes his head, "Long enough to know he'd fuck anything that breathes." He sighs, "I don't really know him well, he was just the first one of us I met, ya know?" He looks around the apartment, "Nice place, dude."

Zack looks at Elias, very solemn-looking, "You are seriously underestimating Tripp." He holds the expression for about as long as he can say it, "I don't know if breathing is really that much of a deal breaker." He nods, "Yes and no.. The place holds a lot of memories, that I'd rather not have in my face all the time… one of the reasons that I tend to stay outside of town. In case, Tripp didn't tell you. I'm also the Pard's Nimir-Ra."

Elias chuckles about Tripp, nodding. "Yeah." He sighs, and lifts his brow a bit, "You're Nimir-Ra, but you stay out of town…?" He furrows his brow then, and then just nods, "No, he didn't tell me."

Zack nods, "The Pard has a stretch of lands just outside of town with a cottage in the middle of the woods… It's where we got during the moon and to hunt."

"Cool," Elias says, with an affirmative nod. He stands, walking around the room, touching things, looking at stuff as he goes. "You're his boyfriend then? Or do you have the title meaning just you're like his number two?" he asks casually.

Zack watches Elias move around the apartment, "I'm Forest's named and chosen mate, yes. Though my authority in the second only to Forest's." He reaches up and brushes the hair from his eyes, which only fall back in place seconds later.

Elias pauses for a moment, looking over at Zack, shoes to head, and then he looks out the window at the city. "Cool." He sighs, and gives a little shrug, "I don't think Forest like me much, dude."

Zack cocks his head, "Well, tell me somethin'… Were you as informal with him as you are with me?"

Elias turns to look at Zack again, "What do you mean, man?"

Zack smiles slightly, "Um, well, let's see. You just met the Nimir-Ra of the city that you're plannin' on stayin' in, you haven't made any attempt to offer submission or at least acknowledge my dominance. Not to mention, you just called me 'dude', which is actually kind of refreshin', since no one around here uses it but me." Zack's accent is southern Californian, if Elias is the type to pick it up.

Elias sighs, a little frustrated. "Sorry. I like to think that we're all grown ups and still remember that we're part human, too, and I forget not everyone feels the same way. My bad." His language is casual, but the sentiment is genuine. He rolls his head to the side, baring his throat for Zack. "I don't have to call you dude, dude, if that's like, not cool an' shit."

Zack sighs, "Personally, I don't really care that much… But the Raj and Ra should be shown respect when they are first met… It's like sayin' that you're acknowledging that we're the ones in charge, and you're agreein' to follow our rules." He smiles, "Though I'll warn you… There are several in the Pard that might take offense. We have had a recent influx of members and several are all about proving themselves and finding out where they fit in and all."

Elias nods at the first, and rolls his eyes at the last. "That's lame. A man's worth and station is better judged by their deeds and value over time, not by who can beat up who at any one moment." He shakes his head, "It's nice to not have to stress over that shit."

Zack watches Elias with a slight sigh, "Dude, trust me.. I couldn't agree with you more, but unfortunately, it's not how it works around here. If you don't give a crap, then just acknowledge everyone's dominance and prove yourself to Forest and me with your actions."

Elias smiles, "I care some, I just know who I am and what I'm capable of." He shrugs, "I may hold you to that suggestion and do that." He chuckles, "You know, you're prolly the coolest Joker I've met since I got back into town. Thanks, man."

Zack chuckles, "It probably comes from the fact that I'm the youngest of the cats and had someone who was truly cool about teaching me to be who I am no matter what."

Elias grins again, standing once more, "Well, dude, if you ever need anything for your baby grand there, or just wanna hang out or jam, gimme a call." He walks over, pulling out a Riff's business card, holding it out for Zack. "I don't have many friends, so…" he shrugs.

The door opens and Forest comes into the apartment, his beast moving out to brush over Zack's in a warm gesture, a smile on his face. His eyes move to Elias, looking the young man over a bit, but remains silent.

Zack takes the card and slides it into his wallet. The thin teen grins, "Definately…" Before the door opens, his silvery blue eyes looks at the door, "Hey Forest…"

Elias looks at Forest, and gives the man a nod, "Hey. I was actually headin' out… Um… If that's cool? With you?"

Forest moves over to Zack, sliding an arm around the blonde's waist, but his attention is on Elias. "Do you accept me and Zack as your Nimir's? And will obey our rules in the city?"

Elias watches the two get close, and he shifts his weight from one foot to the other, looking away for just a second. He looks back at Forest, and nods, "Yeah."

Zack wraps his arm aroumd Forest's waist as he looks over at Elias.

Forest smiles as he leans his head over to rub his cheek over Zack's head in a very cattish manner, a soft purr rising from the tall man. "We tend to hang out here in the bar, or out at the compound. We'll take you out there soon Elias."

Elias nods, "Cool." He watches them nuzzle, his face quickly becoming kind of serious in a longing kind of lonely way for just an instant, before he smiles, and heads for the door, "Night, guys."

Zack nods, "G'night, Elias.. Nice meetin' you." He leans against the much larger man. "Well, I kind of like him… not really sure how much he's gonna like some of the others though."

Forest wraps both of his arms around you and nods, "Yeah, some of them won't be as easy going as we are." He grins a bit, "And if he keeps calling me dude… we may have words."

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