20110128 - It was a cold winter night


Name Of The Room
Hyde Park - University of Chicago - Woodlawn Avenue

Hyde Park is located right on Lake Michigan, and borders the University of Chicago. Although it's not only a park but also a subdivision that houses more than sixty-two percent of the University's faculty and nearly all of its students; as such, it is one of the most successful racially and economically integrated communities in the United States.
The 'park' is itself riddled with parks. Several restaurants, museums, and gardens help to cultivate the area in a distinct atmosphere. The air is scented with the smells of flowers in spring time, and fresh water-purified air throughout the year. Trees, foliage, benches, tables, and works of art dot the landscape, intermingling with the places of residence. In June the Art Fair attracts national attention, as does the parade on the fourth of July.
The sky is grey-black, moonless and starless. Human eyes can distinguish the snow from everything else, and not much more: every shape that isn't snow-covered is a black shadow. The air is damp and cold. There is little wind. The winter Hawk wind is concentrated in the Loop. There is about twenty-four and one half inches of snow on the ground.
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January 28th 2011, late night till early morning



"It came to me in a vision, the hand of God brought to me as I stand before you. A direction, a target to show his righteous glory and those servants of evil the error of their ways." The one called Brother Emperor’s voice is clear and loud, his dark eyes glowing brightly in the electric torches that several of the mob members have brought. The young man's face is red from the cold, and flanking behind him are two older men, both bundled like so many of the others. Brother Emperor is different though, even in this frigid weather, he wears only a pair of black pants and a dark red dress shirt, yet with the passion he shows no sign of cold. "These monstrosities, these creatures of the Dark One, the corrupt every aspect of our lives! As we speak, one lectures in the University, filling the ears of His children, NO! Filling the ears of Your Children with lies, telling of their natural superiority, seducing them into the very grips of darkness itself."

With his words several members of the crowd scream out, denying the fact with their words even as their faces show the horror of truth. Brother Emperor continues on his tirade, raising a hand to the air to quiet the mass before him. "Last night, I was given a vision, this vision showed one of them, a monster despite her human face, before a lecture hall. A crowd of students nearly lathered in their seats as she used animalistic wiles to seduce them, using the body of a temptress to lure them into her grasp and encourage them to walk her path! Hundreds of students were there, your sons, your daughters each being exposed to her filth and corruption!" From the crowd there is a cry, and at least one of the women present clutches to the man beside her's chest as she sobs.

"When I saw this atrocity, I knew I had to act my brothers. I knew I had to call upon you to be the scourge of such evil, such damnation, to save the souls of our children. If we do not stop this now, what next? Vampires bloodletting in the preschools? Wolves teaching out sons how to camp with the scouts? Rats taking them to the streets to live among the garbage?" Brother Emperor pumps his fist in the air and screams loudly, the word "No!" erupting from his lips and those of his followers. "Tonight, this Jezebel, this temptress of the night will walk this way, through this very park. Her pride allows her to walk alone, confidant in her abilities to steal the hearts from our children without fear." He shakes his head angrily and screams again. "Will we allow her to do this? Will we allow her to corrupt our children? No I say No!" And before him, the cries grow louder, and the flames of fury rise within them.

"But tonight my brothers, I will walk before you, I will guide you to remove this scourge." His brown eyes are afire, and he steps into the throng before him. "I will go forth to claim this monster for us, I shall bring her to this very park, risking life and limb for you, to show you the righteous path that we walk." Several members of the mob call for him not to, to take them with him, but as he emerges from the other side he raises both hands, the left one showing what appears to be a dart gun. "Have no fears my brothers, He shall protect me, and He shall guide my hand to bring her before you!" As the crowd waits quietly, one of the other men that stood where Brother Emperor had been moments ago called above the crowd. "May Faith and Power guide you Brother Emperor, we await your return." This voice is much older, calming, playing upon the mobs emotions and fears as the jacketless young man moves towards the campus, the dart gun sliding into the small of his back.

A petite woman, her arms full of books and papers, leaves one of the office buildings. A building which houses lecturers' offices and admin staff. She is dressed casually, a jacket thrown over worn blue jeans and an old shirt, her hair tied up into a ponytail. Her steps are graceful, her pace quick as she moves across the park, confident and calm. The wide grey eyes do turn towards the mob of people, towards the speaker, a flicker of a hesitation as she takes in the torches and the group. She gives herself a wide berth around them, hearing the raised voices but the words give her pause.

"Professor! Can you give me a moment?" Brother Emperor is separated from the crowd, a couple hundred feet from the group that is now listening to the deeper voice of the older man. The young man appears cold, but there is an estactic grin upon his face, the fevor of the crowd keeping his blood warmer than it should be that night. "I had a question about your lecture." Brother Emperor’s mind is figuring with the number of students in the lecture hall the chances were good that she might not recognize all of her students, particularly in the dim lighting.

Jandra turns towards him, holding herself warily, her mouth curving into a tiny half smile, an automatic response. "I am happy to answer questions. Which lecture? I am afraid I don't remember your name…" She watches him, her gaze flickering to the crowd, and back to him before she rests the books and papers onto her hip, one hand freed. "I am afraid I'm leaving the university, perhaps you didn't hear… It might be best to address your questions to my replacement?"

"Well, it was actually regarding your lecture from a few nights ago, about the theories of why the initial shifters came about?" Brother Emperor smiles almost charmingly as he talks to the professor, his brown eyes bright in the lights from the nearby lamp post. "When you were talking, I found myself in a near fevor, you have such passion when you teach." One thumb idly itches at a belt loop, and her eyes can surely see the goose bumps beginning to form on his skin. "I had missed the part about your leaving… your replacement, will he be another… another one like you?"

"Another qualified lecturer, yes." Jandra's gentle, deliberate misunderstanding of his question is given with a smile, her eyes creasing at the corners. "Thank you for the compliment, I do believe that understanding the preternatural world is important if we are to live in harmony." Her face does show that she believes that, and she moves the books, her gaze flickering over him. "What was your question, mister…?" She lets the phrase trail off, a question, given with a lifted eyebrow.

"Hold on, I wrote it down so I didn't forget it." His hand reaches behind his back, and his thumb brushes against the pommel of the dart gun. Brother Emperor smiles, and slowly draws it, his eyes becoming hard, even as the fire flickers within. "How can you believe that any creation that has been mutated by evil, could live in harmony in this world? This is a human world, it has no place for the likes of you." His voice is still warm, impassioned, and he shakes his head slowly. "Drop the books and start walk towards the crowd Professor Jandra, they have questions for you."

Jandra's head lifts at the question, and the dart gun, her eyes widening. "Because we are not human, nor evil. All things have their place." Her reply to him is a good attempt at steady, but her fingers tighten on the books before she glances back at the building she just left. "We are in a public place, I believe you are acting unwisely." Her nerves show though, the widening of her grey eyes, the brief moistening of her lips before she swallows. Then she places the books carefully to the floor, lifting her hands from them, her movements slow. "Questions are fine."

"People see what they choose to see professor, for all the crowd that walks by, I am but another student." Brother Emperor smiles, almost friendly at her and nods towards the crowd. He beings walking, the dart gun lowered to his hip, still pointing directly at her. "The Father has brought us here tonight, because you have been corrupting our children, telling them lies, convincing them that there is something more than being human…" He shakes his head, a slight sadness. "We will have our reward in the afterlife, when He has separated the monsters the dark one has brought upon us like the chaff from wheat." As the pair nears the crowd parts, the yelling and screaming continuing, insults being pelted at the young looking professor.

Through the crowd can be seen the other two men that had stood behind Brother Emperor, one centered and looking at Jandra with fiery eyes, the other, a large man standing expressionless, hands clasped behind his back.

"I tell no lies." Jandra's voice is low, her head lifted to reply, an attempt at calm reason. The insults do bring a flinch, a flush to her cheeks, and she averts her gaze from them, turning it towards the large man in front of them. "There is something different to human. A choice people do not make willingly mostly." She raises her voice slightly, keeping her gaze steady, despite the growing fear. "I am educating them about an infection that changes a body, a person. I do not know any person who has taken it willingly." She is trying to use reason, but the man in front of her brings her chin up, an inhalation of air telling her more about him and she halts her steps, staring at him.

"An infection, a disease like any other." The calm voice of the man staring directly at her silences the crowd. "Every day science helps to cure diseases, to find the sources, educated the people, and do what we can to prevent it from infecting others." He steps down from the hill, moving closer to Jandra, his eyes never leaving hers. "That, I can respect, I do so understand that, better than most are aware." A hand reaches forward, and through his gloves he caresses a cheek, warmth seeming to emanate from it. "But our children, they do not. They revel in it, glorifying in the power they can obtain, the mortal thralls that watch in wonder as they become something that they see is greater… and by your own words, is not but an infection." His words are calm, and his very presence seems to keep the crowd back, despite how antsy the members have become. "You hold a position of great respect in the community, and your words could be used for such good. Research, support… You could help to stop the spread of this cancer, die a hero in your old age." He lets the words die off, and the murmurs of the crowd grow louder, blood lust and confusion being mixed among them.

Jandra's step back is stopped, her own stubborn pride refusing to allow her to retreat. "I give facts. Nothing is glorified in my lectures, but I give them the truth about living with this." His touch is unwelcome and she jerks her head back, her upper lip moving slightly, her own energy rising with evident fear. "People behave as people, infected or not." She aims for a steady voice, but there is the slightest of a change in it, a deepening, and she swallows, making an effort to control her beast as it slides through the back of her eyes. "The vicious, cowardly people don't change. Infected or not." There is defiance there, as she realizes what they are, and she stares at the wolf man, her eyes beginning to change to the leopard ones, grey centered, circled with the gold.

The alpha before her shakes his head, and slowly turns around. "It is a shame you see it that way professor. I seek only the best of our kind to help with our cleansing. I am but a rock on the side of a mountain. Alone, I am nothing… but as we gather, the avalanche that we become shall save humanity from us." His foot touches the hill he stood upon before and there is a click from behind her, followed by a sting of pain in the back of her neck. For those watching Brother Emperor has pulled the trigger, just inches away from her flesh, a short dart protrudes. The covered wolfman speaks again, without watching behind him. "Within that dart there are a number of nervous system inhibitors… in about 30 seconds, a slight numbness will travel your body, you will begin feeling your reflexes slow… the beast within you shall sleep… and for at least the next hour… you will be but a woman." With those words he walks off into the night, and the crowd begins to close on her.

Jandra shakes her head at the man's words, denying both the content and the idea that she could be involved. She opens her mouth to speak, before the stinging pain spins her on her heel, lifting a hand to touch the dart, her eyes widening. "You are all mad…" The comment is spoken without thought, her eyes widening, but her eyes do fade back to the startled grey, to the human and she backs up a step, before realizing they are all around her. She turns slowly, trying to make eye contact, to prove to them her own humanity. "People do not kill over lectures…" She speaks, having to clear her throat, to swallow before she can.

Mob mentality is a dangerous thing. Brother Emperor had been speaking for some time, bringing them close to the edge, and the skillful words of the WolfMan puppeteer had weaved enough of his beliefs through them that there was no longer independent thought. When Brother Emperor draws the silver blade from his pocket and drives it into the small of her back, they surge forward, minds lots to common conscience. Fists fly at the young woman, intent on beating her to the ground as Brother Emperor pulls the blade free, his brown eyes fiery and impassioned as he grabs the back of her hair, screaming into her ear. "He would have saved you too… Hubris is a sin, and one common among your kind."

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The sun is rising and the mob is continuing it's work on the once beautiful young lecturer. Hours ago her clothes was shredded, and stained of blood cover her lower body where man after man has worked on 'purifying' her. Slow cuts from Brother Emperor's silver blade have danced along her skin, shredding the flesh until she is nearly unrecognizable. Each hand and foot has been pierced with a silver stake, leaving her body still against the cold ground. Several more spent darts lie in the snow, as throughout the night she was shot repeatedly, teasing the beast with it's chance to escape before they removed it again. Her breathing is ragged, slow, painful, and a voice calls out through the crowd, just touching her ears. "Enough…" Brother Emperor, the young man who had rallied them, had led the torture, and had never once touching her with his hands paused them by speaking. The crowd parted for him, and he kneels beside her broken body. "I am sorry Professor, I wished this could have turned out differently… but you must be cleansed. This… is a good death." His brown eyes show sorrow as he reaches down, taking the silvered cloth that had been stuffed into her mouth hours ago. "The pain, the blood… it has taken the infection from you." He leans down, and lightly kisses one swollen eye and then the other. "You die a woman, not a monster." He whispers the last words against her flesh, then pulls his head back, showing her the silver knife once again. "I would offer you absolution, or a final word… but I don't think you would ask for it." Brother Emperor shakes his head sadly, pressing the knife against her neck, slowly decapitating her.

When he is finished with his final task, he rises, and looks to those about him. "Each that we cleanse should bring us sorrow, but hope for a brighter morning. Pray you find peace in your beds this day, and know that we do His work." Slowly the crowd departs into the morning mists, one of the members carrying the weapons and cloth that Brother Emperor once held.

A young man kneels by her body, and draws his phone. Raising it to his ear, he whispers into it. "I just found a body…"

Into his phone, Nero says, ""I'm…I'm in Hyde Park… there’s a woman… she's been brutally murdered and raped… her head… it's off… silver… blood…."

Into his phone, Nero says, ""What should I do? What should I do?" His voice is flat as he speaks, shivering slightly… most likely due to the weather."

In the park Nero kneels beside the body, his hands and knees bloodied from the snow that he is in. On the ground is what used to be the body of one a woman, skin hanging in shreds, bruises covering her remaining flesh… her head, roughly severed, and laying in the snow just an inch from the rest of her body. Hands and feet are pierces with silver stakes, and fluids pour from her lower orifices.

The sound of footsteps can be heard as Rob rushes into the area. He's intent on getting here as quickly as possible, not afraid of anything graphic. As he gets closer, he gets a sight of the body and slows down. He then spots Nero and walks quickly over to him, "Sir, are you OK? Can you tell me what happened?"
Into his phone, Nero says, ""Hurry, please hurry…" There is another voice in the background, and Nero looks up to Rob's arrival… "I don't know… I… I don't know…""

Nero looked up to Rob still holding the phone as he whispers softly, the words "I don't know sliding from his mouth." His head shakes lightly, and he reaches up with one slightly bloodied hand. "Her face… I think she's a professor…"

"Calm down, sir, just take it easy," Rob says as he looks at the body. He then kneels down to get a good look at the body and shakes his head. "Good Lord, this isn't good." He takes out his digital camera and takes a few pictures, and then proceeds to take a few notes.

Nero shakes his head, not moving from the snow beside her. The slightly bloodied hand reaches down, and he swallows slightly, touching a barely bruised spot on her face. "She's dead… she's really dead…"

The snow shows signs of many feet, trampled heavily for hours… whatever happened clearly hadn't been done by a single person, but a larger group.

Emerald pulls up in a police car some moments later and rushes over to the Nero. The woman is in a nearly full on run as she approaches the scene, and calls over her radio for more officers. "Rob.." she nods to him and then looks at Nero, blood covering his hands and knees and she frowns the officer reacts as if he is the murder. "Nero.. hands up.." the woman says looking to rob wondering why he hadn't arrested the boy.

"Wait a second," Rob says to Emerald. "He's not responsible for this, he claims he found her like this. I saw him on the phone calling for help." He points to the footprints in the snow. "It had to have been done by multiple people…"

Erin road with Emerald, though she looks a little green for it. Cars are not her friend. She starts to follow but stops a distance off as her nose is already telling her what happened. She is shaking some as she walks closer. "Maybe I can help? Depending on things I could maybe help scent some stuff. If someone is killing shifters then I'm in real danger as I'm publicly known as one."

Nero looks up as he see's the officer from the other night, his face distant, eyes barely focusing. He bites his lip and raises his hands, looking back down at the body before him. "I saw… it was awful… I didn't know it was tonight… so often… they don't tell me when… I just see… It was dark… cold…" His words ramble, and he shivers in the cold, no jacket being seen near him.

Emerald looks at Rob, "Sorry, I can't risk it." the woman moves forward as another car pulls up to the scene. "Nero.. Your going to have to calm down.." She softly grabs one hand and puts it behind the boys back and then the other. The supporting trooper already taping off the scene.

Emerald look at the woman and hmms. "She is a shifter?" the officer's frown darkens even more. "See what you can find out, but try to not touch anything you find ok."

Rob meanwhile shakes his head. "Do as you will, but I still don't suspect him of anything." Rob takes a few more pictures and then notes some things as well. "I've done my work here, I can stick around if you want though."

Nero looks up at Emerald, shaking as she takes his hands. "She's dead… the blood… the things they did to her…" His head turns as if denying it, but his eyes keep going to the corpse he still kneels next to, watching as the blood melts the snow, further wetting his knees. "So clear… like I was there…"

Erin points at the silver. "Why else use that. Silver helps a fae and would only make her stronger. If it was a vampire the body wouldn't look like this." She sniffs and gets closer and growls at stuff she's picking up. "Officer Lee if your… witness lets me sniff at him I could state if he had a hand in this. You can't hide blood smell." She growls and starts to step close. "May I approach the body I have to be sure about what I smell."

Luna was on her way to the library when she got the call. The young occultist is dressed more casual today because of that. Which means the skirt she is wearing covers just a little bit more of her ass then the skirts she wears out to the clubs. She has on a baby blue button up cashmere sweater that is tastefully buttoned up enough that she's not completely hanging out, a pair of ugg boots and a nice black coat over that. Her hair has streaks of baby blue in it today. She doesn't look like a consultant. Although she does have books with her, so that makes her slightly less bimbo. She has her ID out and shows it to the police who are roping off the perimeter. She says to the officer, "I am Luna Bruja, I am looking for the officer in charge." She waits patiently for the Officer to check ID and send her where she needs to be sent.

Emerald turns to Luna. "that would be me for now Luna, the detectives are on their way." the woman looks at Rob. "For now, I can only go.." she pauses as Erin talks. "Can.. you sense if he has had sex with her.. he has blood on him already." the woman kneels beside Nero.. "Shhh.. Nero.. hon.. I know you saw .. Just relax…" she looks to Luna, "YOu got him calm last time.. Try this time."

Erin huffs. "Sense? no. Scent? Absolutely. The only blood on this man is from kneeling in the snow that is this woman. He didn't have sex with her and he wasn't here when this happened. Saw it, but he didn't do it. There's a least a dozen people that did this though, mostly male, some women. Most of the scents are an hour old and moved that way in small groups." She points to the Uni's parking lot walking. her eyes scan as she hunches her shoulders and can see it clear as day with her eyes. "One… that was here near the start was a wolf. NOT, please understand NOT anyone from the local city. I know every local member that's a wolf like a mother knows her child. This is not the scent of a local."

The young man shivers in the snow, shaking his head as he looks between the mutilated corpse and the others gathering. He hasn't found the strength or will to move, despite Emerald cuffing his hands behind his back. His brown eyes are haunted, and he bites his lip slightly as he looks over towards the woman mentioning smelling him.

Luna moves to Emerald and Nero and she has a blank expression on her face. Her full lips pursed together and she takes it all in. Looking first and Nero as Emerald asks her to. She nods her head. "Nero, sweetie. It's Luna, everything is going to be alright. I need you to relax okay." She moves in front of him and crouches down to look into his eyes. She cups his face with her hands and says, "I need your help in this. Did you see it with your eyes. Or was it a vision?" She at least knows how to handle Nero, even if she looks more like she can handle a stripper pole.

Erin looks over at Luna. Only now noticing her. She licks her lips again as her eyes, always amber, have a shine in them. The blood. The sex. A very attractive person. It's mixing signals and messing with Erin's head. She gives a snort of a huff out her nose and shakes her head to clear it. "I hope you burn the bastards that did this." Unable to hide the growl.

Nero looks up as Luna approaches, and his eyes shift as if taking her into focus. "The moon, so bright… always…" His head shakes again, more violently for just a moment, as if forcing thoughts from his mind. "There was a hot one… and a bright one… and many… they were like her…" His head nods towards Emerald. "Just there…" The dark haired young man shivers, goose bumps cover his bare arms, his thin shirt doing nothing against the cold as he kneels in the snow. "He said her beast would sleep… she couldn't change…"

The blanket for the body arrives, and it is then that Jandra is covered from view. The woman then looks to Erin and nods. "Well, We have a wolf to hunt down then.. and… eleven men and women." the officer gets a good view too, that’s what Luna gets but she looks at Erin. "Be at ease Erin.. I know how all this could affect you." the officer then looks up as the detectives arrive and she hands it over to them, there is nothing more the swat officer can do.

Erin growls again. "NO you don't Officer Lee. You may know it from the outside but…" she looks at the covered body but can still smell the sex and blood. She licks her lips along her fangs again. "Some strong shifters… they can smother another's power to keep a shift from happening. Enough of them with silver and her beast made quiet… would be more then enough to rape and kill this poor leopard. I think leopard… she smells of cat at least. I don't know her personally." She lets her eyes return to Luna some. "Maybe," talking to the air more then someone specific. "I can try and see where they went in the parking lot. Maybe campus cameras caught them? It was an hour or so ago."

Emerald looks at Erin. "I have a guess then.. Erin.. But the detectives are here.. I not as capable ast them and -we- need to leave." the woman makes it clear that the pair should leave together. But before she does anything. "Find that spot first Erin.. I'll explain later." she says kneeling down behind Nero and removing his cuffs.

Luna looks into Nero's eyes as he relaxes enough to start explaining things to her. She just nods her head and says in a reassuring gentle voice. "Okay sweetie. They are going to need you to give another statement. But they are going to uncuff you and let you go. Answer the questions that the officers have for you okay? And then we'll take you home and get you cleaned up." She smiles at him and then stands herself up. If she noticed people checking her out, she probably didn't care. She turns and walks over to get one of the blankets from the team and goes back to Nero and wraps the blanket around his shoulders. "I need to go do my job but I am here for you if you need me Nero." Then she goes to Emerald and says, "You're looking for more then just a shapeshifter. They had a psychic or a witch or some other human with power with them as well." And now it's her turn to go investigate the body.

Erin wants to shift. Wants to eat and hunt and run. Her jaw is tight, eyes same in color but the look is slightly different. She's still in control but even normal humans get angry. "Hard to smell magic. Blood must be clouding my awareness some. Thanks." She says to the woman sharing info back. "I'm Erin." She doesn't offer a hand right now. No need to keep herself secret, she went to graduated from the university, has rich parents, has been in the papers, and the police have files on her in several departments. None criminal. "You're gifted. In what way specificly please?"

The young man nods slightly as the others talk, his mind running quickly. His eyes turn as Jandra's body is covered, and his lips form near silent words… "May He accept you into his flock…" Behind him his arms are uncuffed, and then a blanket is wrapped around his body. Another shiver, and slowly he rises from the bloody ground, turning and blinking into the sunrise.

Emerald pulls out and looks at Erin, The officer clearly not wanting to push so she merely goes to her car and waits. Either for Erin or her boss is unclear.

Luna sadly doesn't have the type of magic that could reinact the scene. But she doesn't need magic to do a thorough investigation. She's got ample amount of occult knowledge to back her up. She is careful not to taint any evidence as she walks. Enough Boston crime scenes to know where not to step and what not to touch. She pulls on gloves even though she isn't planning on touching anything. She lifts up the blanket and takes in the body. Her experienced eyes trying to figure out exactly what happened where magic and supernatural senses can not. She investigates the wounds and the types of silver weapons that were used on her. She is thorough in her investigation. The more that they find before the body is moved the better off they are. She then checks out the way her head was removed looking at the evidence.

Erin can tell Luna is busy and doesn't want to talk. So the wolf girl turns and starts to follow the scent and tracks of the killers toward the parking lot as best she can. Pausing to sniff and making sure to wave back and forth to be sure of the trail and to find where they met again.

As the officers work, Nero slowly steps away from the body, his non-trained body unaware of exactly where is feet are being placed. He moves towards where he was directed, and starts giving a fractured report of his vision, shivering as he recalls some of the more gruesome details. For those listening there is mentions of a dart, and silver cloth stuffed in her mouth, but he balks on the more gruesome parts of the tale. When he reaches the end he tells how it touched him, and without thinking he ran to the park, finding the body as it lie there. When Erin follows the scents to the parking lot, it seems that the mob got into vehicles, and the scents disappear into the night, the wolfish one among them.

Erin stops after she gets to a spot in the parking lot. She circles and keeps sniffing. She starts to lift her head, and even will shimmy up a light pole to look around and try to get a better view of this all. She makes no efforts to hide her shifter nature or power now. When done she hops from the top and trots back to Emerald telling her what she found and where.

Emerald nods to Erin and then relays the information to the detectives via radio. "Ok, They will roll through the tapes. See what we can pick up for the last eight hours… seeing if we can places faces to the mob and look up this stray shifter of yours.. I don't like the fact that a wolf that isn't apart of the local pack is here killing people." the officer looks to the scene in the distance. "Welp.. nothing I can do for now." she states with a bit of a frown.. "Thats the second shifter in about a week. I don't like this."

Luna scrunches her nose up and she takes a deep breath. Then she steps away from the body and she looks around for a moment and says a prayer over the body. It isn't magical in nature but it is a prayer to the Goddess. She then moves to turn around and goes over to the detective. "Poor girl, they did it slowly, very very slowly. This was a hate crime. Was the victim a known therian? Perhaps registered?" She pulls off the gloves and disposes of them in a trash bag. "I can tell you this, this was probably not the same people who took out the other therian. Look for puncture wounds to see if they sedated her." She looks towards Nero. "I'm going to take him home. This wasn't a supernatural that did this, it was a hate crime against one. You know the basics, Those silver stakes were made by a silver smith, they may have some identifying markings on them. Not easy to make silver stakes, and not cheap either. If you need anything else from me, please let me know. You have my number." She glances once more towards Jandra's poor violated body and she heads over to Nero and wraps an arm around him. "Come on Nero, let's get you home and cleaned up."

Erin growls. "YOU don't like it? Officer it is crap like that that puts people like me running from lynch mobs? Ever been lynched? It sucks. Getting hit with brick and crow bars and stuff, and knowing if you fight back at all it is over. Silver bullet time." She looks at the body if only it wasn't a leopard. There IS something Erin could try to do but she can't make that call and if the humans saw her eat the body it be B-A-D. "The silver is making my nose and skin itch. There was a wolf with them, Detective." She says the last to Luna. "No way would I miss that musky scent. But he was only here at the start and near the end I think." She's not sure if she'll get ignored again or not. She rolls her shoulders as they're stiff. "You're right Officer Lee. I should probably leave before too long. The local department has my name and information."

Nero looks up as Luna wraps her arm around him and he nods, shivering in the chill air still. "It was so brutal… She came from the school… She taught?" He walks with her towards her vehicle, head turning to watch the covered body as long as he can.
Luna says to Erin before she takes Nero off. "Yeah but if it was a wolf, and you don't know him. It could be someone who doesn't like what they are. People who hate themselves often target those who are like them and bully them. And in the most extreme cases kill them. It is the same theory with homophobes, most often homosexual hate crimes are done by men who are feeling homosexual tendencies. If this shifter was involved, it was because he hates what he is. He wouldn't be known to the pack because a homophobe wouldn't be hanging around at a gay bar. A self hating shapeshifter isn't going to run with the pack. He left because he couldn't stand the violence and control himself not to shift. Which means he might be a fairly new shifter. Probably why he was only here briefly after the deed was done. Because he would have lost it if he stayed too long. He may have had a connection to the victim because they are not the same species. Probably knew her when she was alive and turned her over to the mob." She says to Erin, "And to answer your earlier question. I'm a witch, and I have a masters degree in the occult and preternatural sciences. If you need of my services, Officer Lee has my number. Now if you'll excuse me, I should get my friend home. He's been through a lot."

Emerald looks at Erin and sighs, she shakes her head keeps quite but then looks to the Body, an idea of what Erin was thinking but didn't know. "Come, I'll take you to your place ok? If you’re ok to get into the car again." Emmy says softly before adjusting and opening her door.

Erin offers. "Or the others may not know he's a wolf. It's a male wolf, sure of that too. But if they got any witch of note then they know he isn't human anymore." She huffs out her nose. "Erin Altice if you want to talk I'm able to be found also. Hope your friend gets better. I know what getting visions can be like when they're unexpected." She points north, "Rather walk then ride in cars. I get motion sick easy."

Emerald tosses the keys to another officer that had walked here. "I'll walk with ya.. more questions I'd like to ask." she says softly following Erin of the woman allows her anyway.

Erin is walking, stiffly, away from the covered body and the bloodied snow. She's heading north for Lakeshore Drive and huffs. "Sure thing officer Lee. Fire away. Please do. I need to distract my mind."

================================== IC News ===================================
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Another Shifter Dies Wed Jan 13 10 Emerald

For those that are near Hyde park, they would see the boy's and girl's in blue reporting to a another shifter dieing. There are no details at this time and we will keep you up to date. —This is seen in the early morning news

+rumor/read 1

1> ALL: Two students are overheard walking through the halls at the University.
"Did you hear? Prof Jandra's leaving the school. It's a shame, I took the class just to watch her… real foxy if you know what I mean." He nudges his friend who turns to him with wide eyes.
"Shut up man, you didn't hear? That body? The one they found in the snow? Mikey told me it was her. He got a picture on his camera phone as the cops took it way. He said it looked like one of those from the Human First documentary that she showed last semester."
Both youth's quiet, then disappear into the halls of the school.

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