Ivanya Kozlova
Ivanya's Vitals
Name: Ivanya Kozlova
Race: Vampire, Russian
Shortdesc: Fiery red hair coupled with ice blue eyes and pale skin. Snappy dresser.
Position: Owner of the Seventh House Cafe
Fame: None
Temperament: Sweet and softspoken, until need be.
Themesong: Pretty When You Cry - VAST
Christina Hendricks as Ivanya Kozlova


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Ivanya is known as a Russian songstress, and the widow of a small-time Chicago business man. She's a snappy dresser, a model of politeness and etiquette, and a known vampire. She owns the Seventh House Cafe, and is well-adored by her employees. There is, perhaps, some humor to be found in the fact that a vampire owns such a place.


Ivanya was once a vampire with close ties to multiple Masters of the City: Stepka, Antal and Koray being a few of them, along with the at the time semi-rogue Amun. She disappeared from Chicago about five years ago, and was assumed the victim of some horrible luck by the city's vampire population.

In reality, Ivanya escaped the bonds of what was intended to be her fate, and found herself summoned away to Paris by Belle Morte. She's spent these years in the Vampire Court, quietly out of the reach of her enemies, safely under the wing of her mistress.

Now, in the wake of bombings and strife, Ivanya returns to Chicago, reclaiming her place in the Windy City. Perhaps whomever tried bringing her to a Final Death should've tried harder.

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