Ivy St. Claire
Ivy's Vitals
Name: Ivy St. Claire
Race: White, Werewolf
Shortdesc: Short, brunette, dark glasses.
Position: Ballerina
Fame: N/A
Temperament: Sweet, playful.
Themesong: Into The Fire - 13 Senses
Katja Shchekina as Ivy St. Claire

Finding bits of bone in this far away land,
You find me in violet.


NOTE: The following information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless you have the IC means to access it.

General: Ivy St. Claire is a known werewolf, she's a ballerina that works with a traveling troupe. She's had several trips in and out of Chicago, but seems to keep returning.

Lukoi: When Ivy first arrived in the city Peter was still the Ulfric but was widely inaccessible, and so she spent alot of her time with the vampire Rodrigo Barros and the wererat Russ Matthews, until she was finally introduced to Erin Altice. Shortly after John Glass became the Ulfric. At this time Ivy was still an omega werewolf- She was anyone's meat. At some point John decided that she was not to leave the Pack-House because of how submissive she was unless she had a chaperone. And at one point she ended up being severely punished by him for disobeying his orders and seeing a vampire. When he left time she left as well. However she returned a few months later with a newly found backbone and confidence. Her confidence so strong that she went ont to challenge the alpha MaryJane Faulkaiesen and some would argue that she won the fight when MaryJane could not make her submit to her. After this she challenged the alpha Godfrey Wilkes and lost the fight and submitted to him. It also became apparent that at somepoint she became the newer Ulfric's- Yiska -lover, though not his Lupa. However late in 2007 she once more left the city, citing that she needed to travel with her troup.

Vampire: Ivy St. Claire was at one point carrying Rodrigo's scent and bite marks. But the past Ulfric John Glass forbid her to have anything to do any vampires, and that put an end to it. She was working for Niccolo deCarmillo for a time, but doesn't seem to be attached to him anymore either.


  • House of Blues, She can often be seen sucking up the ambience.
  • Lincoln Park, Acrobatic fun! Ivy can be seen often running around preforming acrobatic feats in the park.


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