Jace's Vitals
Name: Jason Dorek Loukas
Race: Vampire
Shortdesc: Tall, dark hair, blue eyes
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Fame: {$Fame}
Temperament: Relaxed and Alert
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Dominic Purcell as Jason Dorek Loukas

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Jace is a Vampire of the Mother line.


Born on the Greek island of Crete, Jason was raised to be a hard working man. Though the family was large and siblings were lost to illnesses or injuries, they were a happy family. In his early twenties, Jason was married and had a family of his own. Jason learned at an early age the family business of working out on the sea, mostly fishing but some trading as well. Life was hard back then, but he was happy, his family keeping him busy. Educated on the sea by his father and the other fishermen, Jason could read and write a little, do basic arithmetic, but not much more. His skills lay more with the handling of the boats, fishing, swimming, use of ropes, etc.

Jason’s mortal life ended during a trip from Crete to Athens, the ship he was working on delivering agricultural goods. At a stop on the Peloponnese island, they picked up a passenger, not an uncommon thing, if the passenger could afford the hefty price and the not so pleasant accommodations. Soon after that a plague hit the ship. One by one the workers started to grow ill and die in the night. Fear bled its way through the ship, the dead tossed out to sea. Those were the last nights of Jason's human life.

For the next 7 decades, he was known as Kamal, the perfect one, named so by his Sire, Devraj. Devraj showed Kamal the ways of being a vampire, the brutality, vicious lifestyle that Devraj lived. His sire believed himself to be a god and had already lived for nearly 4 centuries. Sadistic and cruel, Devraj used Kamal for his entertainment and pleasure, Kamal strove to please his maker, learning the same methods of torture and fierceness that he was shown. Once his Sire grew tired of him, Kamal found himself alone, wandering Europe in search of what his ‘life’ was now to be. As always before, he kept himself apart from the humans, for in that time, vampires were still unknown to mundane humans.

Through the years of being alone, Kamal has grown tired of merely watching those around him, and he has decided to try his hand at being out in the world once again. First he returned to his homeland of Greece and to the Crete island he was born in. It was difficult to be around the humans without playing his tricks to control their minds. Now he has come to the states, and goes by a more common name, Jace, a form of his original name, though by now, he could hardly remember that former life.

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