Jack's Garage
Jack's Garage's Information
Type: Automotive Repair
Rating: 2 stars
Location: 4355 Grand Street
Fame: South Side Outlet on Halsted Street in Bridgeport
Atmosphere: Standard Automotive Garage
Owner(s): MaryJane Faulkaiesen
Manager(s): NPC at the moment
Employee(s): Jessy LaCroix - Shift Manager; Nat - Receptionist


The garage is what one would expect when it comes to auto repair shops. Lifts, jacks, and loads of dull, slightly rusting tool boxes are arranged around the dirty, oil-stained cement floor. Neat stations are arranged between the car lifts, providing diagnostic equipment hooked up to grubby computer monitors and more. Along the walls, peg boards have been arranged with yet more tools, as well as counters where parts can be worked on independently of the vehicle they reside in.

Near the back, a variety of hoses and tubes hang from the ceiling, probably used to replace the variety of liquids and fluids that make a car run. Large standing cabinets are securely padlocked, though they more than likely hold more equipment or supplies.

General Information for Customers

Hours: 7am - 11pm
Rates: Depending on services needed
Contact: 312-555-1542
Towing Services are available upon request.

Services provided:

Automotive Services

*A/C * Air Filtration *Cooling System *Drivetrain *Electrical System *Engine *Fuel System
*Inspections & Emissions *Tire Rotation *Transmission *Windshield

Body Shop Services

*Paint and decal *Collision Repair

We work with most major insurances for your needs. We have coupons in all major Sunday papers and offer specials as needed. Our helpful and friendly staff are here to serve you and all of your automotive needs! Jack's Garage takes all major credit cards and debit, personal checks and cash. Payment plans are available for larger work at Manager (and or) Owner's discretion.

Contracts with the city and private transportation companties are available for automotive needs, towing services for private parking lots are available too. Please see Manager (and or) Owner for details.


*Owner: MaryJane Faulkaiesen
*Manager: NCP - Though looking for a good people person PC.
*Shift Managers: Jessy LaCroix
*Mechanics: NPC - Though looking for a good people person PC.
***Receptionist: Natasha Galliard

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