Gabriel Jackson's Vitals
Name: Gabriel Anthony Jackson
Race: Lion Shifter
Shortdesc: A tall man with pale blue eyes.
Position: Owner of Forghetti's Tavern
Fame: None
Temperament: Proud, Respectful, Calm
Themesong: "Dreaming with a Broken Heart" by John Mayer
Cam Gigandet as Gabriel Anthony Jackson


Captain Gabriel Jackson aka "Jackson" has moved to Chicago to start his life. He has come to start fresh: New Friends, New Family, New Job. He is a Marine who was discharged with a full pension for being a P.O.W in Uganda with the LRA. He was in Africa, and was a prisoner in a way yet it was not what the United States Government knows…not the story he told them.


A young man stands here before you. He stands at 6'2", with dark blond hair that has been cut into a short and messy style. His face could be considered handsome by some, even beautiful by others with his oval shaped face, high cheek bones, strong jaw line, small round nose, and full lips. His skin is clear of zits, blemishes and wrinkles placing him to be in his early to early to mid twenties. His sapphire colored eyes seem to change color with what he is wearing shifting from sea blue to neon blue. His eyes hold a certain determination, yet as if they had seen their fair share of pain and darkness. He is currently wearing little more then a five o'clock shade yet has not gotten near the stage of full on facial hair. It gives him a rugged yet mysterious kind of aura about him. His body is well-toned and even showing muscles in all the right places as if he was a man who engaged in physical activity yet not on a regular basis. The focus of his strength seems to linger in his arms, chest, and abs as if he was a man who used his upper body more then his lower body.

He is dressed in a white t-shirt that has "Marine Corps" on the front. He bears a simple pair of blue jeans that have a few tears in the knees. A pair of large combat boots on his feet that have been tied loosely to his feet. On his forearm, he has a tattoo of "Semper fi" in sand script. He is wearing no jewelry of any sort and when out side can be seen wearing a biker jacket.


Jackson was born the son of a Marine. He became one of the youngest recruits to be accepted at The Basic School (TBS) at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia at the age of 17. (Don't think his father didn't help in that being an instructor there.) Jackson had a successful career in the Marines being recommended to become a Commissioned Officer. He began that training, and worked very hard to work his way through the ranks. As he grew older, he began to catch the eye of the C.I.A and when he aquired the rank of Captain at the age of 23. He was asked to come on a special task force in Uganda to help with the growing threat of various groups.

Jackson accepted and off to Africa he went, where he caught the eye of a woman named Genevera. She was a were-lion who helped run the Pride in that area. She and her Pride controlled the Jungles of Uganda. Genevera was a bit insane, and forced herself on Jackson. She infected him on purpose with the intention of making him her mate. She blackmailed him and he was forced to comply. Genevera ran the pack from the shadows while the Rex was in her cluthes. Jackson remained in Africa for years under her thumb. He came across a means to an end and while she was badly hurt, Jackson ripped out Genevera's throat. He took control of the Pride. He wanted nothing more then to return home.

Upon returning home, not in contact with anyone in the states for nearly 7 years, Jackson reported to the Marines and told them he had been held captive by the LRA. He informed them of their smaller camps, and where to find them. He was marked as a P.O.W. and allowed to retire with a full pension. After a happy family reunion, Jackson has decided to start his new life and he always loved Chicago.


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