Jacob Carrington's Vitals
Name: Jacob Carrington
Race: Were-Bear
Shortdesc: Big, burly professional-looking man in all black
Position: Owner, Carrington Security
Fame: n/a
Temperament: Slow, calm and observant
Themesong: I've got dreams to remember - Otis Redding
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as Jacob Carrington


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General: A large and muscular man seen working security work for some of the biggest names in the city. He owns and runs Carrington Security out of the Sears Tower.

Shapeshifter: Those who care to ask around hear that maybe he is one of the elusive bear shifters. Looking at his human build, it isn't a stretch to believe it, either.

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Springfield Officer Fired in Disgrace

January 2007 - Springfield New-Leader

A local Springfield police detective was fired today under charges of malfeasance and bribery. Jacob Carrington, 30, was the youngest Springfield Police officer to ever attain the rank of detective. Charges are pending and an arrest warrant has not yet been issued against Carrington, but the State Attorney's Office expects that to change by mid-day tomorrow once all of the evidence has been processed and presented to magistrate.

"It's a terrible shame. We're all shocked to hear the news of this officer's flagrant violation of his position and authority. It casts a dark shadow on a fine department," said Chief Hugo Levi, Carrington's immediate supervisor. "Detective Carrington has done a lot of good for this community over the years and it saddens us all to see such a bright career fall so far."

Jacob Carrington could not be reached for comment, but his attorney reports that Carrington denies all of the charges and professes his unending innocence to the charges. "This is a complete miscarriage of our justice system! Just wait and see. Please, let the man have the time to mount his own defense and stop hounding him!" said Eli Rothstein, defense attorney for Carrington.

There is no more information currently on the exact charges and how this will effect the department's many closed cases. Oftentimes with charges such as these, appeals begin in earnest and every case Carrington has worked has the potential to be overturned now, adding even greater pressure to the Springfield Police Department.

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Carrington Security

Welcome to Carrington Security! Our Chicago security and bodyguard company is located in Sears Tower and we specialize in the field of security, both in the personal and business security sectors. Newly formed in June 2007, we have an impressive list of clients from all over the nation. Our clients know us for our bodyguards, our outstanding security services, our diverse security solutions, and for the pride we take in our work. Our clients depend upon the many services we provide so that they can protect their homes, businesses, or organizations. Carrington supplies clients nationwide with the security of anti-terrorist security protection, armed bodyguards, armed chauffeurs, and bodyguards. Our business security services include business security camera systems, CCTV systems with DVR recording capabilities, covert surveillance, private investigative services, port security and armed security guard jobs.

Our Chicago Business Security, bodyguard consultants and advisors are fully prepared to fulfill your needs with our one-of-a-kind top business security solutions. If you are seeking any type of business security systems, concierge, doorman, Carrington is ofne of the top ten security companies and private security companies to turn to: we are armed protective services: one of the top ten security companies in existence today. Carrington personnel are experts in the field of personal and private protection as well as VIP protection, international protection and fire safety protection.

"Today's security threats require serious responses by professionals to ensure that your facility, home or office does not present itself as a weak-link and a target of opportunity. Beyond guarding precious human life and valuable property. I take pride in providing a SENSE of SECURITY, a priceless and often elusive commodity"

Body Guards & Executive Protection Services

Carrington Security understands the personal needs of individuals requiring protection services. The world is a place where the need for protection has increased, personal security and executive protection helps to keep important people safe at all times, no matter what industry the individual is employed in. VIPs protection and executive protection is offered to individuals that have legitimate concerns based on real world threats. Our officers can address all security service needs in a professional and tactful manner.

Experienced and Highly Qualified Body Guards

At Carrington Security, we pride ourselves on our security guards and security agents. All of our officers are highly competent and qualified for the security needs set before them. All of our body guards, armed guards, unarmed guards and security agents have worked in top units in the Israeli and US army special units, in various security branches of government, as well as having worked with European and American security experts and specialists.

Our body guards are multilingual, allowing us to offer international protection services with ease. We work in many parts of the world and offer executives protection through quality security services, as well as providing executive protection to public figures, the heads of states, and private individuals.

Our special agents have organizational abilities as well as experience in handling all kinds of security tasks. When you hire Carrington Security, we match our officers with your security needs, ensuring that you receive quality protection at all times, anywhere.

Our VIP Protection Services Include:

Domestic / International executive protection - personal security services
Executive security consulting
Risk assessments
Surveillance detection and planning
Multilingual body guards and International Protection
Estate & Celebrity VIP protection
Professional security drivers and Armed Chauffeurs
Special mission security teams

The Risk Assessment Consulting Process

Our clients have specific security-related issues and our professional security advisors are prepared to address our clients’ needs. Our advisors offer security consulting, a process that involves the identification of existing security risks. Once a clear risk assessment has been made, our security advisors will, in turn, analyze the assessment to determine the specific security needs of the client. Carrington Security is prepared to put innovative security services into place, giving the client immediate security solutions. The risk assessment helps our consulting advisors define the singular needs of the client and to address those needs with an electronic and/or physical security solution: one that reasonably reflects on the client’s existing budget.
Carrington Security Consulting Advisors provide:

* An initial interview with a security consulting professional
* Production of a objective and clear written risk assessment.
* Closed circuit camera strategic plan.
* Development of security services.
* Evaluation of existing security solutions.
* Facilities activities risk assessment analysis.
* Integrated security assessment.
* Innovative security solutions for
o Anti-Terrorist Security
o Business Security
o International Protection
o VIP Protection and Executive Protection
* Key staff interviews.
* Recommendations and prioritized implementation objectives.
* Strategic security plan for doorways.
* Continual security services through Security USA that ensures all changing security needs are addressed.
* Standard Operating Procedures for security services.
* Danger and risk assessment

Died in late October of 2008, shortly before a Wauconda house fire.
Supposedly was there with Chloe at the time.

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