Jacob Kramer
Jacob's Vitals
Name: Jacob Alexander Kramer
Race: Werewolf
Shortdesc: A handsome young man with pale, pale blue eyes.
Position: Musician
Fame: Singer at the Mogheden Sun Casino
Temperament: A cool headed character with a fire inside him.
Themesong: "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" by The Script
Paul Walker as Jacob Alexander Kramer


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

A talented young musician who has been a regular performer at the Mogheden Sun Casino. His music is jazz meets pop meets alternative. His voice is powerful yet smooth. (Jacob's Music will be OOCLY modeled as Jason Mraz's Music, and for game purposes Jason Mraz's voice and music is Jacob's voice and music)


Marcus once describe Jacob as a a candle light in the darkest hour, yet anger him and those flames burn hotter then the sun. Marcus was right in the sense that Jacob has a positive attitude and does his best to keep a cool head. He does not rush into things, and tends to be just in fair in his choices. However, hurt him, his friends, or his family and there is a fire in him that you will most likely get burned from.


Jacob Kramer was born and raised in Connecticut. He lived in a sea shore town, and lived on the beach his entire life. He loves the outdoors, and music. Jacob started playing the guitar at the age of 6, and singing at the age of 10. He did not become a scientist like his parents, nor did he go to college. They nearly disowned him when he moved out at the tender age of 18, and started working for Mogheden Sun Casino. What they did not know was that Jacob become an Alpha Lukoi who became a member of the Sun Dancers Pack. A large group of Native American Indians who worked for the Casino in protecting it against things that go bump in the night. Jacob was trained by Marcus Moonsong, the Ulfric of the Sun Dancers Pack, and became his closest friend. As the years past, Marcus taught Jacob how to control his passionate side while keeping a cool head. One fatal night, over half of the pack were killed by one of the largest Master Vampire attacks known on the East Coast. Marcus died in Jacob's arms, and Jacob was crushed. When a new Ulfric was chosen he begged to be release from the pack to find his rightful place. Without Marcus, he felt empty and hopeless. He was allowed to leave the pack, where Jacob traveled for just over a year. He has decided to settle down for awhile and having been to Chicago before on vacation decided this was a good spot to start.


** Ashley Monroe — The Loyal Friend: Jake holds a soft spot for Ashley. Jake has not seen much of Ashley as of late, and is beginning to grow concerned.
** Riley Kilpatrick — The Rogue turned Wolf: Jake allowed Riley back into the city with a clean slate. Jake knows he is a criminal, and does his fair share of bad things. However, as his Bolverk doesn't that come with the job? Jake has grown to trust Riley but not completely.
** MJ Faulkaiesen — The Medic: Jake respects MJ's intentions. She is clear, and to the point in what her intentions are for the pack and expects the same from Jake. He expects great things from her.
** Cherish Roseworth — The Diamond in the Rough: Jake can see that Cherish struggles with the beast inside herself. She has been through alot and he feels for her. She has been nothing but supportive and respective of his claim. He plans to do the same for Cherish.
** Erin Altice — The Channeler: Jake holds Erin's talent to channel in high regards. When she is around him, she brings out the wolf in him. He has always been taught to balance the two by Marcus. He respects her, yet is kind of wary around her. She could bring out the best or the worse in him. Who knows?

Recent Unfoldings

  • Jacob arrives to Chicago. He found it difficult to connect with the Lukoi community until he found the scent of a Lukoi. He followed the trail to Gabe's bar where she was expecting him. The Pack's Vargamor had a vision and informed Gabe of his arrival. Jake never met with Monty and was accepted into the Pack by the Bolverk, and this disappointed Jake by his lack of interest in him or what Jake could offer. When Monty left, Jake was sad to see an Alpha and good man leave yet he was not going to allow the pack…that seemed to be in turmoil go without a leader. Jake took a chance and placed himself on the chopping block and made the claim for Ulfric. He has not regretted a single moment of it, as he continues to extend his hand and heart to any and all within the pack. He struggles to make the pack a family once again, while strengthing it from within before making his status publicly known to the shifter community.


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RP Hooks

  • Jacob has recently come into some money. He is unsure what to do with it but will not have to work another day in his life. He can focus on his music. He can focus on the Lukoi community and he can focus on himself. If you feel he could be involved in something based on that information. Send him a @mail or get him involved.


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  • Coming Soon.

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