Jamie's Vitals
Name: James Benjamin Westbrook V
Race: Human
Shortdesc: blond teen with hazel eyes
Position: Modern Day libertine
Fame: Young, rich party boy
Temperament: Self-destructive and overly indulgent
Themesong: Tears into Wine by Billy Talent
Tobias Schonenberg as James Benjamin Westbrook V


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Jamie is the grandson of the late Senator James Benjamin Westbrook III. When Jamie was ten years old, he saw both of his parents brutally murdered, while he hid in the closet. His father had taken up control of the family's shipping business and had apparently refused to do business with a certain Columbia criminal family. As a result, they sent in a couple of butchers to teach the man a lesson, by taking his son as a bargaining chip. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, Jamie's mother had forgotten something, and they chose not to stay through all of the production of Turandot and came home to find the babysitter dead in the hallway. The kidnappers, when confronted, killed the two and ran before the cops arrived. While it had only been a matter of minutes, the boy was found completely catonic. His grandmother, Catherine, the Matriach of the Westbrooks, took Jamie in and raised him.

Growing up, Jamie was a difficult child and a very rebellious teen. His therapist is on speed dial. And all of his behavior issues are said to be from watching his parents chopped up with a machete when he was ten years old - who can really argue with that. For a trustfund baby that has a fortunate waiting for him to become twenty-one and someone that has never had to ask for something twice to get, he has been arrested for shoplifting, vandalism, and trespassing. All of which his grandmother and a fleet of lawyers have managed to smooth over. At seventeen years old, he has been in drug rehap twice now. He seems to be circling down the drain in a spiral of self-destruction.


Jamie stands about 5'10", with a lean, slightly athletic build. He is a handsome young man, with fine features. Across his nose and cheeks are faint, barely noticable freckles. Jamie has hazel eyes that flitter from being a beautiful blue-green to a dark amber brown, depending on what he is wearing and seemingly his mood as well. His eyebrows are darker than his hair and slightly fuller. His hair is a wild mop of blond, that seems to never really be straight. At the tip of his chin is a goat-tee of barely visible blond hair.

Jamie is often dressed in a tight shirt that follows the lines of his torso and slightly oversized and baggy jeans. He doesn't really seem to put a lot of care into what he is wearing, though he is one of those annoyingly handsome youths, that tends to look good in whatever he is wearing. At a glance, Jamie looks to be one of those teenagers that lives from rave to rave and anything between is just in passing.

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