Jaromir's Vitals
Name: Jaromir Joachim
Race: Caucasian
Shortdesc: Medium height, lean scrawny build, blonde, aviator glasses.
Position: Forensic Pathologist, Cook County Medical Examiner's Office
Fame: Wunderkind
Temperament: Scholarly, inquisitive
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Matt Damon as Jaromir Joachim

Reasons to RP with Jaromir

  • Jaromir works for the county Medical Examiner's Office, i.e., he's the coroner. Bring him murder victims. Summon him to crime scenes.
  • Jaromir is a newly-infected were-rat. He has a lot to learn, and will accept help from anyone who claims to want to teach him.
  • Jaromir often hangs out in the vicinity of the University of Chicago campus. He will be enthusiastically socially awkward at anyone.


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Jaromir Joachim is an ex-boy wonder. He was the kid that you used to read about in the hometown paper, the one who went to the University of Chicago at the age of twelve, whose mama insisted that her precious baby was managing it all just fine. There was another article about him when he graduated from the U of C and went onto the Northwestern Medical School, maybe, and then another little footnote somewhere when he was accepted into a residency program in pathology at the U of C's Pritzker, and then nothing at all, until the little local paper mentioned something early in January 2011 about how Jaromir Joachim, a recently-hired forensic pathologist in the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office, had been accidentally bitten by a convulsing were-rat that he was trying to help out, all Good Samaritan-like, and got infected, how sad.

He's twenty-three years old, but looks and seems younger. He's living away from home for the very first time in his life. He went into medicine because it fascinated him, and into the specialty of pathology because it was gently suggested to him that maybe he'd be better off in a job where he didn't need to actually deal with (living) people. He enjoys his job, and would love to share his enthusiasm for it with other people, but he's been gently told (that happens to him a lot) that most people do not like to talk about work as much as he does. Especially not his work. And especially not over lunch.

And now he's a shifter. It's disrupted his carefully ordered, carefully sheltered world. It's thrown him into a world that he doesn't know, doesn't understand, and can't control. It's forcing him out of his shell, laying bare all the insecurities and questions that most people manage to work through during adolescence, and sending him to the bookstore for a basic education in Life, and Dealing with People. Armed with a collection of self-help books and the determination of someone who's never met a problem that he couldn't master, he's venturing out to try to conquer this brave new world.

In the meantime, he's taking night classes at the U of C's law school. Career advancement in the M.E.'s office requires a law degree, after all. Why waste time?

RP Preferences

My goal with Jaromir is to make his life as "real" as possible. I'd like him to know a lot of people, but I want him to develop meaningful friends, allies, and enemies, so I also want him to have substantive relationships (whether friendly or unfriendly) with a smaller subset of people. I want him to deal with growing up, and experience wonder, terror, joy, and heartbreak.

I like descriptive, substantive poses. I try not to overtype but sometimes I get carried away. I metapose some, usually for humor, but if that annoys you, just tell me and I won't do it while I'm with you. I may powerpose just a tiny bit for readability, but you can just respond appropriately if you don't like my assumption; in other words, if I say, "Jaromir shakes John's hand" (instead of the awkward "Jaromir tries to shake John's hand if he allows it"), you can just respond with, "John withdraws his hand when Jaromir tries to reach for it".

I enjoy being in public and meeting people, but I find it hard to do big-group scenes. If we're in one-on-one conversation in the midst of a larger public group, I will probably use places code, or ask if you would be willing to move somewhere quieter.

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