Jeanette's Vitals
Name: Jeanette Jorgenson
Race: Were-lion
Shortdesc: Beautiful Buxom Blue-eyed Blonde
Position: Model and artist
Fame: A model who is known for her lithe yet overly busty build, and blond hair, blue eyed look. She has done a good many shoots mostly for car, swimsuit magazines/calendars, Victoria's Secret, and once for Maxim.
Temperament: Playful, flirty, teasing if a bit prissy
Themesong: Meredith Brooks: Bitch
Amber Evans as Jeanette Jorgenson


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

(passing mention on the Oct 30th 2007 evening news' Entertainment section)

And in celebrity news, we have learned that local model Jeanette Jorgenson seems to have turned a European photo shoot and vacation into a long term deal, signing with a German label. The model, with a long list of calendar and magazine works, most notably Maxim and Playboy, gave no comment other than that she would miss several local people.

Having moved to Chicago from Seattle in the spring of 2006, the 21 year old model and amateur cellist was a frequent sight at local clubs and social institutions. In honor of Miss Jorgenson's stab at EuroFame, The Third Circle (1030 Michigan Street: South) is offering a "seven-day ladies' night special" for the first week of November — two free beers, as long as either are of equal volume to the lady's bra cup size, and the first one is consumed within sixty seconds.


(after a moment's pause, the newscaster goes on about local music)

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