Jennifer Moon's Vitals
Name: Jennifer 'Priss' Moon
Race: Were-Leopard
Shortdesc: Brown eyes/hair, pretty, extremely buxom, scantily dressed.
Position: Beautiful Exotic Dancer, and maybe thief
Fame: n/a
Temperament: Friendly, good natured, overly playful and irevrant. Can be catty through.
Themesong: Darling Violetta- Smaller God
Lucy Pinder as Jennifer 'Priss' Moon


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: An exotic dancer by trade, she tends to be very easy going, friendly, and a generally good person if overly playful a huge flirt. She can often be seen anywhere from low end bars (like the Second Circle) to high end night clubs (like Something Wicked's Birdcage). Came into town from NYC in the summer of 2008.

Leopard: Raised in a NYC Pard her whole life, she is very well adapted and has a good reputation among Leopards as stable, and a good beta. An average Beta in power, she tends to be cooperative, seeking protection from stronger in return for loyalty and friendship, while making the same offer to those weaker than herself. Most leopards know that she is a talented thief who has no problem breaking the law for her kind and a medic, always looking to help others.

Known Associates People who Jenny has strong feelings for.

  • Maeve: Pard Nimir-Ra: (Mom!)
  • Gage: Pard Second: Great friend and teasing chew toy!
  • Christian:Pard Protector: Kindof big brother figure.
  • DeeDee:Pard Caretaker: bestist girl friend.
  • Mischa: Pard: Friend, Gage's heart throb.
  • Cray: Pard: Shared boyfriend/lover and co-trouble maker.
  • Valentine: Pard: Complicated. Still working this one out.
  • Randi: Pard: way hot redhead friend.
  • Jeremy:Pard: funniest friend, feels protective of him
  • Amalesh: Greatly respected Hindu Maharishi.
  • Tobias: Little known but respected vampy
  • Louis: Estranged with but drawn to leopard calling vampy.
  • Violet: Very fun bitch, friends.
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