Jessy LaCroix's Vitals
Name: Jessy LaCroix
Race: Werefox
Shortdesc: Slender and strawberry blonde haired young man.
Position: Mechanic
Fame: None
Temperament: Friendly and warm, but he's developed a hardness beneath the surface.
Themesong: 45 by Shinedown
Rasmus Ladin as Jessy LaCroix


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Jessy LaCroix is a shy, but kind young man that seems to attract friends quickly. He came here as a homeless teenager looking for work in December of 2008, and while he's no longer homeless, having been taken in by some kind people, he's still looking for work as a mechanic, or anything really that he can get paid for, even odds and ends jobs. Only those that he considers good people know anything about him and his past.

In early January of 2009 he picked up a job as a mechanic at a local shop and also moved in with Nalio and Yami who had taken him in off of the streets. In late January of 2009 he was brutally attacked in an alley by a psychotic were fox from Nalio's past. He changed on the next full moon.

In December of 2009 he had a falling out with Nalio and left the flat. He wandered the streets for awhile before going bonkers on a citizen and a police officer in January of 2010. He was arrested and for a brief period of time he was ready to be put to death. But Isabel, a were lion lawyer got him off with probation and heavy fines.

In January of 2011 Jessy went missing. He was found two weeks later in the woods by Candy, and forcibly made to shift back to his human form and brought back to society. He has not spoken since the incident to anyone, though he frequently carries a memo pad around with him to relay through writing the few things he can't manage through facial expressions and body language, which he's become quite adept at. He has not spoken, and has not really given anyone a concrete explanation of what happened between himself and Lenore, though all that know him know that he was mated to her and now he's not, though what transpired exactly remains between himself and Lenore.

In the time since then Jessy has gone through a few stages. For a long while he wouldn't speak to anyone, just kept himself closed in with his own misery. After awhile he began speaking again, but was still cold, hollow, and very much a sad broken creature. Since then he's opened up more, tried to live life again, but there is almost always a haunted look in his eyes. He might be smiling ear to ear, but he's been through alot in this damn city, and it shows when one looks into his eyes. Jessy is however, quick to ditch people that lie to him, or betray him. He refuses to be hurt anymore by people he cares about.

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