Meira Zimmra's Vitals
Name: Meira Jezebel Zimmra
Race: Were-Fox
Shortdesc: Average height, dusky skin, wild funky hair and generally odd clothing.
Position: Tattooist, Party Girl, Sometimes Drunk
Fame: n/a
Temperament: Generally upbeat, something of a whirlwind.
Themesong: King Without A Crown - Matisyahu
Meaghan Monster as Meira Jezebel Zimmra


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My name is Meira Jezebel Zimmra, yes, Jezebel is my real middle name, and no, my parents didn't do it out of some sick, twisted sense of humor. I'm jewish….well, I'm supposed to be. But, I don't practice. To much effort, and Saturdays are my best days for makin' money. I've got two older brothers, both of whom are perfect little jewish boys. My younger sister is…well, she's still a kid. Not sure how she'll turn out. But me…I'm mom and dad's biggest disappointment. I didn't become a doctor….a lawyer. Nope, not me. I went to the University of Chicago for visual arts, majored in the wonderful world of being a dead beat, oh, and add a minor in theology to that. What did I plan to do with the two degrees? Nothing. I only went to college to get dad off my back.

While I was in college a friend convinced me to go with her to get a tattoo….and that's where it all started. I hung around the shop enough that I got to know the artists, and one was willing to take me under her wing. I stayed in school, just to keep dad paying for my apartment, but at night I'd work at the shop. First it was bullshit work, like copy this, greet that customer, but then, over time, I started learning to use the tools of the trade. Artwork was never an issue, I've been able to draw my whole life. It was just refining it, learning to use the gun instead of a pin. By the time I finished college, I was getting to tattoo people. Real people. After my first real tattoo, there was no stopping me.

People started coming to me for script. I was actually pretty good at doing letters, in any language, especially Hebrew and latin, both of which I had to learn as a kid. The biggest tattoo I've had to do since becoming was a full back tattoo of a panther and dragon entwined, with the kanji for love and war surrounding it. Despite the silliness, it was actually a pretty good tattoo. I don't have any goals to open my own shop, so don't ask. I'm perfectly happy to just be an underling. Even though, I've had my stint as shop manager. I ran as fast as I could. Nope….just leave me with my inks and tattoo gun, and I'm a happy girl.


Several years back, things changed. I'm not 'normal' any more, I had to give up doing what I was doing, had to change things. Some things. But I had friends, other foxes. But even then, I ran. I ran as far and fast as I could, and I don't know why. I just had to. But now, I'm back. Is everyone still here?

Random Info

  • Speaks Hebrew and Latin.
  • Former/Current? tattooist.
  • Artist. Prefers murals, but can do all sorts.
  • Need a party girl to go club hopping with? She's your girl.
  • Jewish. Need I say more?


*Lexine - The Queen. How will things work out now that I'm back?
*Michael - So. Fucking. Fucked. Up. I can't say I'm sorry enough.
*Candy - Haven't met yet, but I've heard about you.

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