Jiovanni's Vitals
Name: Jiovanni Niccolo Salvatore
Race: Human/Psychic
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Position: Pomme de Sang to Grayson
Fame: Jiovanni Niccolo Salvatore is somewhat of an Opera sensation. He's also an accomplished pianist. However, the young prodigy hasn't been seen or heard of much over the past five years.
Temperament: Unpredictable
Themesong: 'Carry On My Wayward Son' by Kansas
Jared Leto as Jiovanni Niccolo Salvatore


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Jiovanni Niccolo Salvatore was a happy, precocious child with a love for all things musical. Born in Sicily to simple folks that led a simple life that included only the barest of necessities, the boy's fate was sealed when, by the age of five, he had already proven himself to be a musical prodigy. It was a visiting vampire from the United States that would change his destiny when she came across the young boy singing for his supper on a street corner. Anna Marie DeWitt was mesmerized. He was so much like her mortal son, passed so many years ago. His parents couldn't be blamed, she could offer their son so much more than they could; fine clothing, an education, a real life without the prison of poverty. She returned to the states with the young boy in tow only two weeks later.

At first the young boy was despondent, he wanted his mother. Memphis Tennessee was so different, Anna's home so big it was overwhelming. She had done well enough for herself with her own musical talent through the years. But Anna was patient with the boy, as was her small staff, and eventually he came out of his shell. Jiovanni thrived in his new environment. The fact that Anna was the a vampire meant nothing to him. She became his mother. He had nothing but the best. The best clothing, the best schools, the best tutors, the best music instructors, voice coaches, nothing but the best. He displayed amazing vocal talent that was only slightly more impressive than his talent behind the keys of a piano. In a less spectacular capacity, he also showed a talent for dance. Anna, being the Belle that she was, encouraged it all. She loved to show off his talents and eventually Jiovanni's name became known in the circles of classical music and opera. He had the voice of an angel. He was fifteen before she started feeding from him, but their relationship never crossed other lines. She was his mother. He was her son.

Imagine her delighted surprise when her precious boy began to display other talents. His very first vision saved her unlife when he prevented her via a fit of tears and pleading from getting into a car that was later to be found to have been wired for an explosion, more likely than not by an anti-vampire fanatic. The ability to read minds came next. Oh what a weapon he could be against her enemies. But these new found abilities took their toll on the teenager. Jiovanni was forced to stop performing in public because they never knew when his mind would be bombarded by images he often didn't understand. He couldn't always control his telepathy either and was often overwhelmed by the jumbled thoughts of those around him. He was proving himself to be a powerful psychic, however the power was proving too much for him to bare. But they adjusted and Anna's patience with him never wavered, even at the worst of times. Jiovanni spent more and more time by her side so should could be there in the event of an 'episode'. But things would soon change and not for the better.

It's not often that a vampire survives the centuries without making an enemy or two. Anna was no exception to the rule and hers was a powerful one. It was Anna's testimony, years before, in another time, another place, a different city, that landed Stephen Cisco in a box for a decade. She was no match for him and she knew it. In a desperate attempt to protect her most prized possession she put him on a plane for Chicago where she leased a small flat for both frequent vacations and just such emergencies. She made the same decision his parents had made years before, to give him up so that he might continue on in a better life. The same night she sent the boy away, she sent a desperate plea to the City's Master, a long shot made in the dark for Jiovanni's protection and safety. The message explained what he was and who he was. She had no reason to expect such a thing to happen, no reason aside from holding on to a sliver of hope that he would be safe. Three nights after she sent her Pomme de Sang, her Jioanni, her 'son' away, Stephen Cisco ended Anna Marie DeWit's unlife.




Standing 5'9" and weighing in at a slight 144 pounds, Jiovanni is lean muscle over bone, built more for speed and agility than for brute strength. Shaving doesn't seem a priority for him and he's often sporting a very sparse five o'clock shadow of stubble to prove it. He appears to be standing just at the cusp of manhood where growing a full growth of beard would be impossible. His dark hair is cut to just above shoulder length and cut in a haphazard style of soft layers. Almost as long in the front as it is in the back, his hair often falls over at least one of his impossibly and unnaturally blue-green eyes. Those bright eyes are, by far, his most striking feature. Surrounded by thick dark lashes, those big puppy dog eyes are almost surreal in their intensity of color.

His clothing is always well tailored to fit, even when Jiovanni is sporting nothing but a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He seems to favor those jeans and t-shirts over just about everything else, although when he does dress up he does so well. No matter what he's wearing, rest assured that it's expensive and designer label.

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