John Hancock Building
John Hancock Building's Information
Type: Skyscraper
Rating: 4 Stars
Location: 120 Michigan Street
Fame: Residences, Retail
Atmosphere: Classy
Owner(s): N/A
Manager(s): N/A
Employee(s): N/A


Visitors strolling in off of Michigan Avenue into the main lobby of the John Hancock Center are greeted by a distributed foreground music system, backed by a large fountain that produces pleasant white noise to help filter out the sounds of the outside and make the lobby more user-friendly. Remodeled in 1995, the lobby features rich travertine marble and textured limestone surfaces, high ceilings supported by gleaming columns, and houses two levels for the retail garden plaza.

The John Hancock Center holds a combination of private residences and corporate offices, ground-floor shops and eateries, an observatory on the 94th floor and a restaurant (95th) that connects to a cocktail lounge (96th); these all span a total height of 100 floors. It also boasts the fastest elevator in the world at 20 miles per hour straight up. The Hancock's massive crossbeams and tapering design enable it to withstand winds of up to 132 miles per hour. This monolithic black steel skyscraper once held the title of world's tallest building (it's currently the eighth). Wall climber "Spider" Dan Goodwin successfully scaled the Hancock in 1981 (with suction cups!) in spite of a displeased Chicago Fire Department, who trained its hoses on him.


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