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How to join this site?

Note that this isn't a forum-based RPG, but instead a MU* RPG. Please see if you're unsure what that means. You will want a MU* Client, much like SimpleMU, MushClient, or even the newcomer Potato Client (if you're on a Macintosh, you'll probably want Atlantis).

So you want to join Windy City MU*'s wiki?

Just enter the Secret Password (which is the "Full Name" line in +finger Chicago when on-game. It's not all that secret, come to think of it) below!

Please create an account and/or sign in first.

if you already have a account


it is worth it and is free

It's actually a two-step process. First you set up a Wikidot account, and then you set up a membership to the WindyCity branch of Wikidot.

Please note that by entering information on the Windy City MU* Wiki, one is allowing the staff the right to preserve any such information. We're not saying it is "ours"; we're just saying one shouldn't delete one's character-page in a huff. Someone might want that information, five years after your character has died and/or you've left the game.

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