Jolie Grey
Jolie's Vitals
Name: Jolie Grey
Race: Caucasian, Werelynx
Shortdesc: Tall, brunette, cheap suit.
Position: Police deskjockey
Fame: None.
Temperament: Laid back, unless pushed.
Themesong: In Violet - Angie Matheson
Shannyn Sossamon as Jolie Grey


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: An ex-RPIT detective, transferred internally to some desk job when the team was absorbed.

Pard: A werecat.. but not a leopard..

Shapeshifter: Is she a shifter? She isn't public if she is..


Laid back, easygoing, somewhat passive. Jolie believes in a balance of all things, things in harmony and peaceful. This usually gets her pretty grounded in personality, and makes her very 'chill'.



1) Where is your character from? Where and when was she born and under what circumstances.
A: Seatle, Washington. She born to an unwed woman who gave her up at birth. She bounced from foster parent to foster parent for most of her life. She is twenty-six years old.

2) What was childhood like?
A: She bounced from home to home, never really had a stable family or many friends. Some homes were good, some where less good, but none were particularly horrible or abusive.

3) What does your character do for a living?
A: She's an ex-RPIT Lieutenant who was moved onto a desk job after RPIT was absorbed, and possibly because it was suspected that she was a werecreature.

4) Has your character suffered any mental or physical trauma in the past?
A: The most physical trauma was her infection at the age of sixteen by a werelynx. She was on a trip to Alaska when out of the snow what she thought was a Canadian lynx came upon her and attacked her. Luckily she wasn't alone and the foster parents she was with managed to fight the lynx off. These foster parents went on to adopt her, perhaps out of guilt for the attack.

5) What motivates your character?
A: A driving need to make certain that innocent were-critters don't get discriminated against, and that guilty ones meet justice.

6) Who is important to your character?
A: Her adoptive family. It is a small one, but she has come to love them very much.

7) Why is your character in Chicago?
A: She's been transferred to RPIT from Seatle's team.

8) How did your character become a supernatural?
A: At the age of sixteen she was on a vacation with her current foster parents in Alaska, when a werelynx attacked and infected her.

9) What are your character experience with supernatural society?
A: Vampire's are not to be trusted. And most other weres are not to be as well. Many of them hate what they are so much that they are dangerous. Many of them go too far into it.

10) Does your character despise what she has become?
A: No. She believes that a balance should be taken. Neither love it too much nor love it too much.


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RP Hooks

  • Parents, Foster parents, unnamed.
  • Siblings, Foster siblings, unspecified.
  • Ex-Foster family, unspecified.


  • TBA


Bo Nimir-Raj Why someone so laid back makes her nervous she'll never know, but she's grateful to be allowed in the Pard.
April Kitten Such a sad little girl, Jolie can't help be feel for her. So new, and she sees a wonderful cat in her already.
Forest Kitten's Bro Opinion to be formed, but he seems chill.
Carter Scary Mofo He is dominant, she is not.
Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder, placeholder, placeholder.
Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder, placeholder, placeholder.


"Where do you go when you're lonely?"
Jolie to Bo

Recent Unfoldings

  • TBA


  • Vampires: They are alright, they are individuals like everyone else.
  • Shapeshifters: Those that deny what they are are a danger to those around them, a balance should be taken.
  • Fae: Such strange creatures.

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