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Jonty: Red Cap Goblin Desc: His hands silver-grey in the moonlight. Before I knew it I was cradled against a chest almost as wide as I was tall. (5') Jonty, the Red Cap, was ten feet of Goblin muscle. He glanced down at me with eyes that in good ligh would be as red as if he looked at the world through a spill of fresh blood…The blood that dripped continuously from the cap on his head shone in the light. Little drops of it were flun behind him as he picked up speed…The Red Caps had earned their name by dipping their caps in the blood of enemies. Once to be warlord among them you had to have enough magic to keep the blood dripping indefinitely. MK186

----- Character sheet for: Jonty -----
Full Name:Jonty
Age: 2000 Apparent Age: 24
Sex: male Race: Fae
Experience: 0 Birthdate: May 25 0008 <237 days away>
------— Stats------—-
Physical: 42 Mental: 15 Perception: 13
Muscle: 45 Logic: 10 Senses: 20
Fitness: 40 Creativity: 10 Observation: 10
Reflexes: 45 Willpower: 20 Memory: 10

Power: 10 Wounds: 0/90
Glamour: 0 Drain: -0
------— Skills------

Melee weapons 45 Thrown weapons 45 Unarmed combat 45

Magical ability 10

+cnote can make his cap bleed with the blood of his enemies.

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