Joseph's Vitals
Name: Joseph Keene
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Short dark hair, male, just under 6ft
Position: Priest at the Cathedral
Fame: Ex-Missionary
Temperament: Sweet and trusting
Themesong: Ave Maria
Rob Lowe as Joseph Keene

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A man in his mid-thirties, with short dark hair that is ruffled, as if a hand has been pushed over it, and brilliant blue eyes. The slight lines on his face suggest a smile that comes easily, and his chin sorts a hint of a cleft in it. There are definite dimples in his cheeks. Physically, he stands a little beneath six foot, and is in good physical shape. He wears a black suit, well made, with a black shirt beneath it. The front of his collar is a flash of white, a square there.


Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. Or so the Catholics say.

People often ask when I found God. For me, that has always been an odd question, because he was always in my life. There was never a point where I turned around and realised I wanted to be in the Church, or had God in my life, in the same way that eating or sleeping is always there.

I grew up the only child of a Grammar School's headmaster and his wife, who often acted as the school nurse. I was educated there, in the lovely rural surroundings of the school. We went to church regularly, along with all of the borders, and I always felt welcomed there, at home. At peace even. In the Church, there was no bullying, there was no demands to do better. The presence of God was a thing that I could feel there, and I took the time to talk to him, to mentally discuss my week with him.

When people started asking me what I wanted to do, which exams I wanted to do, the replies I gave seemed to surprise most of them, except my mother. She seemed to know already where I was heading, and it came as no shock to her that I wanted to be a missionary, to go to Africa, to spread God's word to those in need, to offer a helping hand.

I took my education, such as it was, and went with others to help there. My knowledge of languages helped me, and I studied more of my theology, and all manner of the occult under the head of the mission there. There was friction, I learnt, between us and the local Wise Man, Sefu. His possessiveness over the local resources, and his sway over the people there seemed almost mystical, and we failed to get any control over and over. The Mission's leader, Jeffery, vanished abruptly one day and, despite all of my attempts, I couldn't track him down. The local tribe couldn't help, and so I wrote to the head office. But things take time and I never received a reply to my letter, and whilst I waited, I continued our work.

The resources that the Mission had were obviously something that Sefu had his eye on, and I tried hard to persuade him to work with me, to share information and let me help but he didn't believe in God, and his engagement was minimal. He would come sometimes and speak with me but it was obvious that I could never persuade him of the truth I tried to share.

Then there were changes in the political climate, which I don't begin to understand. Suddenly there were more armed people around, and I received a letter from head quarters, orders to pack and come home. God clearly gave his flock warning, and that night as I was packing, he gave me another sign. A sign in the form of Sefu, asking that I took him home to America for asylum, which I did. There were legal problems, of course, but God provides for his children. I asked for a small parish post, a nice quiet place, but the call was Chicago and Sefi wants to go there, suddenly. It is odd, I thought he was settling in Detroit.


Joseph's patron saint is St Leo.


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