Julia's Vitals
Name: Julia Lau
Race: Human - Swanmane
Shortdesc: Tenuous Asian, poised and petite.
Position: Alternative health expert. Masseuse.
Fame: N/A
Temperament: Seemingly polite and demure. Will not tolerate rude customers.
Themesong: N/A
Ziyi Zhang as Julia Lau


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Julia hatched from her egg on July 13, 1980 in Chicago. Her father, Chen Lau was devoted to Julia's mother, Marie, an American swanmane. Julia was homeschooled by her mother until they moved to LA when Julia was ten. She received a tutor after that until she was sixteen and asked to attend Happy Valley. When she graduated, she decided not to go to university but took some classes at one of the local campuses in LA. Her hobby became her profession.

Julia has dated some but never another swan. She has some close friends in LA, all human, although she is not against other preters. No, she just does not get close to many people easily. She has a dominant personality and is self-assured, often mis-read. She tries to hide what she is. Swans are not predators, and Julia is not a fighter, not a trained one although she has considered taking some classes. She's strong and independent.

Her father was murdered in January 2004. He was quite capable at masking, but when black feathers replaced the downy hair he once had on his head, it was difficult to hide who and what he was. Julia prays for her father often during January, although she does not have much faith. Marie grieved and was gone by May 2004. Julia kept working and studying in LA, but she realized she would have better luck opening a spa in some other part of the country. She returned to Chicago since she was born there and has saved a considerable amount of money plus the money she was left from her parents and Marie's life insurance. Because of her father's death, she is wary of humans and their fear. If she did not spend a good deal of her time hiding who and what she is, she might have something to say about it. But she won't tell just anyone that she is a swan.

Medical Knowledge

Julia has enough medical knowledge to be an effective healer, although what she is known for relates only to the spa. Some of this applies to a wide variety of specialties including detox, Feldenkrais, and behavior modification, although with the exception of detox, the latter two are rarely used at Black Swan.

Since Her Arrival

Not many swans have stuck around Chicago for very long that Julia is aware of. For a little while, she joined with the local independent group— at the time it was led by Charley. Not long afterward, Julia stopped hanging around them. She fell in with the kiss of Chicago, acting as eyes and ears and doing errands and jobs for them in return for protection, but she was forgotten as was the protection promised her. Not that Julia minds. She's accustomed to flying solo.


Prior to Opening the Spa with Emma and James


Forest - employee at Black Swan
Alvaro - friend, fellow were, and brief love interest
Koray - submitted to him for protection from the kiss and fed him
Jeremy - gave him a fit of jealousy once

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