Julien Nathaniel Sterling's Vitals
Name: Julien Nathaniel Sterling
Race: Human
Shortdesc: A handsome young man in his early twenties with brown hair, with red gold hues, and green eyes
Position: Animator and bon vivant
Fame: A fairly skilled animator and son of the infamous Nathaniel Sterling
Temperament: Generally fairly easy going, though sometimes cocky and somewhat vain
Themesong: Into the Fire - Thirteen Senses / Crawling in the Dark - Hoobastank
Drew Fuller as Julien Nathaniel Sterling


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

The son of the infamous Nathaniel Sterling, an animator who had a bad reputation for being willing to cross moral lines with little ethical conflicts, there are many who know of Nathaniel and wonder if Julien is cut from the same cloth. Like his father, Julien seems to have an almost natural affinity with the dead, and for a man in his early twenties already seems as capable as many animators twice his age.

Julien is generally fairly laid back and calm. That is unless he is backed into a corner. The more Julien feels threatened or angry, the more of a smart aleck he tends to be. It is his coping mechanism for him. Just as it may help him face his fears, it can also be just as much if not more to his detriment, as he does not always know when to stop or even when he has gone too far. This particular aspect of his behavior has gotten him into trouble on more than one occassion. Julien can be quite stubborn and often does not know when to back down. This probably has something to do with his strong dislike of bullies and those who utilitize other people's fear to their advantage, and why he tends to have a soft spot for the underdog.

Julien is in some regards your typical rich kid, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father gave him nearly everything he ever wanted when he was young. As a result, Julien never really got that idea that you couldn't always have everything. He does realize that sometimes you just have to work harder at it than other times. Luckily, he was never really the type that wanted it all. In fact, surprisingly, Julien generally has a fairly good head on his shoulders for such things. He does, however, like the best when he does get something. He likes good food, good drink, good things, and good company.

The Past
Julien's father, Nathaniel, was an animator, perhaps one of the strongest in his generation. Of course, part of the reason for it is that he was more than just an animator, he was a necromancer. He was the type of animator that gave animators a bad name. The man desired two things in life: money and immortality. There is a line that most animators will not cross, Nathaniel started on the other side of it. While nothing was ever proven, there were rumors that Nathaniel performed raisings without the families' permissions to obtain information for his own use. In his younger days, he was under observation by the F.B.I. for his business dealings with known members of the mafia in New York. It was even said that for the right price, Nathaniel would commit human sacrifice to raise a body that had been dead for two long. And while many tried, no one could ever prove anything.

Julien's mother, Francesca Lamberti, was a Italian woman, who like Nathaniel had a knack for animating the dead. Shortly after Nathaniel and Francesca met, they were married. Within a year of their marriage, she was pregnant with Julien. Days after Julien was born, Nathaniel left Italy with his son. Julien never got the chance to meet his mother, as his father told him that she was dead.

Nathaniel raised his son, to be well-educated in the occult and pushed the young boy to develope his craft, once Julien showed signs of being able to raise the dead, which became obvious when Julien raised the family dog after it had been hit by a car. Nathaniel was otherwise indulgent of Julien's desires, which has given Julien a dislike of not getting his way.

In late 2009, Nathaniel was attacked and killed by a hive of ghouls that had taken up residence in a cemetary he was raising a body for a client. Ironically, the man who arrogantly referred to himself as the master of death was killed by the animalistic undead. After his father's death, Julien sold his family's home and decided to make a fresh start of things.

Julien does not truly know much about his family. What he does know, is an illusion - the loving father - evil, the dead mother - alive. There are secrets in every family, but Julien has little idea of how deep and dark those secrets truly are.

The majority of the information about his family even Julien does not know. Sure his father's youth and training in New York can easily be found out, but Nathaniel's plans and ultimate goals were his alone. Julien's parents' marriage license is a matter of public record, but there is no death certificate for his mother. The truth of the matter is Julien has never looked - why should he have? His mother has never tried to prove otherwise, in fact, she has gone to lengths to further the lie, herself.

Elizabeth Bauldin - A fellow animator, a friend, and possibly more
Merrick - A kindred spirit, someone meritting watching
Eleanor Wickham - A police detective, that Julien finds both irritating and amusing
Megan Leslie - An unsual person that Julien can't quite figure out
Ashley Ordando - Someone that Julien considers to be a friend, even if he doesn't know why

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