Juliet's Vitals
Name: Juliet Elisabeth Monroe
Race: Human, Sorcerer/Magic User
Position: Humans First Activist
Fame: n/a
Temperament: Cold & bitchy, yet Soft & caring.
Themesong: Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult
Mila Kunis as Juliet Elisabeth Monroe

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

To come.


  • -Loves her guns. Loves shooting them.
  • -Loves humans, hates everything nonhuman.
  • -Works for Human's First under her Father's direction.
  • -She is indeed, an 'Army Brat'.
  • -No, she has no friends, but no, she doesn't cry emo tears about it. Friends are liabilities.
  • -People make you weak.
  • -Wears a cross at all times tucked into her shirt.
  • -If she is in a vampire or werecreature club, she is more than likely planning where to put the bombs.
  • -Attends college classes.

Personality Quirks

  • -She enjoys giving Tarot readings.
  • -Can help people find misplaced items… for a fee.
  • -Needs a smoke at least once a week. Just one. One.
  • -Loathes white wine.
  • -Rarely lets her true persona show. She isn't the dumb bitch she puts herself out to be. Or maybe she is! Find out.
  • -Did I mention she likes guns? I did. She does.

Fun Facts!

  • -Justin stabbed a fork in her hand.

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