Jumbo Pawn Shop
Jumbo Pawn Shop's Information
Type: Pawn shop
Rating: If zero stars were a possible rating…
Location: 3689 South Side Outlet
Fame: This is where you sell your goods.
Atmosphere: Real down town.
Owner(s): Wesley W. Ozmund
Manager(s): Eric (NPC)
Employee(s): Tank (NPC)

Stereo and car parts, used wedding dresses and Nintendo game-packs, watches and trombones, the Jumbo Pawn shop is a museum of surplus objects hocked or sold by desperate folks in desperate times. Large shatter-proof display cases line the walls and run along the length of the room, all locked securely behind sliding doors.

A middle-aged man, running rapidly to fat, unshaven, almost completely bald, with an abrasive manner and very poor bodily hygiene strikes a hard bargain from behind his bullet-proof glass booth at the back of his shop, rarely venturing into the world outside.

Eric Hobson is a fence, catering to the lower strata of the South Side; under the cover of his pawnbrokers' shop he fences stolen goods from car stereos, TVs and CDs from junkies for a few bucks. He keeps his activity on this small, petty scale because he knows the police leave him generally alone, since it would be far too much trouble to obtain a conviction for possession of a stolen a fifty dollar car radio. This enables Eric to run a small but profitable business in more expensive, but easily moved, stolen goods; jewellery, watches, Saturday Night Special handguns, and the like. He doesn't touch anything else - paintings, bearer bonds, heavier artillery and hot cars are too much trouble or him (and bring on too much risk). He lives above the shop in the company of whatever unfortunate woman has fallen for his charms, and there always seems to be at least one hanging around, with Eric favoring skinny Latinas; evidently something must compensate for his charmlessness.

He also keeps a bodyguard, a large taciturn gentleman going by the name of Tank, and the name really says all that needs to be said about Tank. Although it must be added that whilst appropriate pressure on Eric will have Eric squealing like a stuck pig and selling out everyone up to and including his own mother, any form of physical or mental pressure on Tank will simply be met with a wall of silence.

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