Juno's Vitals
Name: Juno Hughes
Race: Homo sapiens v Hyaenidae crocuta
Shortdesc: Dark hair, gray/blue eyes, fit
Position: UFC Ring Girl
Fame: UFC Ring Girl
Temperament: Upbeat & Optimistic
Themesong: Tubthumbing by Chumba Wumba
Logan Stanton as Juno Hughes


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Juno Hughes is the new darling of the UFC Ring Girl team. Anyone interested in the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts would recognize her face. After various MMA magazine interviews the following facts are well know.
Born: Valentine Nebraska
Age: 21
Height 5’8”
Weight: A girl never tells
She grew up as a tomboy, loves pets and has a weak spot for slow cooked southern ribs.
She has taken up learning MMA and the various fight styles associated to it. Quoted in Fight Magazine 'Hey, if I'm going to be involved in the sport I want to understand the fights. I want to be more than just a pretty face in a bikini’. A set of accompanied pictures show her at Extreme Couture Gym in Vegas. One picture shows her in a set of open finger MMA gloves, the typical UFC Girl halter and shorts, kicking a heavy bag. Another shows her with a trainer, she has his back and is clearly working to a rear naked choke. The first looks posed, the second looks like an action shot.

She works for the UFC
She frequents The Jabberwocky, Spence's Parkour Park
She’s a shifter

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