Kara's Vitals
Name: Kara Odindotter
Race: Vampire
Shortdesc: Blond haired, tall, often severe in expression.
Position: Ex-Valkyrie
Fame: Collecting the souls of the dead after a glorious battle.
Temperament: Often cold and detached, or suddenly friendly.
Themesong: Immigrant Song - Led Zepplin
Kristanna Loken as Kara Odindotter


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

There are some parts of her background that Kara can no longer remember. She can recall mountains and snow; she can recall learning to ski and the time she got lost and her older brother found her in a copse of alpines. She remembers being scared then, until he was leading her back home. She can recall how bright the stars looked then, and how dim they are now. But for the most part, Kara has lost her memories of her time growing up in Scandinavia. It was many years ago, and her mortal life in the small village seems so far away, like it was someone else's and not her own.

Kara, though she seems to recall that was not her name then, was taken away from her family when she was twelve. The winter was harder than any her family had seen and they had no choice but to sell her into the service of a man Kara would spend centuries with. He call himself Odin, but even then Kara was certain he was lying about that. She'd never tell him that, too afraid of what he might do. She was given to this man who lived far in the north, this man she'd only see at night. She was trained as a "valkyrie," one of his female soldiers. She would spend years learning a sword, a bow, an axe, how to kill with her hands. She'd spend sleepless weeks being brainwashed to serve Odin, to love him, to think that he really was a god. And to save herself the torture, she eventually gave in.

Kara would spend 400 years with Odin, adopting the name of a literary valkyrie in her duties. She would become his favored pet, his most abused slave, and later, years into her time as a vampire, his right hand and most talented interrogator.

During World War II the old vampire masquerading as Odin saw an opportunity to put himself on the Council. But his reach exceeded his grasp and he was slaughtered. Kara fled, unwilling to avenge his death when facing the elders of the Council. She wandered for a while, eventually coming to the US. Chicago has drawn her to it lately, and she arrives in the city with letters of introduction from the Masters of Helsinki (she served him as a bodyguard for a while), Los Angeles (everyone wants to be an actress, right?), and Vegas (always the night life).

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