Karmen's Vitals
Name: Carmen Rosalind Guerrero
Race: Werewolf
Shortdesc: Late teens, Hispanic female, 5ft 6in.
Position: None.
Fame: None.
Temperament: Cool, calm, collected
Themesong: Halo by Beyonce
Sarah Shahi as Carmen Rosalind Guerrero


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Let's see. Karmen has just moved to Chicago with her brother Philippe, though he at times leaves her alone as he travels back home to Mexico to help their parents when they need it with various tasks. They were raised knowing all there is to know about a chop shop, and their blood is that of criminals. Quickly meeting a few wolves in the city, she was taken in by Riley, him offering her a place for her to crash at his home which she took… but when in her eyes, he chose his own desires of the flesh over that of family, she left his home and moved in with Ricci's brother Robert. That is where she is currently staying along with two other men besides Robert himself.

Currently unemployed, it is well known that she frequents poerty reading nights and the locals cafes, and even writes a bit of her own stuff. She even talks of going to college and taking classes on literature and free writing. That is about it. To pass her idle time she's working on fixing up a truck for Raymond that Riley had given him as well as partaking in various conversations around the city.

With Robert claiming Alpha to the pack, she feels there is hope yet for this pained pack to pull together, and to fix what was once broken. We will see, but to her, for now, Robert seems like the most capable leader and she will follow him proudly.


From the black curly hair that reaches to her middle back to her chocolate colored eyes and dusky skin tone, the heritage of this young woman is clearly hispanic. Standing at a little over five and a half feet, Karmen wears no makeup or jewelry save for a metal hoop through her upper earlobe. Her hair is pulled back and up into a tight and high ponytail on her head right now, making the length of her hair appear shorter than it is.

For clothing she wears simple things. A black teeshirt, a black sweater hoodie, and black cargo pants complete with black combat boots that lace up. Apparently she likes her black. Alot. Not only does she like her black, but she apparently also likes to hide her figure as she's swimming in her clothing, with the hood up looking more like a man from the back rather than a young woman.


Karmen is a pretty laid back in nature, and can be quite dismissive of matters that do not concern her, one of her favorite phrases being that of "It's not my problem." Rarely does something become her problem. Her breaking point seems to be in shows of dominance, and she will push and shove as need be to prove to others that she is no stepping stone. While being aloof, quiet, calm and collected, she does show passion when the moods hits her, and even pity and compassion if the situation calls for it. A realist. And she will tell you how it is. Karmen rips the band aid off, she doesn't lather it with cream and gently tug.



Carmen Rosalind Guerrero was born to Maria and Ramone Guerrero, the younger of two children. Her older brother, Philippe is two years older than she. They are the only children that were born to the Guerrero's, a very small family in Hispanic standards as their peers tend to have larger familes. Being born of a lower class family was not really odd in Mexico, for most families were poor and in the lower class. But Carmen's family always seemed to have some coin, and they had food on the table, which is good enough for them.

A criminal family, that's what they were. Carmen's father owned a chop shop, most of his cars being taken from tourists. He was about fifteen men in his employ, split between working the garages and those who are out stealing cars. And from a baby Carmen and Philippe was raised in this environment. Yes, she was a girl, but she was a daddy's girl. Instead of Barbie dolls, she played with wrenches and had oil pans as a play hat. She was a born and bred monkey wrench\, as was her brother.

But her mother would not allow her to be a total tomboy. Oh no. She insisted that Carmen would return home an hour before the chop shop closed to help prepare supper for about thirty people. The men from the shop and their families would get together with her family and have large suppers that were also accompanied with spirits and music. It was a real party each night, having fun after a hard day's work. It was a good\, hard life. And her family was content.

At the age of ten, she began to go out into the field and help with the stealing of cars. At first she would just be the lookout, jumping rope in the street while the men hotwired the cars and stole them. Later came her being shown how to hot wire cars, both manually and then by electronic devices that would be hooked up to the wires in the car. It was like school! But for criminals.

Speaking of school, Carmen never went. She was home schooled by her mother a couple hours a day, but other than that she received no formal education. She was in no way ignorant though, in fact both Carmen and Philippe seemed to be very bright. And Carmen -loved- to write. Loved it. Literature was her favorite subject, and she began to write her own poetry about Mexico and romance. But it was childish romance, as she was still too young to know what real love was. No, this was a Cinderella romance.

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