Kayla Bell's Vitals
Name: Kayla Anne Bell
Race: Psychic (Empath)
Shortdesc: Mousey, tiny, willowy, brunette woman with big brown eyes.
Position: Librarian
Fame: {$Fame}
Temperament: Awkward, Painfully shy, withdrawn
Themesong: "When You're Strange" - The Doors
Amy Acker as Kayla Anne Bell


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Born in the tiny little town of Jefferson, TX on August 24th, 1984 little Kayla had no idea what life had in store for her. Not a premmie, she was born tiny, weighing a mere four pounds three ounces. The doctors were worried that it could mean complications but she surprised them all, being hale and hearty despite her smallness. It was a regular blue collar family she was born into. Life should have been normal apple pie and Sunday picnics. But even as a small child she exhibited strange behavior, prone to bouts of temper, sadness and other inappropriate emotions when around other toddlers. When she was alone things seemed to be better.

As she grew this trend continued, her emotions effected by those she was around. She learned at a young age to avoid situations that were emotionally charged. It caused the girl to be something of a loner. She proved to be highly intelligent which was a blessing. Her small stature and clumsiness would have eliminated her from sports. Even in gym she often had to give a doctor's note to sit out of the activities they participated in. The girl was a walking accident, just waiting to happen. She excelled in her studies and earned a scholarship to the University of Chicago.

It was a relief to get out of the little town where she was known as a freak. One little incident of freaking out at a pep rally and suddenly everyone thinks you're a mental case! Sheesh! She thought college would be better and it wasn't even that bad sharing a room with another girl except when her roomie would come in upset about a break up or horny or angry. But she could always retreat to the library on those occasions. The library became her second home. When she wasn't in class or eating she could be found there. It wasn't till she was coerced into going to a Frat party by her roommate.

Things were uncomfortable but alright up until the party was crashed. Some said it was bikers, others swore it was a group of vampires. But all she knew from where she hid under one of the beds was that the level of fear and the blood lust that consumed her was like nothing she ever felt. One moment she was picking up the emotions of the people, terrified and in pain and the next it was an intent desire for violence. She was at war with herself to stay in her hiding place, as those emotions crashed over her one after another like tidal waves, leaving her nearly catatonic and exhausted.

When the emergency workers found her she was babbling and lack, her eyes wide but she was non-responsive to them. She spent a few months in a mental ward at the local hospital, recovering from the evening. It was a blessed peace in the ward, locked in her own room with silence and nothingness. She breathed not a word of what really happened to her that night, smart enough to know that speaking of such abilities would likely keep her locked up or to become a test subject. Instead she blamed it on the trauma and stress of the night.

Her studies were resumed in earnest, making up for lost time. She plowed through courses and then through a Bachelor's degree to earn a Master's degree in Computer Sciences. Her love of computers was not the only thing she studied, languages and physical sciences also drew her. Medical studies were especially peaceful. After all, cadavers did not have emotions. She took enugh classes that she could have qualified for entrance into Med School she chose to persue other venues. Her skills with a computer became the stuff of campus legend. She was the uber cyber geek, building computers of her own and creating programs for the University. Upon graduation she was offered a job in the Technology Department but she declined. Instead, she took a job at the Harold Washington Library Center as their archivist.

Here she has worked ever since, enjoying the solitude and quiet of her work. Co-workers have voted her "Most Likely To Be a Crazy Cat Lady" due to her solitary nature and how she keeps to herself. She manages the archives, creates and maintains databases for the library, and occasionally will also fill in at the circulation desk. She has found that people were not likely to be in a library with high emotions and it is a balm to her. She lives alone, feeds the neighborhood strays, and generally behaves like an old lady, or a crazy person. But her evenings of Jeopardy and a good book are easy. Who knows if her life will remain so peaceful but one has to doubt it.

She is known to frequent chat rooms and bulletin boards online, her persona much more confident and witty. Online she goes by the handle BiblioMistress. Aka…Mistress of the Books or Book Mistress due to her work in the Library. It's easier to be 'normal' for her online since she cannot pick up and take on other people's emotions online and no one knows her as 'that crazy woman' there.

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