Keith's Vitals
Name: Keith Michael Griffin
Race: Irish / Shapeshifter, Leopard (Persian)
Shortdesc: An average sized Irish men, with black spiky hair and forest green eyes.
Position: Wandering Leopard
Fame: Language and Culture Guru, Local Linguist
Temperament: Keith is quite a friendly when politely encountered. He likes talking and learning about other cultures. One of his most favorite topics is social manners within sub-cultures. Keith is also a fairly strong personality. It it's fairly hard to anger him unless you intentionally insult him or push yourself upon him. In this way Keith is thought to be a fairly strong Beta personalty… almost too strong…
Themesong: Keith's shower song about Elizza!
Milo Ventimiglia as Keith Michael Griffin

Human Description

A man that stands about five foot ten inches tall. His overall appearance denotes that he is fairly young, maybe a boy of his late teens. His hair is black and short, seems to have the ability to be spiked in playful fashions. His eyes are of a deep forest green, seeming fairly calming in nature. His skin appears to be tanned, the kind that might associate with an Irish and middle eastern decent. His complexion seem quite clear, almost too perfect for the age bracket that is looks to be. His total body weight shows him to be a lower built gentleman, almost certainly denoting he is a mental individual rather than a physical brute. His general body structure suggested him to be one prone to being clumsy.

Leopard Description

A large looking Persian leopard stands before you. It seems to be a male with a moderately well-built frame of muscle weighing about three hundred and twenty pounds. The leopards eyes are a deep forest green, seeming to convey a vague intelligence someone might not see in any 'normal' feline. His fur is of a golden color with random assorted black spots arranged around his body. His head fur seems quite spiky, and gives the impression further that this isn't an ordinary leopard. His stance seems quite confident, showing to be capable of calculated moves and decisions.

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

GAME> You can run approximately 24.0 miles per hour (12.0 yards per sec)
GAME> Metric version: 38.6 km per hour (11.0 meters per sec)
GAME> High Jump: 4'0" <124 cm> up & Long Jump: 15' <4.5 m> across
GAME> Jumping assumes a couple steps. 3/4ths if flat-footed, x2 if running.

GAME> You can tote 840 lbs on your back (and bench-press it once). 420 lbs can be carried around in both arms for a bit, and 1680 lbs can -just- be pushed or dragged around.
GAME> In looking at you, folks might -expect- you as a non-preter to be able to carry 60 lbs, tote 120 lbs, and drag 240 lbs. (so you're maybe 7.0 times stronger than you look). This is just a guess.
GAME> You could bench-press about 720 lbs about five times in a row, 625 lbs ten times in a row, or 510 lbs twenty times in a row.


Keith was born in Ireland, specifically Dublin on December 14th in the year 1989. He was born to Julia and John Griffin, both quite accomplished doctors in their field. He grew up in a very academically driven environment with his parents both with their MD's in the areas of infections and diseases.

In his early child Keith showed interests in keeping physically fit and preferred exercising with acrobatic exercises rather than conventional strength based exercise. Though he had more interest and passion for the more mental aspect of life. In response to this he was always the child to try to figure things out on his own or use his natural ability of observation to analysis most situations. He liked people watching and didn't mind watching animal behavior patterns either. He also was raised with a certain level of expectation to develop his own ideas and opinions. In effect to this, Keith grew quite a defiant and rebel persona in his teenage years. Using his own willpower over his families requests on important occasions.

His family moved to the United States when he was only thirteen. Because of this Keith never really had that many friends during his teen years, whereby he usually did random trip with his father instead of handing with the rest of the people his own age. His father insisted he get a hobby and seeing how Keith loved learning and specifically observing cultural norms and speaking different dialects. His father pushing him into learning tons of linguistics skills, such as picking up language and studying their origins and backgrounds. This has pushed him down the path of pursuing a degree in Linguistics with a minor in Sociology. Getting paid to observe people, NO WAY! He also found after studying cultures for a while that he could pick out random patterns of fashion to make himself less nerdy and more styling. The he never 'sold out' and abandoned his more nerd tendencies in fashion.

One day in early July, in the year 2006, he was camping with his father. They had been planning a 'rough it' trip for weeks. Unfortunately another kid fell prey to an attack of some kind. Being the overly observant and willed person he is, he ventured out without his fathers consent to find what did this. Encountering what he thought was a oddly placed Persian leopard out in a field close to the campsite they were staying it. Little did he know that was the exact leopard that infected the other little boy. The leopard was acting weird seeming to look right through Keith's soul. Randomly the leopard attacked leaving Keith with a nice bite mark. He came down with the same symptoms of the other little boy. He was infected with the Persian Wereleopard virus.

A few days after being infected he had this horrid feeling and has his first shift around the day of July 10th. That was when he first shifted into what he would find to be his leopard form. His natural preference of acrobatics got even more strong, making his crave for crazy moves and stunts. His thought patterns changed a bit, seeming to want to hide any abnormal abilities he had. He starting hiding things from his parents and explained away random parts of time that he himself didn't remember what happened. Yeah there was an attack near town, but he was in bed sleeping. Yeah, there was a party of some of his bullies from school who turned up mutilated and dead in the summer of 2008. Keith also became very active in pursuing martial arts lessons. First it was to learn more kung fu acrobatic moves. Then it turned into a fully blown short obsession with learning self-defense. He still studies it from time to time.

Keith now studies at the local university in Chicago. He is pursuing his bachelors in Linguistics and minoring in Sociology. He seems to be doing quite well too, though very absent from social life when it comes to times around the full moon… WEIRD!


"I think a girls family would say he is the kind of guy you have fun with and you… your the kind they can settle down with and rely on." — Elizza

"Hey Hoover…" — paraphrase by Crystal

"Everyone, we need to realize, the Pard has rules and we need to follow proper etiquette." — typical mindset of Keith.

Current Events

  • Keith has been busy within the city dealing with his new job. Being one of the many translators for the United Nations and doing freelance translation for random clients, he's not had much time to socialize.
  • Keith's energy has again been slightly more tamed seeming to accept it's place among his culture. Keith's attended each moon with the Pard, though kept his head down adjusting still among the betas.
  • Keith is still quite taken with his leopard fiancĂ© Elizza. Though it's been talked about that they've not been physically together a lot, as Elizza almost seems to be going through his own acceptance phase in his transistion to were-leopard-hood.

Missions and Objectives

  • Teach Elizza energy control and exercises to prevent any chance of danger of the Pard.
  • Maintain his relationship with Elizza while assisting his love with his transition.
  • Maintain confident relations with his friends and family.
  • Get to know more of the Pard on a more personal basis!

To-Do List

  1. Attend a sit-down dinner with Sidney, Elizza, and Sidney's current lover.
  2. Assist in training Elizza in the ways of Shifter and Pard community. Directly teaching the practices of Energy Control and communing with the inner beast's needs.

RP Logs

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Name Relation Notes
Elizza Mate and Fiance Met him at the Ashland Anvil. He's fallen slowly for Elizza, and is engaged the man! Recent developments in August of 2012 seems to reveal that Keith is worried about Elizza's safety with respects to the Pard.
Sidney Cute Lioness Met in the fields out of town. They both know each other's primal animal and seem quite comfortable with each other. She and Keith are developing into Best Friends and seems to be VERY open with each other. Keith misses his long talks with Sidney.

RP Hooks!

Keith has lived in Chicago for over four years now, attended the local college for all three years of his undergraduate degree. He is originally from out west more, but the exact place really isn't well known. Some might assume California, since his parents are well known for their advancing research on illnesses and diseases.

He is majored in Linguistics and minored in Sociology and Cultural Arts. He can often be seen with books from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds along with texts explaining syntax and semantics of languages.

He graduated college in May 2011 and seems to be currently unemployed. How he survives without a job isn't exactly known.

Theme Songs!

Just The Way You Are by Glee Cast — Keith's second shower song about Elizza!

Teenage Dream by Glee Cast — Keith's shower song about Elizza!

First Date by Blink 182 — Dedicated to Elizza and Keith!


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