Kelso's Vitals
Name: Kelso Dove
Race: Werefox
Shortdesc: 5'7", Slender and fit, red hair, brown eyes.
Position: Security Consultant/Bodyguard
Fame: None!
Temperament: Quiet, calm, wry.
Themesong: Right Around Midnight -Thelonious Monk
Lafras Leroux as Kelso Dove


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

I've always been a personable type. Not like my sister, of course, she's always been the type who lights up a room. Me? I'm happy out of the limelight, most of the time. Easier to get things done when nobody's looking in your direction. And, of course, one of the few times that I did decide to get a loose and wild, I ended up fuzzy once a month. It was stupid but I was feeling a little wild and went out clubbing, a year or two after my twin sister Kelly ran off for her big adventure. It was my first extended leave from military service. You don't meet many people as red as I am. Or many people that hot. That idiot must have been laughing his fool head off, getting brother and sister both. Of course, I just thought things were a getting a little wild, with the biting and all. Little did I know he was inducting me into a pretty exclusive club.

I had the usual problems thereafter. And I ended up taking an emergency leave from the army. Thankfully, the Skulk that picked me up had some expertise in covering-up that sort of thing. Semi-miraculously, I was trained up and ready to go by the time I had to go back to the squad. And there is a 'support group' amongst various shifters in different units. We covered each other's asses and managed to get through even a Middle East deployment. At least until I ended up wounded and healed in front of my squadmates. And that was that. Uncle Sam does not require lycanthropes in his army.

Returning home, I joined a skulk and tried to take a university degree, figuring I'd use all of that training to open a security company. Only to find out that Kelly had been infected as well and I'd missed her by a few months. It took me a while and I missed her in New York by mere days but eventually, I've tracked her down to Chicago. If we have to be monsters, we can at least be monsters in the same city.

And if I'm going to work security, this seems to be the town for it.

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