Kincaid's Vitals
Name: Lt Col. Ezekiel 'Dragoon' Kincaid, Retired.
Race: Fae
Shortdesc: A dark, near giant, horned Fae who was once known as a human.
Position: Owner of Monolith Security Services. Bodyguard/Bounty Hunter/Security Consultant
Fame: Highly Rated Personal Security operative. Was the Youngest Lt. Colonlel in the British SAS.
Temperament: Ezekiel Kincaid is an enigma of sorts. He seems rather Jovial and friendly, though once in a while shows a very cold and dark streak of vindictiveness. When he befriends someone, he will be there to help them through thick or thin because he does not give his friendship lightly. He is especially protective of the week, both physically and willfully. And be careful never to get on his bad side, because if you do he will definitely make sure you pay.. in spades.
Themesong: "Stonehenge" by Spinaltap
Unknown as Lt Col. Ezekiel 'Dragoon' Kincaid, Retired.


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Lt. Col. Ezekiel 'Dragoon' Kincaid of her majesty's Special Air Services, Retired, moved into Chicago in the spring of 2001. he was a giant of a man, over 7 feet tall,with a strange grace for someone his size. Kincaid soon opened up his own business on North Street, a Security Firm called /Monolith/ which has become, quickly and quietly, one of Chicago's prefered and prolific security companies specializing in Monitoring, Bodyguuarding especially for clients with a preternatural bent.

Kincaid has never made it a secret that, in his younger days, he was a member of DarkWatch. A joint-operation multi-national enforcement team of 'gifted' Military and Civilian officers that served much the same role as today's american Executioners throughout Europe, securing the populace against preternatural threats to national securities and freedoms, in the 70's and 80's. When he wasn't survailing and hunting criminal and terrorist preternaturals he fulfilled his duties as an SAS soldier, travelling the world's hotspots. He served in nearly every Theatre of War from the Fakland Islands to the First Gulf War. it was during the first Gulf War where he was gravely injured and, after recouperating, retired from the SAS.

Very few people know what he was involved in for five years until he arrived in Chicago where he has run his business honorably and profitably. His near perfect track record only marred twice. Once in 2003 when his business itself was attacked by an unknown force which left three employees dead and him in a coma for 4 months. The second was in 2005 when he lost his liscence to carry, concealed or unconcealed, any firearm or weapon because of an altercation with (at that time) the city's Leo. Since then he has relegated himself to more behind the scenes operations of managing his business.

In 2006, Kincaid started undergoing a strange physical change. Within a year he had grown an entire foot and gaind a pair of horns. His skin had become dark like ironwood and his nails like claws. Somehow he had become a fae of sorts and recently it wass revealed that while his mother was a fae-touched human his father was Fomorian which is what he has become. Since the change he has become even more reclusive from his business, more of a silent owner then the outgoing representative he was years ago.

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