Klara Pakeez's Vitals
Name: Klara Nadja Pakeez
Race: Psychic
Shortdesc: A happy go lucky Blind woman
Position: Paralegal Secretary and Writer
Fame: Two time Best selling Author (see book tag for titles)
Temperament: Happy go lucky
Themesong: Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
Dita Von Teese as Klara Nadja Pakeez


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Theme Song

He said,
"Son when you grow up, would you be the savior
of the broken, the beaten and the damned?"

Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

Character's thoughts

If born into blindness, what would be the possibilities of reversing such an affect? Out of four children, I was the one that was born blind. I don't think that was a bad thing. Having three great siblings and two fantastic parents it was easy to grow up in the seeing world. My life has had some great ups and down. I had a surgery to repair my eye sight but that sadly failed. It was a good thing, I didn't see how my parents died slamming into one of the towers during September 11th. Grief turns people to act out. My sister Mary turned int a vampire, my brother is now a mage. My other brother to survive a brain tumor became a werewolf, and I discovered that I was a psychic at the age of 12. Yet we still have Christmas and Easter like any other family. Though we have to do things mostly at night, kind of hard to do things during the day with Mary being a vamp. Well more to write later!


*Paralegal Secretary for the Higgins Law. It's a private practice that works with Preternatural Rights.

*Part time writer as well, working on her next book. Due to her non-fiction work being so well received she's working on another non-fiction book. Though title and subject matter still up for discussion.

What is that people know about me?

*Well born and raised in Chicago, from two immigrants from East Germany (yes there was a time there were two).

*Konrad (oldest brother) is a Mage, Mary (sister) is a vampire, and Malcolm (other brother) is a werewolf.

*Best selling writer of two non-fiction books.

*Parents were killed in 9/11.

*Holds a Bachelors and Masters in English, holds an associates in Paralegal as well.

*Speaks German and is excellent in reading Braille

*Enjoys music, a touch of dancing and writing when she's not drinking coffee

*Decided to go into law school so she can become a lawyer and continue the Higgins practice while Evie and son are away.

*Continues to play piano and visits her teacher's store to get tips and such on her play.

*Klara does accept @mail/page/tt talk/and other medium for rp.

*She does do readings off of objects and people though naturally it's for a donation to CLAW and other pro-preternatural organizations.

*If you can make these into rp hooks go for it.

Charles - Father - Born in East Germany and came to America to have a better life for his family. Worked in construction for about 15 to 20, and became a product manger. Was the family's artist and helped his children find beauty in the world. Died when his plane hit the second tower on Sept. 11th.

Amber - Mother - Born in East Germany and came to America with her husband to have a better life for her family. After raising four children she became a legal rep. for the blind. Died with her husband when their plane hit the second tower on Sept. 11th.

Konrad - Oldest - Always had a strong head on his shoulders and was Klara's guardian after their parents died. His grief lead him to magic and the understanding of it. Practicing in California, he is married and has a family of his own.

Mary - Second oldest - Miss Fashionista of the family, she spent most of her life shopping and keeping up with the trends. After their parents died she went goth, so goth she became a vampire. She did graduate from NYU before flipping to the undead side of life. Klara has to thank Mary for all the clothes she wears they were bought with Mary's tastes and labeled everything for Klara so she knows what matches and what doesn't.

Malcolm - Her twin - Though they weren't born on the same day or the same year, Malcolm could be Klara's twin. He was always there for her guiding her protecting her when they were in school. He even lived with her during the first year and a half of college. He was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, to continue to live he got infected and became a werewolf. Living with his pack in Colorado he does come and visit from time to time.

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