Kotori's Vitals
Name: Kotori Reyes
Race: Apache/Shifter
Shortdesc: Male with long-black hair in a pony tail of native-american
Position: unemployed
Fame: having been rescued from New Mexico
Temperament: Very formal, very serious, puts others before himself, quiet/shy
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Eddie Spears as Kotori Reyes


Thick, raven black hair that falls past this young man's mid-back has been tied at the base of his neck with a simple leather thong. Deep olive skin is smooth and nearly perfect, a pair of dark brown eyes framed by thick black eyelashes and rest beneath a set of thin eyebrows. His nose is slightly long for his oval face and is upturned at the end. It's readily apparent that this man is of Native American decent. Standing at a mere 5'4", he's not very tall, and his frame is more lithe and lanky than musclular. Over his chest he wears a plain white tank top and over that a tan cargo vest with various pockets. Pinned to the vest are a couple of fishing lures that appear to be hand made instead of store bought. Over his hips is a pair of moss-green cargo pants with two pockets on his hips as well as two pockets just above the pantline. A pair of heavy leather work boots adorn his feet.

+Background Info

Having been born in New Mexico to a Apache Native-American reservation, Kotori was an only child of his mother and father, he had no other siblings. He was raised up on the reservation and went to school, and had very little contact with people outside of the reservation. Outsiders were very rarely welcome on the reservation and they had their own laws and customs that they adhered to. Kotori himself grew up on his father's farm, where he mostly dealt with the horses and the cattle. He had a particular fondness for animals and often would take out a horse to go riding outside into the desert for hours at a time. When he wasn't helping his mother and father on the farm, he would hang out with his peers and play basketball, a sport that he quite enjoyed. However, he did go out every so often to the nearby town and although most of the time he was treated kindly, there were some that were cruel to him. Outsiders were very rarely welcome on the reservation and they had their own laws and customs that they adhered to.

His dream had always been to run his own ranch, get a couple of horses of his own, and enter them into races. And as he became older, he started to work towards his dream. But it wasn't really meant to be, for one night while he was walking his father's horses home back to the stables he was attacked by a bunch of leopard-shifters who were out hunting and looking for some food. They went for the horses and Kotori tried to defend them and shield them from the attack but he was severely hurt. It wasn't until morning that he discovered that the horses had been killed and their meat had been eaten. He made his way home despite being feverish and received aid. It wasn't until the full moon that the fever was broken and he became a shifter himself. After it was found out that Kotori was a shifter, he was banished from his family's reservation and was placed with a local pard. He stayed with them for a couple of years until the attack was made against all the shifters and all of them were wiped out, Kotori happened to be there during the incident and was severely injured in the process but managed to escape with his life and was rescued and brought to Chicago

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