Lake Shore: Beach
Lake Shore Beach's Information
Type: Public Beach
Rating: 2 Stars
Location: 40 Lake Shore Drive
Fame: Lake Michigan
Atmosphere: Beachy
Owner(s): City of Chicago
Manager(s): N/A
Employee(s): N/A


Ah… the shore of Lake Michigan. A relaxing spot, and welcome break from the dense commercialism of the city. Breezes blow inland, cleaning the air and filling it with the purifying smells of the water, and putting a crystal sheen on the waves.

Soft sand stretches eastward to the shore; here and there concession stands offer food, beverages and shade. Most of the time visitors to the body of water populate the beach, and life guard towers dot the area at regular intervals, the residents constantly scanning the beach for signs of trouble. It's also a spot to observe the incoming winter weather, the sheets of frozen rain obscuring where sky meets water.

To the north, an outcropping of rock provides a spot for meditation or quiet conversation and fishing, a place to get away from the daytime beach masses if need be. To the south, one can make out docks for private vessels and the Navy Pier stretching out into the water, the varied and many boats incoming and outgoing in the distance on a regular basis.

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