Lane's Vitals
Name: Laneai Samantha Brooks
Race: Vampire
Shortdesc: A blonde headed looking business professional.
Position: Manager at Midnight Repose, librarian at the CoEL
Fame: n/a
Temperament: Passionate, Heavy mood swings, cool.
Themesong: Flower Duet - Lakme
Portia De Rossi as Laneai Samantha Brooks

Lane is known to have ties to the Church of Eternal Life, mainly being seen with Eamonn inside of the Church. This female does not seem to have many friends, but she can be seen in the company of Derrick, Gino, and other random people scattered throughout the city. She has tendencies of being a workaholic, but seems to have calmed down quite a bit than what she used to do.

Recently, it seems she has taken a pledge to serve the Master of the City as his Nuncio. How will it work, when she's working for two different groups of vampires? Only time will tell. And time is telling as she hasn't seen him recently.

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