Laura's Vitals
Name: Laura Saint
Race: Human, Psychic
Shortdesc: Blond, blue eyes, average height, pixish looks
Position: Charity Worker
Fame: n/a
Temperament: Quiet, soft spoken, faithful
Themesong: n/a
Ashley LeRoy as Laura Saint


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: New to Chicago, Laura is a quiet woman who works within the Catholic church, helping with soup kitchens, group homes, and the like.

HF: Laura works within the HF and has all her life. She is a known high offical who has a way with working with people. Whispers are she's an empath, able to calm people or rage them into a fury.

Faith: Laura is connected to the Catholic Church, even if she's not a nun. She's quite faithful, attending mass and confession several times a week.


Small and slender, she holds a wealth of grace in her movements. With her pale skin and slight stature, she may remind one of a pixie, a fairy out of the legends. So small and slight, she seems all eyes. Beautiful blue eyes set into the delicate features of her face; arched eyebrows, a slim nose and pouty lips of a dusky rose. Her hair is several shades of blond, thick and soft but short and shaggy, as if she carelessly takes scissors to it whenever it gets in the way. Untamed, it goes in whatever direction it choose, wild and untamed, so unlike her personality. Perfectly proportioned, she is certainly a looker, if that was her choice.

She wears a very simple outfit most days. A nice blouse of white that buttons up the front, rounded collar that lays lightly against her chest. It's tucked into a pair of steel grey slacks. A sweater in shades of grey from dove to near black is often worn or draped over her shoulders. On her feet, she wears a pair of low-heeled black pumps. Very predominate, is the necklace she wears around her throat, it's pendent a silver cross.


A few things that might be generally known about Laura:

  • Orphan at the age of 4 when parents were killed in a drunk driving accident. No other family.
  • Raised in a Catholic Home, never adopted out.
  • Went to school and college, and graduated with average grades. General Academic Major.
  • Has done work for the Catholic church all her life, even though she never felt the call to pledge herself fully in it's service.
  • Manages charity work and fundraisers. Hosts soup kitchens and outreach to street kids and homeless.

A few things that are NOT generally known about Laura:

  • At age 7, began to show her empathic abilities.
  • Was brought into the group that would become the HF branch sponsored by the church.
  • Was brainwashed into thinking that shifters and vampires were against God's wishes, and should be cleansed from the earth.
  • Has been sent to Chicago's HF cell to help out with her particular gifts.


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