Leanna "London Lee" Jones's Vitals
Name: When one reads the vital stats of someone, doesn't that usually entail that my name would be the name of she whose stats you are, indeed, reading?
Race: British werelion
Shortdesc: Auburn-haired British markswoman
Position: Javier's left hand woman, possible Polychrome worker…?
Fame: Markswoman
Temperament: Convivially nymphomaniacal, with more than enough personality to punch you in the gut for taking her cookie
Themesong: Christmas Nights in Blue
Not an actor, is Christea Stuart as When one reads the vital stats of someone, doesn't that usually entail that my name would be the name of she whose stats you are, indeed, reading?


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Lee Jones was born and raised in London, on Christmas of 1989, living with her father, Robert, mother, Rebecca, and two older brothers, Johnathan and Nathaniel. She lived there until her father, who, being a policeman and having a strange fascination with Al Capone, decided it would be best for his career (ostensibly his family) to move to Chicago. Lee was eight at the time, and had only just started school. She made mostly B's, a few C's and A's scattered about. She was easy to make friends with, and was often out of the house with a group of them.

Having no sisters, Lee had always preferred being outside and active to sitting and studying, and high school only fed her appetite: she always went out for a large variety of sports and clubs. She never quite made the cut for basketball, due to her severe lack of height, though she was an instant hit on the baseball team, quickly becoming a star-hitter. She also participated in the kendo and judo clubs, where she met Thomas, a very handsome young man with whom she was quickly quite taken. She joined the R.O.T.C. program with him, trying to impress him by pushing herself in their activities, though she came to realize that this was perhaps her true calling. She was an expert marksman, one of the best in the program, and won several marksmanship competitions.

She enlisted in the Army as a military policeman at 17, going to Basic Training over the summer prior to her senior year of high school. She graduated as a private, first class, with many recommendations in her company, as well as Army Achievement Medals for marksmanship (38 of 40), combatives (won the Brazilian JuJitsu tournament) and tactical skills (perfectly executing her assignment during the culminative field training exercise). She returned to finish high school afterwards, quickly picking back up all of her old pastimes. She graduated high school without much ado, going on to be stationed near Chicago.

A few months after being stationed, about a week before the full moon, Lee was on perimeter patrol when she noticed a large hole in the fence. Upon closer investigation, she found a rather clearly defined path of broken vegatation leading towards some of the on-base housing. She radioed in for backup, following the trail to where the disturbance presently was, a rather large werelion in the process of mauling a young woman, another off to the side, sprawled in a congealing pool of her own blood. Lee quickly opened fire on the predator, though really only having enough aim to draw it's attention. She held him off long enough to be rescued by the newly-arrived backup, though not before being bitten in the arm herself: a fact the other MPs were quick to relate to the medical staff, swiftly resulting in her discharge from the service. She was transferred to a hospital in the city, under intensive care as the infection spread rapidly. She was kept in the basement for security purposes as the full moon grew closer, a fresh supply of raw meat kept there for when she changed. Afterwards, she was sent to the Pride of Chicago for training.

After Lee joined the Pride, she quickly found herself 'fitting' right in with everybody, making friends with many of the Pride members who were most active in the organization, and caught the eye of one of the leaders, a situation which has led to a long, twisted, ultimately comical and tragic love singularity, which shows signs of staying in the same twisted knot as ever. No pun intended…

Lee's future is about as bright as ever, with her feet back under her from her change, she is looking to set foot in the world at large on her own, mainly in the form of finding some funding for both that endless supply of emergency rations she (almost) always carries on her person and her personal collection of firearms, consisting currently of: … Rubber band-borne paperwads… Ooh. Scary.


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