Lenore's Vitals
Name: Lenore Bella Arnette
Race: Were-Cougar
Shortdesc: Feathery raven haired girl
Position: I was a Vagabond until love found me. Now? I'm along for the ride.
Fame: n/a
Temperament: If she cant seduce you she may be able to kick your ass. Lets not try to find out what mood she's in unless your sure you want to find out.
Themesong: n/a
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Born to a farm family in Oregon, Lenore learned early how to milk cows, chase chickens and make some fine Cracklin. Her education was done from home as her mother was a licensed teacher and her father ran the dairy farm down the lane. She was not a lonely child, most of the neighbor kids came to her house for lessons and they all took the tests in town when they were ready. A van full once every 3 months or so, Lenore was one of the younger ones but learned a bit quicker than most. She reads on her free time when she's alone and the rare occasions where she was bored. Horror books were her favorite to read, the thought of ghost and ghouls and the wolf man intrigued her. The majority of the kids she ran with were boys, and country boys at that. She was recruited in as one of the guys and learned to fight with the best of them showing a bit of interest in taking fighting classes around 10.

Her mother was offered a position to teach in Woodburn about the time she turned 13. That caused a ripple between her mother and father so they split up and Lenore went to live with her Aunt in Arizona. She loved going from the wet foresty climate of Oregon to the dry Climate in the deserts of Phoenix. She spent the next 3 years causing trouble as she was too smart for public school and not socialized as well as the rest. The number of fights she was in could barely be counted on both hands, and that was only a weeks worth. Her aunt saw the girls potential and that need to get out her energy in a more… controled enviroment so she paid for the girl to take lessons in self defence and street brawling from a close friend of hers in town. Soon enough Lenore started to develop into a lovely woman and learned how to use her looks to her advantage.

One of the Senior boys in high school decided to take her to a rave in the desert, only problem was it turned out to be a take and break prank lead by the boys cheerleader girlfriend. A bunch of booze and a tab of X later she's passed out and they leave her to find her own way home. Problem was the 16 year old girl was not alone.

The moon was high and the local cats were out hunting on their land, they had a kit with them and his control was lacking. Lenore was attacked and nearly dead before the leader stopped the cub from killing the still unconscious girl. She woke up in a private room somewhere at the local hospital, Her Aunt siting near the bed and the Father she hasn't seen for 3 years holding her hand. Everything was explained and she fell into her new family with ease.

The group took her in and she cared for them, not remotely upset over the accident she lived through. After all it's just the next step in her journey called life. She learned the basics quickly and after the first 6 moons she showed a great deal of retained memory from her shifts. Her strength within the group helps raise her in position until soon she is recognized as an alpha at 19.

She went to college for theater as well as religious studies to fuel her curiosity of the occult, she fell in love with becoming someone, anyone else. She graduated with an associates of arts around 23, and enjoyed playing as an extra in movies that came through town or ones close enough for her to escape to for hire. Now she's stepping up to her next big place in her journey, she's on her own with little to her name other than the cash she's saved and what she could fit in her duffel bag. New to Chicago she hopped any train she could and thumbed when she was chased from the tracks. Between that and walking she now arrives in Chicago.


"Feral? Not Feral… just throwing another tissy fit."
— Lenore to Talen.


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