Leon's Vitals
Name: Lionel Reinhardt
Race: Alpha Shapeshifter, Were-cougar
Shortdesc: Muscle-built male with short dark hair.
Position: Unemployed as of the moment.
Fame: None
Temperament: Warm and kind-hearted, but able to rise to anger and cold-heartedness.
Themesong: N/A
Peter Andre as Lionel Reinhardt

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General Information

Lionel Reinhardt, more commonly known by his nickname "Leon" (and less commonly, pet names such as "Leo" or "Lionheart", a play on his first and last names), is a new face on the radar in Chicago, in his mid-twenties. Growing up primarily in Oregon, he was raised by his grandparents after his birth parents all but abandoned the young toddler. He spent most of his early years growing up in the rural town area surrounding St. Helens, OR, and was very close with the few kids his age in the area.

After high school graduation, Leon relocated to central Phoenix, Arizona, to attend college. Switching majors halfway through, Leon scraped by with passing grades to earn his Bachelor's in Preternatural Sciences, the degree most often used to qualify for blanket job application statements such as "Do you have a college education". For the most part, Leon has bounced around between menial jobs, gravitating more towards temporary gigs without commitment than held-down jobs. Even after college, he rarely utilized his "education to further himself much beyond that."

In 2011, Leon would abandon his small apartment and few commitments in the desert state, and move up north to downtown Chicago. For the most part, his reasons are left unknown. Perhaps just a change of scenery for the man.

Pard Information

Leon's infection would come from a long-rooted strain of cougars in the forest-areas of western Oregon. Infected just after his seventeenth birthday by a shifter gone feral, he would become the Pard's newest cub, replacing the put-down feral cub that infected him. Predominately cougar, with a mild smattering of leopards and other big cats, this would be Leon's connection to the preternatural for the next year. He would come to find out his grandmother, a city councilwoman, would be the main strings behind the lycans' free reign in the forest areas; her daughter, and father, were both shifters. And now, her grandson.

This protection and familiarity would be voluntarily given up with his move down to Phoenix. Joining up with the local Pard group there, he would soon take up a spot well near the bottom. A weak-willed individual, giving in to submission more often than not to retain favor. And this would progress for the first four years of his time there. An event that rustled the cougar's fur would have him shake off that mantle of weakness, and quickly rising up the ladder, and soon enough, awakening the Alpha abilities within him around his 7th year. The 8th would see an accidental homicide committed by one of the Pard members; a murder, and second infection of a witness. Calls for his execution rang strong from nearby states, with their stance on critter attacks, and several months later into the trial, the leopard would turn up missing, with only a statement by a splinter Humans' First group taking credit for giving the leopard "justice". This action would fracture the Pard severely, leaving Leon with little choice but to turn elsewhere.

And to Chicago he turned in late 2011, following some sort of dream into the northern area. What is to be seen of that yet is undetermined. There's been little effort to contact the local Pard on his part since his arrival, and not many would even know he had arrived.

Miscellaneous Information

All information listed below are Leon's personal (IC) opinions, and do not reflect his player's (OOC) opinions.


  • Lenore, the Cougar - Childhood friends since before I can remember, nearly siblings after that, and almost lovers beyond that. 'Close' would be an understatement of our relationship.


  • Zack, the Nimir-Raj - By word of mouth, I've heard this name touted as the Leopard Pard's leader. Whether I shall consider the Pard though, is another story.


None as of yet.

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