Leoni's Vitals
Name: V. Leoni
Race: Vampire, Padma
Shortdesc: A lovely pallid woman of 5'4" (hair varied bru-blond)
Position: CPD Detective
Fame: Decade long Vampire Police Officer
Temperament: Varied depending on need but tends to be friendly and easy going until needing to be assertive and aggressive.
Themesong: Shakespeare Sister: Stay with me
Gemma Atkinson as V. Leoni


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Mini History: Brenda and her twin sister are the children of a MI congresswoman and a Police captain, she was raised in Lancing city then moved to Detroit to become a police officer after completing Pret Science and Criminology degrees. Several years into her service, she died and raised again as a vampire. After a short medical leave she continued in the DPD until transferring to the MI State Police. She is licensed to raise lions as exotic pets, and has transfered as a Detective to the CPD.

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