Lexine's Vitals
Name: Lexine "Lex" Zanthe
Race: Werefox; Spanish/English heritage
Shortdesc: Dark brown hair and eyes. Rebel with a cause flair.
Position: Owner of 1001 Nights. Queen of the Skulk. Lady Chicago.
Fame: Dancer, entertainer, and all around performer.
Temperament: Flirty, Laid-Back, and occasionally fierce.
Themesong: Yeah Yeah - Bodyrox featuring Luciana
Rachel Brice as Lexine "Lex" Zanthe

I Get My Kicks Above the Waistline, Sunshine…


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A transplant to Chicago from London via New York State, Lexine's a punk rock grrl that wears her heart on her sleeve. She's easy going and pleasant, and can often be seen at 1001 Nights dancing, observing, or flirting. She's also purchased the Gaun Ki Kwoon Dojo. What a burlesque dancer wants with a dojo is anyone's guess. Recent newspaper stories have seen her in photographs with the Mayor, she's frequently in the company of the Master of the City, and some whisper she's got taste in men that run towards powerful. She is a frequent donator to the Palabiyik Foundation, and various other charities.

To those in Preternatural circles, Lexine is the Queen of the Skulk, Chicago's population of werefoxes. The thing about werefoxes, no one really knows how many of the sneaky vulpines there are at any time, the number waxing and waning like the phases of the moon. And while Lexine seems nice and cheery enough, kind to all sorts of people, whispers say that she can be ruthless when times call for it. She does lead clever creatures, after all. She's even taken bullets for a few of them. Recently, Lexine has joined the organization called CLAW, though she is not one of its public faces. She is the Servant of Brand, the current leader of Chicago's vampire population. There are some very quiet whispers that she is responsible for the disappearance of Sefu, former Rex of Chicago, and perhaps some of his followers.

For those in more artistic circles, Lexine is a familiar face: She danced for quite a while with a group called the Black Cat Burlesque based out of NYC. They did quite a bit of traveling, both within the US and internationally. There was even a brief stint in the city of lights, Las Vegas. Since moving to Chicago, she's risen up the ranks, moving from just another dancer at 1001 Nights to its headliner, then to owner. Oh, and she worked briefly at Divine Torture, though we don't need to talk on that little bit of past.

  • Chaz - Recently recruited by Lexine from somewhere in middle of nowhere Iowa.
  • Gina - The Fighter. Immediately recruited to run the Dojo.
  • Nat - FoxFire. A fox-fae that's managed to find a home within the Skulk.
  • Sora - The Cursed Kit.
  • Michael - The Kit. Lexine was responsible for Michael's infection, and considers him her creature, her kit.
  • Kelly - The Flirt. Lexine sees much of herself in the younger, happy-go-lucky vixen.
  • Jessy - The Prodigal Fox. Once more a part of the Skulk.
  • Wes - The Ex. Once again AWOL.
  • Ayla - New arrival, accepted into the Skulk.
  • Mike - The Biker. An aging, former biker. Voice of reason.
  • Faiella - The Mentor. Lexine has always looked up to Faiella, and even though the woman is often on the road, she still considers her part of the Skulk.
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