Special Agent O'Niel
Lilly's Vitals
Name: Lilly O'Niel
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Shoulder length strawberry blonde hair. 5'8" with a slight toned build.
Position: Special Agent for the FBI
Fame: n/a
Temperament: Think Abby Sciuto on NCIS (Pauley Perette), a little Jordan Cavanaugh of Crossing Jordan (Jill Hennessy), and Calleigh Duqesne of CSI Miami (Emily Proctor)
Themesong: 'Girl Anachronism' — The Dresden Dolls
Melissa George as Lilly O'Niel

Recent News

Initially worked with the Northwestern Memorial Hospital's Forensics department in conjunction with the Chicago Police Department, then transferred to the RPIT, then regular police work (when the preternatural case duty was spread among the police force) in 2007, then began training for FBI in 2008. Her training within the FBI has landed her a spot back home at the Chicago field office. Lilly has been a little different than before she left to Quantico. Fed brainwashing? Fed vamp rolled her? Who knows but something special happened while she was gone over that year. Question is, was it good or bad?


Lilly Ann O'Neil was born into medicine. Meaning her mother and father were both doctors. So growing up in that environment its no surprise thats what she set her mind to become at an early age. Always excelling in her schoolwork she graduated high school at the top of her class a year early as valedictorian at the age of 16. But she wasn't your normal bookworm as some might expect. She hung with the 'wrong' crowd thanks to her high school sweetheart Ray Mason. Ray was one of the Punk Rock boys and Lilly fell for him hard. But she never strayed from her school work even though she had time to party and follow Ray like a lost puppy. Surprising that she managed to get the grades she did and even hold an after school job at a nursing home helping clean up or whatever odd jobs needed doing.

After high school Lilly attended the University of Michigan Ann Arbor to study medicine. Her fathers idea was to have Lilly join his practice after school. But Lilly always liked the absurd side of medicine. She liked the idea of forensic pathology, no doubt the darker side of medicine. She received her bachelors degree and went right into her undergraduate courses for the next 4 years where she received her MD. Afterward she trained for 4 years in anatomic pathology and trained for 1 year in forensic pathology at the University of MI hospital. She worked hard and was very good at what she was doing so getting her certification by the American Board of Pathology went very well, she received honors and recommendations to work at almost any hospital she may choose.

She managed to stay with Ray all this time, wedding bells were planed after her schooling. But that is when things took a turn for the worse. Her fiance Ray was killed in what was called an 'unexplainable' accident. Lilly managed to slip into the morgue to see Ray's body and see what she could make of the accident. She was positive that something preternatural was involved. Ray did hang with some Vampires in local clubs in Detroit and that did worry her.

Lilly was caught checking in on her fiance's death and was nearly kicked out and her certification revoked. But thanks to her father's name and his pull he was able to save her from disgracing the family. Heartbroken and a wreck Lilly was forced to further her studies in Kalamazoo Michigan. She began taking all the classes she could about preternatural forensic pathology. At 33 years old Lilly has decided to leave Michigan much to the dismay of her family. Her course as a preternatural forensics pathologist led her to Chicago, away from her family but closer to what she is good at. No longer will people die from 'unexplained' accidents. She will do what she can to find a reason, for the sake of the hearts that may have been broken. She will be the best Medical Examiner she can be.

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