Lincoln Park Proper

Lincoln Park Proper
Lincoln Park is one of the most beautiful spots throughout Chicagoland. It is one of the advantages characterizing life in a large urban center. Every day Lincoln Park is enjoyed by many residents and visitors to Chicago. The park includes many unique items that represent Illinois. Some of the most interesting are the statues. Citizens put up statues of people who were important to them. In Lincoln Park, most of the statues commemorate Illinoisans, reflecting the local outlook of the world in the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth century.

Vast lawns stretch toward Lake Shore Dr, groves of trees, gazebos, bandstands and picnic areas dotting the view. Cobbled pathways wend their way through scenic areas, running alongside bike and jogger trails. To the west the Lincoln Park Zoo can be seen, reddish brick walls enclosing the area, while the east finds the shores of Lake Michigan.

Lincoln Park, East Lawn

The East Lawn of Lincoln park is famous for its statuary. Here one can find statues of some the country's more notable political figures. Chief amongst these is the Saint-Gaudens Statue of Abraham Lincoln in bronze. To the east, Lake Michigan and the small island of Du Sable can be seen through the trees, the sunrise and sunsets both renown for their beauty. To the north Lincoln Park Zoo can be spied, inviting visitors to come and view the exhibits within. It is the East Lawn itself that draws the most notice. Pristine, the grass invites picnics, performers and children of all ages. Families can be found enjoying this area during the daylight hours.

The east lawn is also home to some of Chicago's finest living, with the Lincoln Park Condominiums directly east of Lake Shore Drive and sporting luxurious apartments and beach front properties. The real gem of the area is Du Sable, where the creme de la creme live in their mansions, the small island tucked off behind the tress and accessible by private ferry.

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