Linda's Vitals
Name: Linda Geraldine Lewis
Race: Polar Bear
Shortdesc: Young blonde woman in jeans and t-shirt
Position: Nature Enthusiast and Freelance Journalist
Fame: {$Fame}
Temperament: {$Temperament}
Themesong: {$Themesong}
Beth Phoenix, Female Wrestler as Linda Geraldine Lewis


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General: A nature enthusiast and a freelance journalist of some fame. Apparently new to the Chicago area, it is unknown what has brought her here.

Shapeshifter: A new shifter to Chicago, supposed to be a bear, and a strong one, though not much is really known about her. She supposedly has the protection of the Clan at the moment.


Linda was born in Chicago. Her father, Ernest was a Botanist and Zoologist of some exclaim. Her mother, Tanya was a history professor and they had met at the college and fallen in love. Linda was the result of that love. Ernest was constantly travelling on some research grant or project, leaving Linda and Tanya often alone. All of this changed when Linda was 8. Linda was at school waiting for her mother to show up to pick her up after classes, and her mother never showed. She had been killed in a carjacking. Linda was devestated. Her father returned from his current project and comforted her as best as he could. He still had to finish his grant though, so he took her with him, and headed back to the arctic. She wasn't alone though there were some Inuit children she was able to play with.

The next 6 years went relatively calmly for Linda. She went to school with the Inuit children that were at the research facility and then stayed with her father. One day after school the kids all went out and played in the snow. Linda got lost and wandered a bit too far from the facility. Now her father had been studying polar bears, and she stumbled across the largest she had ever seen. It had been eating a seal and its maw was covered in blood. Linda screamed and the bear charged her biting her before shouts, and gunshots drove it off, drove it off. It even looked like it had been shot a couple times. Linda laid in the snow her shoulder and side mauled by the bears massive jaws. The shouting came from a group of parents that had come to search for Linda when they realized she had wandered off. They found her and took her back to the research facility. She was then flown to the nearest hospital. She was expected to never survive.

Linda was in a coma in the hospital for little over a week, touch and go, but she seemed to be holding on with a thread and no one knew why until they detected an abnormality in her blood. She had been infected by lycanthropy by the polar bear. She would have been going through things a lot worse except that she was in a coma, that was a blessing of sorts. Knowing this they had the room ready for when the moon came, in case she changed and changed she did. As the moon rose, there was an ear-splitting scream from her room, and her flesh started healing even as it split and ripped and her bones broke and changed, leaving a small polar bear in her places as her body exploded in goo. She was kept safe for the rest of the moon, fed, and then she was back to herself when she shifted back. Though she did seem to have put on a little more muscle.

It was not easy for a teenager to be a wear-bear, luckily though she had already passed through puberty and was on her way to being a young lady. Whenever she had a temper tantrum she would stress shift. This made things very dangerous and she was kept secluded from the other children. She started to go into depression and it might have continued, if Cold Fox hadn't arrived. Cold Fox was an Inuit, and turned out to be a werebear as well. He undertook Linda's training, taught her to control her shifting, taught her to hunt, to exhult in the bear, but also to not let it control her. He told her that part of her training would have to wait till she was older and at the time she didn't understand what he meant.

Her father was very loving and caring and despite the changes that she had gone through he stayed by her, cared for her. He found a shifter tutor for her so that she could finish school. Things were a bit rough for her, after all she was aging slower than most. Both Cold Fox and the various tutors she had did make her do pretty well. She was allowed to play with other children again, as long as Cold Fox was there. The girl had changed with the power of an alpha but she still had the mind of a child, so she was watched really closely. The tutors handled her schooling and Cold Fox her bear training.

She graduated high school at 18, and her body barely looked older than 15. This would have caused problems so she signed up for college courses over the internet. She continued to work with Cold Fox, and now and again he introduced her to other werebears. For the most part she was kept seperate due to her young age, no one wanted any accidents. She continued to live with her father and do her college work by internet, it was rough as things were really just starting with the internet and it wasn't very big at the time. It took her a few years, but eventually she did get a major in Jouralism and a minor in Biology.

She looked just over than 18 at this point though she was over 26. She spent more time with Cold Fox and the rest of the bears. She would visit her father now and again but spent quite a bit of time as a bear, learning more about her other heritage now. She would occasionally send articles to different publications, mostly about some form of plant life or animal life as she did. She spent a few years with the bears and had grown into her alpha strength and though things were still rough. Hard to take orders from someone who still looks like a 19 yr old girl, though she looked like a well muscled 19, what can you expect when one works out regularly for years. Before she left the bears though the trainers taught her how to make sure she had control over her beast while having sex. She was still looking young, but she was old enough that it wasn't as bad as it had been when she was younger. She spent her last couple months learning about sex and not shifting. She had been a virgin till that point and she had a strong appetite. She learned from both males and females of the bear group to make sure she could handle it.

She went back and spent a year or two with her father and did a few article for him during the research he was doing. She eventually left though and started traveling herself. She developed a name for herself as an avid Nature Enthusiast and Journalist. She often wrote articles and such about different things that were damaging the enviroment, endangered animals and even had joined a few protests. She has travelled all over the globe and now that she is 35 she has returned to Chicago, a place she hasn't been in since she was a child. She still looks like she is 21. She has considered enrolling in college and pretending to be her own daughter, but isn't fully sure what she has planned. To see if there are other bears around.


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